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But it’s just a sweet, sweet fantasy baby


Happy Valentines day! Or…I guess Singles Awareness Day to some.

For me, It would be the latter. LOL But I guess that’s okay too. DOWN WITH LOVE. Haha, just kidding~!

But uhm..Anyways, instead of doing something cool, I just stayed home and worked on cosplay. Kanoko to be exact. And I also..erm..checked if I had the chaest for Shannon(Umineko no Naku Koro ni). …It was weird. But yeah, I mean..I’ve bound my chest and that’s easy but we’re going in reverse here. I need HUEG chaest for Shannon so..yeah…>.> But hey! I think I have it. XD

Kanoko progress:

100_5661Obi is just pinned together and sleeves are missing. And YES, I do know it’s supposed to be a yukata type of thing. But because she has those two pink parts, which is basically where the yukata opens, I had to make it a seperate skirt. :/ I’m wearing a petticoat with this thing, to give it it’s poofyness and if the split is there, then it’ll split right open. And I don’t want that. Though I’ll try my best to get the rest of it right. Sorry if it looks like fail right now. :<

And yeah. Well, -thinks- Oh yeah, that post that Mina made. About how love takes 2 people. I read it and I was like “that’s true!”, never thought of that before. :> And I joked back “See! That’s why I say that I LIKE people! It’s not as serious!”.

Mm..what else to talk about. How about my non-existant love life? LOL. Let me tell you some stories, just to keep you awake from this ever so boring post!

Once upon a time, there was a noob of a 7th grader named…Nosukii. Her friend…um..Maria, liked this boy named…Shin. She though “hey! I can put them together!” and so she befriended Shin. After a while, she started liking Shin too. It made evvverryything very awkward. But then a year passed and she still liked Shin. Maria had left for another school already and had well forgotten all about Shin. Since it was Shin’s last year at the school, Nosukii confessed to Shin that she liked him. But she already knew that he didn’t like her back. And they stayed friends.

The end.


Haha, but yeah true story. I’m well over the guy now. And we’re still friends..Kinda. :/ Other stories aren’t so long. I liked this one guy because we had alot in common and he had a good personality…and then I got to know him more and figured out that..Well, he wasn’t such a fun guy and prefered to be quiet all the time. I hadn’t even seen him crack a smile. 😦 And that was disappointing.

And my friend told me that I have low self esteem when it comes to guys. It seems as though I really am I loser! Lol

I also have extremely high standards. LOL. >.> Or not, I don’t know. I guess it depends on what you think is ‘high’.

Hrrm…I keep getting distracted from this post. XD I keep looking at cosplays and whatnot. I keep picking up new projects.

….I only go to 2-3 cons a year. And I already have 4 for AX and that might be the last con of the year if I don’t go to PMX. But then I have…2-3 that are con-less. :/ I have some for ALA next year already..Maybe…I think. O.o Yeah. I want to do some Lotus Land Story cosplay..Don’t really see much Pc-98 stuff.


Oh and I was going to post lyrics. But I got flooded with homework. And ended up with 4 quizzes/tests on the same day.

Will post them later, after I’m done with cosplay crap.

100_5624-copyHurdurrduurrr. Madotsuki likes you! 😀

LAST THING! Friday the 13 is my lucky day. I got $100. 😀 HINA DAY.



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