Spring Wind.

March 22, 2009 at 11:10 pm Leave a comment

In other words, please be true…

In others words, I love you.

Hey everyone. Nosukii here. Um, just a small update I suppose.

Yeah, I just changed the layout. I’ve been meaning to do it, but I hadn’t the time to do so. Here it is now though, for spring.

On another note, I’m running a slight fever. Which sucks majorly. I haven’t had a fever since…a long time ago. Probably won’t go to school tomorrow either. 😦 Sorry Mina, gotta leave you with the annoying devil.

-sigh- Pretty much spent the day in bed. Doing nothing. Sleeping. Can’t eat anything….Not like I can taste it anyways. Can’t smell anything. I watched TV all day. America’s Next Top Model re-runs and MSNBC. All. Day. Trust me, it’s not as fun as it sounds.

…I actually didn’t think it could get this bad. I actually cried. For like, 15 minutes. Because it hurt so much. My head felt like it was going to explode and my stomach hurt all day. ;^; Wa~h.Also, It’d be cold and I put a blanket over myself and then it’d feel like my whole body was on fire. Then cold. Then hot. Then cold. Then hot. I don’t like it~

I guess…that’s all. I guess I should get to bed. My head is pounding again. Augghhhh…

Good night everyone.


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Trauma in Silent Blue. Haru Kaze.

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