Sin City.

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I want to meet you,  that’s the truth

But I can’t meet you, that’s reality…

Hey! :3 Nosukii here and I’m back from Las Vegas~! You know, to be honest it wasn’t very awesome like  expected it to. :/ But I guess that’s okay because I’m home now…Anyways, let’s chat!~

So we left Saturday morning. And I forgot my coffee and cellphone charger. Yeah, pretty dumb but my aunt came on sunday to our hotel and she brought it for me.

100_5319 I woke up pretty damn early, cause there was still stuff to pack and of course, get ready for the looooong ride there. Oh yeah, while I was getting ready, there was really loud thunder. @_@ So not cool. I nearly had a heartattack. And once we left it was still raining on the way. And cold. :< It was kind of depressing because we were going to a garden wedding and how were we supposed to if it was raining like crazy outside? It was also extremely foggy. >.> Which made me scared cause we could barely see in front of us…

Then after a hour..or so( I’m not counting hours here..), We passed though some mountains and apparently it had been snowing..Oh yeah and at this point there were like…5 car accidents not far from each other. Pretty scary, my uncle who was driving started freaking out that he’d fall asleep at the wheel or something so we stopped off for some coffee and a short break. Lol, damn long car rides. My ass was hurting from sitting for so long. And I didn’t bring anything to keep myself busy, except for my ipod and camera.. Then again, that’s my fault. LOL


<- Yay, snow!

Oh and we passed by this HUGE lake.?/Puddle..That was created by the raining. >.>100_5309

LOL yeah I brought my Marisa yukkuri with me..Just because. She was my little piece of home. XD She also served as my pillow inside the car when I took my little 15 minute nap. >.>

After that we stopped off in Barstow to stretch a little.and have breakfast because…nobody bothered to. Haha, then we hit the road again…You know, I just realized that I stayed up the entire time. Minus the 15 minutes I was napping. Anyways, it stopped raining and the skies were pretty clear so that was good…I also watched the movie “Cars” for the millionth time. =_= Cute movie but maaan. No more please~!

100_53061..I stuffed her in the little nook between the window and seat when she wasn’t sitting in my lap/being my pillow.

We got there at about…4 in the afternoon. I thought we were going to check in but no. We went to go visit our cousin that lived like…20 minutes away from Vegas. :/ It was so boring. We literally just sat until 10:30 at night. While the adult sat and talked. And my stupid uncle that we visited offered my uncle that was driving some beers/wine. HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET? He’s fucking driving you dipshit, don’t give him something to drink. And my other uncle, who thank god wasn’t driving drank cognac. I don’t know how much he drank but he threw up as soon as we got back to the hotel parking lot. When we got the Circus Circus we got lost because my mom failed to realize that there were separate towers. By the time we got to the hotel it was around 12:30. ..Yes, I was flaming pissed off.

I still had to wash my hair and fix my clothes for the next day. By the time I went to sleep it was already 3 in the morning. =_= Oh and the uncle that we visited was so…annoying! God, he tried showing off every second he got. He was talking to me about college and he asked what I wanted to major in. I told him I wasn’t sure yet because I had alot of things I wanted to possibly major in. And he said “What!? You don’t know what you want to major in!? My daughter is 15 and SHE knows, my other daughter is 7 and SHE knows and my other daughter is 9 and SHE knows.” WELL SOOOORRY ASSHOLE. I really wanted to punch him in the face, talking to me like I was fucking 5. And then he acting all high and mighty like he knew everything and then my awesome uncle showed him up. Lol. He was also saying how awesome of a cook he was and when famous Filipino actors/actresses came to Vegas they stayed at his place. Yeah. Sure. Keep believing that.

Sunday…We woke up early…My mom/uncles&aunts/grampa were the only ones to go to the actual wedding(12 noon)..Then they picked us up at around 4 for the reception. While we waited to get picked up, we went to the arcade. My luck disappeared because I couldn’t win anything. LOL But that’s okay…So yeah..we went back to the hotel to get ready and luckily it was nice and sunny outside :3 The reception was pretty ‘eh’ to me. We sat, ate, took pictures and then left. :/ We went back to the hotel and then went to the arcade. Then lol, all the kids got dropped off and the adults went to gamble. XD They didn’t come back until about 3:30 or so I heard.

Then yesterday, the last day, it was my mom’s birthday! So we ate out of course. And we were supposed to walk around Vegas for a while but my grampa got sick and we couldn’t really just leave him there so we headed home. I also got sick because of the weather(windy/cold) and..mother nature decided to bother me. :< We stopped in Primm Valley to do some shopping..But then my aunt took so long shopping, we ended up being there for 2 hours basically WATCHING her shop. And then on the way home…My uncle got a flat tire. But it didn’t just get flat, it literally…split. So bad that, had he not stopped, god knows what would’ve happened. D: Thank god he had a spare and we had a jack. After about 20 miles there was a gas station and we stopped to make sure the air pressure and stuff were okay..

Then we got home safely…But we ate a really late dinner. Lol, try 11 PM. Got home at 12. Anddd I stayed home from school today. :/ Wasn’t feeling very good.

SO overall, it wasn’t a very OMFG AWESOME trip. But my mom said she’d take us back during the summer and for a longer time.

I think this post is long enough, but I’ll be doing some romanizations later tonight so look out for them!

tl;dr  – LAS VEGAS TRIP.

Bye bye!



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