Trauma in Silent Blue.

March 12, 2009 at 8:51 pm 1 comment

The door to my heart is now…

Okay! Hi! Nosukii here. Just a quick post cause…well. I need to get this off of my chest and yeah..

So today was the weirdest day yet. Eye’m talking..Holy shit! THAT HAPPENED?! Kind of thing.

Anyways, during 5th period physical ed. class we were outside instead of dancing inside the gym. And you know, we were having fun, cracking jokes, playing stupid games, stuff like that. And after a while we just stood around and…saw a guy. Oh, and our school is connected to the park neighboring it, and there’s no fence or anything by the way.

So we’re joking around that “haha that guy looks so suspicious, I wonder what he’s doing”. Like, he’s walking around these two tiny buildings that border the school and park. You know, he’s moving between them, standing in front of them, weird shit like that. …Kinda still wondering what the shit is going on? Yeah. So we stare a little more from our place far away from him and he shuffles around the buildings still. Mina started walking towards him until he turned our way and she ran back. He starts making these weird hand gestures near his…umm…down south.

Okay so then we’re still like “yeah right, who the fuck does that shit here? it’s probably nothing”. And then he starts walking towards school campus. …what? You can’t do that.

Here’s a quick shitty drawing:

exampleOkay so then he goes to stand next to the trees near the walkway. Okay…what? Hold on, why are you doing that? Me and Mina started getting worried and started freaking the fuck out. I mean, yeah we were joking at first but shit got real. Then our teacher came back from the main building and we told her about the guy.

And holy fucking shit. He was fapping. RIGHT FUCKING THERE. To teenage girls! What kind of sick fuck does this shit!? SO anyways yeah. Um…well, she called the SIAs and called in the girls. But he left before the SIAs could get there 😦 And apparently that wasn’t the first time.

You know how there’s some things you can go your whole life without seeing? Yeah that was one of them.

And then the SIAs wanted each of us to write statements of what happened…Talk about being awkward but I wasn’t about to keep silent about it either. I felt like I needed to tell my mom too…Which I did. Though I kept out the fapping. I don’t think she needed to hear that…

Um….yeah.. I don’t know. It’s still kind of…sinking in. I mean…How often does this happen? Not very I’m sure. 😦

Besides that…Uh…Oh. A few of my friends took the French Nationals today. And on the reading comprehension section there was a section on cosplay. That was weird. But it’s cute to think that they all thought of me when they read it.

And to make this post a little happier:

100_5888Kazami Yuuka cosplay progress. I wasn’t actually planning on doing this cosplay. But it turns out that I’ll be attending the SoCal Cosplay Gathering in May…And I wanted something spring-y. No Lily White. But yeah…The skirt isn’t actually done yet…It needs a waistband and a zipper.

Please excuse the mess by the way..

That’s all…



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  • 1. grapes  |  March 13, 2009 at 12:15 am

    I just realized that the “border” of our school and the park is where the grass gets darker…where me and miya did the hokey pokey AFKJSKFJSALDKCKSAJCS WHERE THE GUY WAS.


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