Shout it loud.

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Ah I want to get just a little closer to you
I can’t wait, I want you to understand

Ahhh~. Yay! It’s getting a bit late, but I wanted to blog for some reason…Anyways…

I finally got to hear the whole Love Diving single! And it’s so cute! Haha. Araki’s song is slow but it’s good, he really has a good voice for singing. And of course, Shout it Loud. ❤ Awesome song. Just listening to it gives me energy…to work on cosplay! I can’t wait to see the movie!

Hmm what else. Oh yeah, I found out that JURI(Tenimyu’s Akutsu Jin) will be playing Hajime Saitou in the BARAGAKI musical. And how coincidental that I’ll be cosplaying Hajime Saitou! :’D I was so happy when I found out. So now, I’ll definately try my best to be just as good! ..Though I probably can’t. I’m not a boy. Nor can I pull off crossplays very well. Isn’t it sad?

Oh yes. Touhou 12. About that last post. Please excuse it. Haha, I was in a hype about it and kind of…exploded. But anyways, demo seems to be coming out during Reitaisai this year(March 8 if I’m not mistaken). :3 Sanae is also a playable character in this. AND OMFG THAT ART?! It’s…so…good. O.o Lol. Now I really can’t wait. At first when I saw the screenshots I mistook it for a fan-game and said “wow that art is really nice”. And then I looked again. And then I lol’d.

COSPLAAAAY. I’ll probably make a new progress post soon.

And omfg Umineko no Naku Koro ni cosplay. If I can finish early, I’ll start on Shannon. GEORGEEEEEEE

[no guy would ever want to cosplay with me anyways because I’m not moe enough ;^;]


Anyways..So I’ve done a lot of thinking recently. Mostly about things in the past. And I feel like I’ve done a lot of growing up. I’m sure to Mina, it doesn’t seem like it because I’m so loud. Haha. But…Comparing my self now to how I used to be in 6th-7th grade. Yeah, I’ve grown up alot. I guess it doesn’t seem like a very long time because I’m just a sophomore, but people can change a lot within those years. Even with the way I dress. Before, I used to like wearing baggy clothing and I told myself I’d never dress girly and always wore clothes that were 2 times too big and..ugh, I was just a hot mess. But now..I actually pay attention to fashion and…I guess I’m a little obsessive about my hair (I’m sure Mina isn’t surprised LOL). I like being girly and I like wearing heels and getting all dressed up. :>

Oh and yeah. I’ve kind of been raging a little lately. :/ Here’s a sample of why:

Person 1: Oh yeah..I entered this contest. But I only got this small trophy.

Me: Oh! That’s good! Congrats! 😀

P1: But it’s only this tiny thing.
Argh!! It’s insane. It’s like people can’t appreciate anything anymore! Would they rather have nothing at all?! How about those people who didn’t get anything! How do you think they feel!?

I try to be nice and comforting to people but it’s like they don’t care. Like everything I say goes in one ear and comes out the other. Sometimes it feels like I’m too nice and I’m being nice to people who don’t deserve it. I lend my friends money when they need it, I help with homework, I offer to help people and I hardly ask for anything in return from said people. But the second I do ask for some help, “oh..well..I can’t do it”. =_= I’d be a bitch to everyone, but then I wouldn’t have friends at all.

My mom always taught me to appreciate everything I have because somebody out there doesn’t have the same privileges that I do. And she always taught me to be nice and not to get in trouble with other people. So I don’t. But in no way am I some…goody two shoes.( I’m sure I’m very far from that). Also I hate it when people disrespect their parents. D:< I can’t believe people like that. I could never do that because 1. My mom would put me in a coma if I did and 2. My dad is too nice.

But an example of that would be my brother. He’s quick to start yelling and he yells back at our parents. Like he doesn’t care if they kicked him out of the house or something. After ALA, my dad and my brother got into an argument and my brother called my dad a “fucking idiot”. Erm..I was pissed off too but wow, wtf. What is yelling going to do. It just makes people even angrier.

Adding fuel to the flame =  no.

-sigh- Yeah. Life’s quite…something right now. Haha. I’ll remember to edit this post when I can find a word for it.

And my grampa is in the hospital. :< He’s my awesome-o favorite grampa ever. He always took care of me when I was little…And I take after my gramma a lot. :3 So I’m his favorite grand-kid. I hope he gets better! > . <

Um…I think that’s it. Sorry for rambling. I needed to write something.

tl;dr – updates and stuff.




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