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Undefined Fantastic Object – Touhou 12

Fuck. Yes. TOUHOU 12!!


I swear, ZUN is going to kill me.

[Oh no! New Cosplay! Ahhhh~!]


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Sagittarius☆9pm Don’t be late.

Leave it to me

I’ll, I’ll make it better

Ciao! Nosukii here…and it’s currently 12:47 AM. On a Monday night, well I guess you can technically say it’s Tuesday. In anycase, I’m going to update a few things! Finally right? Ok, here we go!

I’ll shake your heart…


Ookawa Genki, if you haven’t heard, released a song called [KITE] a while back. Though it was only available though his mobile site there’s a leaked version of it running around Nico Nico Douga. He also had an interview about Beat Rock☆Love on the website garupara.

He looks so much…mature from the pictures! Here’s one for example:


I guess because he hacked off his long hair huh? But he’s looking good so yay!

– Also, another Beat Rock☆Love update. Just a few days ago, a CD including the PV for Shout It Loud was released. A very good song. I liked it, though the PV was lacking. :/ I understand that Araki and Takeru are the mains but I think they could’ve given a little more screentime to Kento, Renn, and Genki. Also, some extremely odd camera angles. Including the one from underneath Takeru.

– There’s this new movie(?) from Wild Strawberry called Game ☆ Action. None of the links on the OHP actually work right now but there’s a character sheet. Ookawa Genki, Nakamura Seijirou, Kawai Ryuunosuke, Namikawa Daisuke, JURI, LUKE.C, and somehow Ayabie is linked into this. (Namikawa Daisuke is Choutarou’s seiyuu in TeniPuri for reference.) They have quite the odd names but I guess it works out because it’s a game right? Har har.

–  The internet told me that Shinotani Hijiri‘s contract ended and that he’s not in the entertainment business anymore. 😦

– Not really an update, more of a question. Does anybody know what Kawakubo Yuuki is currently doing? He hasn’t updated his blog since Dec. 19. ;^;

Shiozaki Airu was in Haruka…erm that game with the huge title. But anyways, I wrote about it previously and if you haven’t seen his character. My god, he looks…amazing…With his…long blonde hair and all. Lol

Kazuki Kato had a spread in Cast Prix Zero Volume 003. And it was awesome. He sure does like having gray/silver hair doesn’t he? Haha, it’s the Atobe in him I’m sure. :> But there’s this one picture, it’s actually the AD for his single. But he’s holding a Flying-V guitar behind his head..And for some reason, the first thing that ran through my mind was “Miyavi”. Kufu.


…and give you love!

In other news, while I was blog-stalking Saitou Takumi, I saw this picture of him:

takuming-2009-02-01t13-18-30-1AND I LOL’D. Okay, what was the ever so cute purpose for this picture!? Somehow, do want.

And I just got a burst of energy from listening to “1,2,3 Day” by Little Non. From Kodomo no Jikan Nigakki. :>

Anyways, I was going to rage in this post. But it’s getting really late here so…Yeah. Sorry for my crappy updates, I’m still trying to get back into the groove of things.And I’ve fallen in love with Saitou Takumi again. Haha! I like how he’s now a photographer and even took some pictures of Kazuki for a magazine spread. He’s so awesome. And mature. ❤ -swoon-

Oh and a quick THANK YOU! to you readers because we’ve hit 6,300+ hits. 😀 So…THANK YOU!

Night Night!


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For Lovers not Fighters.

If that thought becomes important

It’s alright to always keep it in your heart

Hey~! Nosukii here. :3 And yes, more lyrics. And still from ALSTROEMERIA RECORDS. Lol. Um, well…Oh today, I had this extremely hard 120 point QUIZ on Les Miserables. I don’t see how it was a QUIZ if it was worth more than my final. 😦 Aww, sad face. And some of the questions were only two word answers but they were worth 10 points. No room for bullshitting. LOL Anyways…Here they are!

For Lovers not Fighters


Production: Masayoshi Minoshima

Lyrics: Haruka

Vocals: Misato

Album: Trois Noir [c75]

Original: 萃夢想[ZUN]

Koware sou na omoi mo Ashimoto mienakute mo
Tachi sukundeitatte Omoi ga hora, toki wo tsukuru
Yowasa wa dare ni mo aru Jibun hitori janai no
Jibun ni kateru mono wa Omoi no aru Jibun dake yo

Aa, hanarete yuku, Omoi kazu aru no dakara
Aa, soko ni ireta Jibun kanjite

It’s Magic. It’s Feeling. Walking for my life.
[It’s Magic. It’s Feeling. Walking for my life.]

Sono kimochi wo kesenai nara Ayumi tsuzukereba ii
Nakusu koto wo osorenaide Kimi rashiku sono mama de
Sono omoi wo kesu no naraba Sukoshi yasumeba ii yo
Mata arata na toki wo tsukuri Ayumi hajimeru hi made

Tatakai sono hibi demo Kasanaru omoi ga aru
Itsuka wa mitomeaeru Sonna toki wo shinji tsuzuke
Kurushikute tsurai hi mo Hitorikiri janai kara
Jibun ni katsu no naraba Omoi tsuyoku motsu koto dake

Aa, Kuzurete yuku Yume mo kazu aru no naraba
Aa, Ayumeru no wa Jibun no omoi

It’s Magic. It’s Feeling. Walking for my life.
[It’s Magic. It’s Feeling. Walking for my life.]

Sono kimochi wo kesenai nara Ayumi tsuzukereba ii
Nakusu koto wo osorenaide Kimi rashiku sono mama de
Sono omoi ga daiji naraba Zutto mune ni nokoseba ii yo
Mata arata na toki wo tsukuri Ayumi hajimeru hi made

It’s Magic. It’s Feeling. Walking for my life.
[It’s Magic. It’s Feeling. Walking for my life.x5]


Like always, credits, mistakes, tell me, etc. ;D

Also, the ones in brackets don’t show up in the actual booklet but I just put them there..

EDIT: GWAAHHHH. Okay, please excuse my fangirling but OH MY GOD. I just saw the OP for Vitamin Z which is a new otome game scheduled to release this spring and KENN( as in Air Gear myu’s KAZU and Tenimyu’s FUJI YUUTA AND OMFG Cutest smile/laugh ever!) will be the main guy! sdgj;dsjglksjg;lsjglk I.MUST.PLAY.THIS. AUGHHH. And also, Suwabe Junichi will be playing the cool/fasionable teacher. Ohhh how fitting!

Oh! And KENN is also singing in the OP. 😀

Anyways, have a good night(or day?) everyone!


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Flight on Tears.

Look for an illusion of a girl in the sky..

Ciao! Nosukii here with those..lyrics I promised. A bit late I know, but I was working on cosplay until 4AM yesterday and well..I simply didn’t have time for it. Haha But anyways, let’s cut the chatter and get to the lyrics!

Flight on Tears



Production: Masayoshi Minoshima

Lyrics: Haruka

Album: Trois Noir [C75]

Original: 風神少女[ZUN]

Ima watashi no kokoro wa yura-yura yureru
Saki ga mienakutatte Kotae wa hitotsu dakara

Kimi ni aitai, sore wa shinjitsu. Dakedo aenai, sore ga genjitsu?
Itsumo meguru kono nayami no naka Kitto tsubasa hiroge

Kaze no naka nemuri tsuzukeru Tsubomi wa
Itsuka hana hiraki Toki no maboroshi wo miru
Tsutsunde agetai Kono tsubasa no naka
Kimi ni omoi todoku no ga haruka saki demo

Nagare tsuzukeru kaze wa Kono yama koeru
Soshite mitsukeru mono ga Watashi no kotae dakara

Hitori tadayou, sore wa genjitsu? Tsubasa hirogeru, sore ga shinjitsu?
Itsumo meguru kono toki no naka de Kaze ni nosete yuku no

Omoi yo kaze ni yurare Kimi ni todoke
Hana hiraku Sono toki wo shinji tsuzuketai
Kaze no naka moboroshi wo miru shoujo wa
Genjitsu no naka de Shinjitsu wo mitsukeru no


And like always, please give me credit if used elsewhere and please let me know if there’s anything wrong with the lyrics!


EDIT EDIT! *3* I just changed my desktop layout~ And it’s so pretty I thought I’d share!

desktopnew2I know you can’t see but there’s a little Remilia and Sakuya inside the clock!

And the image is taken from a doujinshi anthology called ” Alf Layla wa Layla”, presented by GenocideKitten. Whose art I absolutely love! Ayways, that was all! ;D


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But it’s just a sweet, sweet fantasy baby


Happy Valentines day! Or…I guess Singles Awareness Day to some.

For me, It would be the latter. LOL But I guess that’s okay too. DOWN WITH LOVE. Haha, just kidding~!

But uhm..Anyways, instead of doing something cool, I just stayed home and worked on cosplay. Kanoko to be exact. And I also..erm..checked if I had the chaest for Shannon(Umineko no Naku Koro ni). …It was weird. But yeah, I mean..I’ve bound my chest and that’s easy but we’re going in reverse here. I need HUEG chaest for Shannon so..yeah…>.> But hey! I think I have it. XD

Kanoko progress:

100_5661Obi is just pinned together and sleeves are missing. And YES, I do know it’s supposed to be a yukata type of thing. But because she has those two pink parts, which is basically where the yukata opens, I had to make it a seperate skirt. :/ I’m wearing a petticoat with this thing, to give it it’s poofyness and if the split is there, then it’ll split right open. And I don’t want that. Though I’ll try my best to get the rest of it right. Sorry if it looks like fail right now. :<

And yeah. Well, -thinks- Oh yeah, that post that Mina made. About how love takes 2 people. I read it and I was like “that’s true!”, never thought of that before. :> And I joked back “See! That’s why I say that I LIKE people! It’s not as serious!”.

Mm..what else to talk about. How about my non-existant love life? LOL. Let me tell you some stories, just to keep you awake from this ever so boring post!

Once upon a time, there was a noob of a 7th grader named…Nosukii. Her friend…um..Maria, liked this boy named…Shin. She though “hey! I can put them together!” and so she befriended Shin. After a while, she started liking Shin too. It made evvverryything very awkward. But then a year passed and she still liked Shin. Maria had left for another school already and had well forgotten all about Shin. Since it was Shin’s last year at the school, Nosukii confessed to Shin that she liked him. But she already knew that he didn’t like her back. And they stayed friends.

The end.


Haha, but yeah true story. I’m well over the guy now. And we’re still friends..Kinda. :/ Other stories aren’t so long. I liked this one guy because we had alot in common and he had a good personality…and then I got to know him more and figured out that..Well, he wasn’t such a fun guy and prefered to be quiet all the time. I hadn’t even seen him crack a smile. 😦 And that was disappointing.

And my friend told me that I have low self esteem when it comes to guys. It seems as though I really am I loser! Lol

I also have extremely high standards. LOL. >.> Or not, I don’t know. I guess it depends on what you think is ‘high’.

Hrrm…I keep getting distracted from this post. XD I keep looking at cosplays and whatnot. I keep picking up new projects.

….I only go to 2-3 cons a year. And I already have 4 for AX and that might be the last con of the year if I don’t go to PMX. But then I have…2-3 that are con-less. :/ I have some for ALA next year already..Maybe…I think. O.o Yeah. I want to do some Lotus Land Story cosplay..Don’t really see much Pc-98 stuff.


Oh and I was going to post lyrics. But I got flooded with homework. And ended up with 4 quizzes/tests on the same day.

Will post them later, after I’m done with cosplay crap.

100_5624-copyHurdurrduurrr. Madotsuki likes you! 😀

LAST THING! Friday the 13 is my lucky day. I got $100. 😀 HINA DAY.


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Sin City.

I want to meet you,  that’s the truth

But I can’t meet you, that’s reality…

Hey! :3 Nosukii here and I’m back from Las Vegas~! You know, to be honest it wasn’t very awesome like  expected it to. :/ But I guess that’s okay because I’m home now…Anyways, let’s chat!~

So we left Saturday morning. And I forgot my coffee and cellphone charger. Yeah, pretty dumb but my aunt came on sunday to our hotel and she brought it for me.

100_5319 I woke up pretty damn early, cause there was still stuff to pack and of course, get ready for the looooong ride there. Oh yeah, while I was getting ready, there was really loud thunder. @_@ So not cool. I nearly had a heartattack. And once we left it was still raining on the way. And cold. :< It was kind of depressing because we were going to a garden wedding and how were we supposed to if it was raining like crazy outside? It was also extremely foggy. >.> Which made me scared cause we could barely see in front of us…

Then after a hour..or so( I’m not counting hours here..), We passed though some mountains and apparently it had been snowing..Oh yeah and at this point there were like…5 car accidents not far from each other. Pretty scary, my uncle who was driving started freaking out that he’d fall asleep at the wheel or something so we stopped off for some coffee and a short break. Lol, damn long car rides. My ass was hurting from sitting for so long. And I didn’t bring anything to keep myself busy, except for my ipod and camera.. Then again, that’s my fault. LOL


<- Yay, snow!

Oh and we passed by this HUGE lake.?/Puddle..That was created by the raining. >.>100_5309

LOL yeah I brought my Marisa yukkuri with me..Just because. She was my little piece of home. XD She also served as my pillow inside the car when I took my little 15 minute nap. >.>

After that we stopped off in Barstow to stretch a little.and have breakfast because…nobody bothered to. Haha, then we hit the road again…You know, I just realized that I stayed up the entire time. Minus the 15 minutes I was napping. Anyways, it stopped raining and the skies were pretty clear so that was good…I also watched the movie “Cars” for the millionth time. =_= Cute movie but maaan. No more please~!

100_53061..I stuffed her in the little nook between the window and seat when she wasn’t sitting in my lap/being my pillow.

We got there at about…4 in the afternoon. I thought we were going to check in but no. We went to go visit our cousin that lived like…20 minutes away from Vegas. :/ It was so boring. We literally just sat until 10:30 at night. While the adult sat and talked. And my stupid uncle that we visited offered my uncle that was driving some beers/wine. HOW STUPID CAN YOU GET? He’s fucking driving you dipshit, don’t give him something to drink. And my other uncle, who thank god wasn’t driving drank cognac. I don’t know how much he drank but he threw up as soon as we got back to the hotel parking lot. When we got the Circus Circus we got lost because my mom failed to realize that there were separate towers. By the time we got to the hotel it was around 12:30. ..Yes, I was flaming pissed off.

I still had to wash my hair and fix my clothes for the next day. By the time I went to sleep it was already 3 in the morning. =_= Oh and the uncle that we visited was so…annoying! God, he tried showing off every second he got. He was talking to me about college and he asked what I wanted to major in. I told him I wasn’t sure yet because I had alot of things I wanted to possibly major in. And he said “What!? You don’t know what you want to major in!? My daughter is 15 and SHE knows, my other daughter is 7 and SHE knows and my other daughter is 9 and SHE knows.” WELL SOOOORRY ASSHOLE. I really wanted to punch him in the face, talking to me like I was fucking 5. And then he acting all high and mighty like he knew everything and then my awesome uncle showed him up. Lol. He was also saying how awesome of a cook he was and when famous Filipino actors/actresses came to Vegas they stayed at his place. Yeah. Sure. Keep believing that.

Sunday…We woke up early…My mom/uncles&aunts/grampa were the only ones to go to the actual wedding(12 noon)..Then they picked us up at around 4 for the reception. While we waited to get picked up, we went to the arcade. My luck disappeared because I couldn’t win anything. LOL But that’s okay…So yeah..we went back to the hotel to get ready and luckily it was nice and sunny outside :3 The reception was pretty ‘eh’ to me. We sat, ate, took pictures and then left. :/ We went back to the hotel and then went to the arcade. Then lol, all the kids got dropped off and the adults went to gamble. XD They didn’t come back until about 3:30 or so I heard.

Then yesterday, the last day, it was my mom’s birthday! So we ate out of course. And we were supposed to walk around Vegas for a while but my grampa got sick and we couldn’t really just leave him there so we headed home. I also got sick because of the weather(windy/cold) and..mother nature decided to bother me. :< We stopped in Primm Valley to do some shopping..But then my aunt took so long shopping, we ended up being there for 2 hours basically WATCHING her shop. And then on the way home…My uncle got a flat tire. But it didn’t just get flat, it literally…split. So bad that, had he not stopped, god knows what would’ve happened. D: Thank god he had a spare and we had a jack. After about 20 miles there was a gas station and we stopped to make sure the air pressure and stuff were okay..

Then we got home safely…But we ate a really late dinner. Lol, try 11 PM. Got home at 12. Anddd I stayed home from school today. :/ Wasn’t feeling very good.

SO overall, it wasn’t a very OMFG AWESOME trip. But my mom said she’d take us back during the summer and for a longer time.

I think this post is long enough, but I’ll be doing some romanizations later tonight so look out for them!

tl;dr  – LAS VEGAS TRIP.

Bye bye!


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Nosukii’s Cosplay Progress Post #1!

Hello hello! 😀 I thought maybe I should do one of these every now and then to show some cosplay progress! I went shopping with my cosplay group this past Saturday and I picked up all of the fabric I needed…Minus the fabric for my Akyu skirt. :< I couldn’t find the perfect color for it.

But anyways! Here’s what I started on…

Kanoko from Pop’n Music 15!

So far I’ve got the sleeves and the basic yukata part. Nothing’s actually sewn on yet because I’m paranoid. The only thing that’s actually sewn is the back where the green meets the yellow and the tops of the sleeves to hold them together. I would work on it next weekend but I won’t be home. ;(

It’s okay! Because AX is still 6 months away. LOL


kaaano ++ Yeah yeah. THERE’S A MILLION WRINKLES. It’s not sitting flat so yeah. That and it’s only pinned on. Lol. I was working on the skull/cross-bones but I made about 5 “cross-bones” and I hated them all so I stopped. 😦 I can’t make them properly~ What’s wrong with meeee~!

++ ….WHY ARE HER SLEEVES SO HUGE. Lol It makes it hard to maneuver my arms when I’m trying it on. I still need to shorten them a bit because they’re a bit too long for my liking. :/ They drag on the floor when I have my arms down. I don’t want them to get dirty.

++ Arghh The camera washed out the colors! The green is like the green in the heart sleeve picture. And the yellow is just like the yellow in the official art. I managed to find the perfect yellow and green! ❤

And that’s it!

Bye bye!


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