Forget Me Not.

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Interesting sense of style

Ten million dollar smile

I’m wonder if he knows he’s on my radar.

On my radar! On my radar!

‘Ello! Nosukii here!

Um..Yeah well, my laptop has been dead for..a long time now. Haha and well I asked for a new laptop and I thought that was a long shot. Because my mom assumes everything will work forever. But I asked..and apparently, she was planning on buying me a new one anyways!! Surprise surprise. So she took me to BestBuy today and..told me to pick out whichever one I wanted! Omgz! Usually she’d be saying “what no way! too expensive, go pick a cheaper one!” :0 This is amazing. Truly amazing!

So I picked out a Sony Vaio. :3 And she didn’t go “wtf” at the price. And I might go buy a cheap tablet for the hell of it. At least my birthday is this Thursday! It’ll be like I never payed for my own tablet. Haha

Uhhh besides that..Usual updates and stuff to restart next week.

Along with that..cosplay. Trying to finalize everything soon..I was thinking of doing Pop’n Music for AX but I’m not too sure.. I might do Kanoko from Pop 15. I like her. And her..interesting choice of colors. Just like Akyu! Haha

Oh a funny thing happened today. When I was taking my AP Human final I got test number 13. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or not. Lol Cause 3 is my lucky number but I’m not too sure about 13.

OH YEAH. Because of MINA I can’t stop listening to Britney Spears and Nsync. I hate you Mina.

Yeahhh well I should go. I still need to study!



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Eternal Voyage. Nosukii’s Cosplay Progress Post #1!

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