Nosukii’s Cosplay Progress Post #1!

February 1, 2009 at 9:37 pm Leave a comment

Hello hello! 😀 I thought maybe I should do one of these every now and then to show some cosplay progress! I went shopping with my cosplay group this past Saturday and I picked up all of the fabric I needed…Minus the fabric for my Akyu skirt. :< I couldn’t find the perfect color for it.

But anyways! Here’s what I started on…

Kanoko from Pop’n Music 15!

So far I’ve got the sleeves and the basic yukata part. Nothing’s actually sewn on yet because I’m paranoid. The only thing that’s actually sewn is the back where the green meets the yellow and the tops of the sleeves to hold them together. I would work on it next weekend but I won’t be home. ;(

It’s okay! Because AX is still 6 months away. LOL


kaaano ++ Yeah yeah. THERE’S A MILLION WRINKLES. It’s not sitting flat so yeah. That and it’s only pinned on. Lol. I was working on the skull/cross-bones but I made about 5 “cross-bones” and I hated them all so I stopped. 😦 I can’t make them properly~ What’s wrong with meeee~!

++ ….WHY ARE HER SLEEVES SO HUGE. Lol It makes it hard to maneuver my arms when I’m trying it on. I still need to shorten them a bit because they’re a bit too long for my liking. :/ They drag on the floor when I have my arms down. I don’t want them to get dirty.

++ Arghh The camera washed out the colors! The green is like the green in the heart sleeve picture. And the yellow is just like the yellow in the official art. I managed to find the perfect yellow and green! ❤

And that’s it!

Bye bye!



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