Flight on Tears.

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Look for an illusion of a girl in the sky..

Ciao! Nosukii here with those..lyrics I promised. A bit late I know, but I was working on cosplay until 4AM yesterday and well..I simply didn’t have time for it. Haha But anyways, let’s cut the chatter and get to the lyrics!

Flight on Tears



Production: Masayoshi Minoshima

Lyrics: Haruka

Album: Trois Noir [C75]

Original: 風神少女[ZUN]

Ima watashi no kokoro wa yura-yura yureru
Saki ga mienakutatte Kotae wa hitotsu dakara

Kimi ni aitai, sore wa shinjitsu. Dakedo aenai, sore ga genjitsu?
Itsumo meguru kono nayami no naka Kitto tsubasa hiroge

Kaze no naka nemuri tsuzukeru Tsubomi wa
Itsuka hana hiraki Toki no maboroshi wo miru
Tsutsunde agetai Kono tsubasa no naka
Kimi ni omoi todoku no ga haruka saki demo

Nagare tsuzukeru kaze wa Kono yama koeru
Soshite mitsukeru mono ga Watashi no kotae dakara

Hitori tadayou, sore wa genjitsu? Tsubasa hirogeru, sore ga shinjitsu?
Itsumo meguru kono toki no naka de Kaze ni nosete yuku no

Omoi yo kaze ni yurare Kimi ni todoke
Hana hiraku Sono toki wo shinji tsuzuketai
Kaze no naka moboroshi wo miru shoujo wa
Genjitsu no naka de Shinjitsu wo mitsukeru no


And like always, please give me credit if used elsewhere and please let me know if there’s anything wrong with the lyrics!


EDIT EDIT! *3* I just changed my desktop layout~ And it’s so pretty I thought I’d share!

desktopnew2I know you can’t see but there’s a little Remilia and Sakuya inside the clock!

And the image is taken from a doujinshi anthology called ” Alf Layla wa Layla”, presented by GenocideKitten. Whose art I absolutely love! Ayways, that was all! ;D



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