I’m Calling the Star Rise.

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I’m calling the STAR RISE
Close your eyes and hear the voice of your heart.
I’d like you to meet with me, even still you don’t know me
I’m calling the STAR RISE
Our wishes shine the brightest now.
A shooting star lands into the palm of my hands.

Hey! Nosukii here and…I’m totally obsessed with this song [STAR RISE] from Bamboo Blade. Especially the remix version! Haha anyways…I went to the SoCal Spring Gathering! Let’s get to that…

All in all, it was really fun! There turned out to be more Touhoes than I originally thought…I spent the whole day with SakuraNek0 and YasonoJ and his friends. :3 We took a lot of pictures…so much that my camera died afterward. XD Thankfully we got in all the shots that we needed. There was a Yuuka(me), Tenshi{genderswap}(my brother), 2 Marisas (Sakunek0)(Yaso’s friend), Sakuya(Yaso), and Reisen(Yaso’s friend). Yeah and we spent the whole day taking pictures and getting to know each other. But I guess I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

Oh! And there was this one guy, Banzatou http://banzatou.deviantart.com/ was such a nice guy! He drew us all sketches of the characters we were cosplaying. šŸ™‚ I put mine up on my wall. Thank you kind sir!

Hmm what else..Oh yes! My best friend Karen was able to come with us! She’s the one who took all the pictures. So all credit goes to her for that . :3

Anddd Mother’s Day was today! So, Happy Mother’s Day to all you…Mothers. We went for breakfast and yogurtland today…And then my mom had to get to sleep. :/

But anyways, here’s a nice video we recorded yesterday. :>

LOL Isn’t it nice? XD

And you can find the pictures here : http://www.flickr.com/photos/xxnobu/

Sorry I didn’t just upload them. There’s quite a few there so yeah…Though I will leave you with this one:

DSC02600 copy

I know you want to see the rest right? SO GO LOOK!


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Nosukii’s Cosplay Progress Post #2! Sweet Heart

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