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Ciao! Nosukii here…and it’s currently 12:47 AM. On a Monday night, well I guess you can technically say it’s Tuesday. In anycase, I’m going to update a few things! Finally right? Ok, here we go!

I’ll shake your heart…


Ookawa Genki, if you haven’t heard, released a song called [KITE] a while back. Though it was only available though his mobile site there’s a leaked version of it running around Nico Nico Douga. He also had an interview about Beat Rock☆Love on the website garupara.

He looks so much…mature from the pictures! Here’s one for example:


I guess because he hacked off his long hair huh? But he’s looking good so yay!

– Also, another Beat Rock☆Love update. Just a few days ago, a CD including the PV for Shout It Loud was released. A very good song. I liked it, though the PV was lacking. :/ I understand that Araki and Takeru are the mains but I think they could’ve given a little more screentime to Kento, Renn, and Genki. Also, some extremely odd camera angles. Including the one from underneath Takeru.

– There’s this new movie(?) from Wild Strawberry called Game ☆ Action. None of the links on the OHP actually work right now but there’s a character sheet. Ookawa Genki, Nakamura Seijirou, Kawai Ryuunosuke, Namikawa Daisuke, JURI, LUKE.C, and somehow Ayabie is linked into this. (Namikawa Daisuke is Choutarou’s seiyuu in TeniPuri for reference.) They have quite the odd names but I guess it works out because it’s a game right? Har har.

–  The internet told me that Shinotani Hijiri‘s contract ended and that he’s not in the entertainment business anymore. 😦

– Not really an update, more of a question. Does anybody know what Kawakubo Yuuki is currently doing? He hasn’t updated his blog since Dec. 19. ;^;

Shiozaki Airu was in Haruka…erm that game with the huge title. But anyways, I wrote about it previously and if you haven’t seen his character. My god, he looks…amazing…With his…long blonde hair and all. Lol

Kazuki Kato had a spread in Cast Prix Zero Volume 003. And it was awesome. He sure does like having gray/silver hair doesn’t he? Haha, it’s the Atobe in him I’m sure. :> But there’s this one picture, it’s actually the AD for his single. But he’s holding a Flying-V guitar behind his head..And for some reason, the first thing that ran through my mind was “Miyavi”. Kufu.


…and give you love!

In other news, while I was blog-stalking Saitou Takumi, I saw this picture of him:

takuming-2009-02-01t13-18-30-1AND I LOL’D. Okay, what was the ever so cute purpose for this picture!? Somehow, do want.

And I just got a burst of energy from listening to “1,2,3 Day” by Little Non. From Kodomo no Jikan Nigakki. :>

Anyways, I was going to rage in this post. But it’s getting really late here so…Yeah. Sorry for my crappy updates, I’m still trying to get back into the groove of things.And I’ve fallen in love with Saitou Takumi again. Haha! I like how he’s now a photographer and even took some pictures of Kazuki for a magazine spread. He’s so awesome. And mature. ❤ -swoon-

Oh and a quick THANK YOU! to you readers because we’ve hit 6,300+ hits. 😀 So…THANK YOU!

Night Night!



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