Journey through the Decade.

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I’ll be your vanilla.

Hey! Nosukii here! Umm just a little update!

So me and Mina haven’t blogged in forever. But yeah, we had quarter-finals last last week and -sigh- man I am beat. We’re finally on spring break though! Even though everyone already had theirs. We’re a little late. Haha

I’ll give you some….news. Teehee.

Ookawa Genki ; He’ll be lending his voice to the new otome gamed entitled “Little Anchor”! Looks interesting. It’s a mecha otome game and it seems like you can actually give commands and whatnot.If you click the link to the OHP you can check out the characters. Genki’s character is the red-haired kid Lucio, I think. BUT to be honest, I like the blue-haired glasses guy, Yukino the most. Ahhh~ glasses. XD

JURI ; He’ll be on the next cover of Dengenki LAYERS(cosplay magazine)! In his HaruToki outfit from the musical. Congrats for making the cover~

KENN ; Aside from being the lead for Vitamin Z, he’ll also be in a project called Velvet Under World which was created by Takehito Koyasu. It’ll be a series of  “character CDs” and one of which KENN will do. 😮 He’s playing as Dry, who is a hacker. Somehow very fitting for KENN. XD

– If you haven’t heard, 4th Cast Seigaku for Tenimyu will be graduating. :< -sigh- How sad. I rather liked 4th cast.

Onnn another note…I really want to see the new Takumi-Kun Series movie. Watanabe Daisuke and Hamao Kyousuke? What a weird pairing. Haha But it seems okay from the trailer…

Oh and I started listening to Gackt again. I don’t see why I ever stopped but yeah. Since Journey through the Decade was used for Kamen Rider Decade. :3 Went back and listened to his other stuff.

And that thing with Miyavi? Getting married and knockin up some girl. Man…Shit was so cash. LOL! No, I keed haha. But in all seriousness…I was a bit surprised. But hey, at least he’s taking responsibility for it. :/

‘Sides that…Oh! My lucky ass got into COSMODE! DAI SEI KOU! :3 I’m going to buy the issue to remember it.

AND AND AND! ANIME EXPO!! Only what? 2 1/2 more months to go!! I haven’t even started on Akyu or Hina. May the cosplay gods and goddesses shine upon me and let me finish my cosplay before AX! I really don’t want to be working in the hotel room like last year. >.>And I want to finish at least a week early, just so I can chill and TAKE IT EASY before con time.

Knowing my luck, that won’t be happening.

Oh and I’ve already started picking new cosplays for next year and just..random photoshoots and stuff.

…Which is kinda sad seeing as I have no monies to fund those projects as of yet. >.>But that’s okay. After AX I’ll start saving money again and hopefully get a headstart on ALA2010. 🙂

Other than that…I’ve got nothing. XD I guess that’s all for now!

See ya!



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Haru Kaze. Nosukii’s Cosplay Progress Post #2!

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