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cho-cho-cho-chotto matte

mada watashi no shigoto wa owaranai

oh! what a night!

Fuaaa~I’m bored. Haha, what a way to start a post.

But anyways, I’ll be getting my laptop fixed soon, I hope. I really miss the damn thing. :< All my music and…stuff. -cough- other news..We(Me and Mina) have finals next week. I really don’t want to do it. But then again, I say that every year and for the next two and a half years probably. I think..for me, the second day of testing will be the hardest. I have chemistry and ap human on that day. Both of which I hate. Well…Not really? Ilike ap human because it actually deals with modern day stuff and our teacher is pretty cool. Chemistry..what can I say. Crazy teacher, sitting next to Mina, and continuous lulz.

Also, I tend to get Mina in trouble alot. Haha, sorry ’bout that. Mrs.Z, our teacher, just happens to look at the wrong time…All the time. At least I’m not the one who asked her if she knew what Shamwow was. MINA!!! Mina asked Mrs.Z if she knew what a shamwow was. I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean, how often do you ask your teacher something like that.

Uhhh what else. OH YEAH! Vegas trip! I’m so excited~ We’re going for a wedding and my mom said we’d have to go home early cause we have school..but…..I DON’T! According to our school website, we don’t. I don’t know why but okay. Aslong as I’m out of school…I don’t care.  :3 Though somehow, I have a feeling they’ll pile on the homework for whatever reason.

And and cosplay… Arghhh. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited to do them. Because I love Touhou and otome games but…I need them finished in a month. And Akyu. -sigh- Well, I’ve decided what I’m going to do. Because fabric-paint is a big no-no, I’m going to handsew all of the flowers on. ;^; And as for shoes..Lol, damn ZUN for not giving her shoes but I’m going to go for a more traditional look so I’m going to wear zori…Uhm, that’s what they’re called right? Yes, the glossy black ones. To be honest, I like the whole heeled boots thing with traditional clothing but I’m trying to be as realistic as possible. And accurate. I highly doubt Akyu would wear boots.

Ohh I recently picked up a few more otome games. Haha, I really need to stop. I’m never going to finish anything at this rate. But umm yeah, the ones I recently started were “Tokimeki Memorial-Girl’s Side- 1st love”, “Vitamin X Evolution” and “Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!”.

Tokimeki game… I think that game is the best one out the far. I haven’t gotten very far but I’m trying!

Otometeki is…Let’s just say, I wasn’t expecting what I got.

Vitamin X Evolution…To be honest..I didn’t think I’d like this gave very much. But holy shit. I am in love with it. As for seiyuus…Wasn’t expecting what I got here either.

Ono Daisuke! – Sebastiannnnn~ Lol, um he plays..This kid named Kusanagi Hajime. He’s definately not as rude as the other characters but I haven’t played his story yet, so we’ll see.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa! – He plays Makabe Tsukasa, the first guy you meet. Uh he’s like the leader of the pack. Kind of weird with his random english here and there, I think he’s my favorite so far. He kind of reminds me of Rinnousuke. Don’t ask.

Toriumi Kousuke! – Persona3 Junpei! Okay so he plays rude rock band guy whose name is Nanase Shun. Um…I don’t really know much about him yet but he’s rude. Nearly ran me over with his bike when I met him.

Kishio Daisuke! – Detroit Metal City(OVA)’s Negishi! He plays Fumonji Goro…Or Goro-chan as he wants you to call him. He’s the nicest so far. Trap.

Yoshino Hiroyuki! – Gundam ‘s 00 Allelujah! He plays Sendou Kiyoharu. Uhm..He hangs out with Goro-chan alot. Laughs weird. He’s rude too!

Suganuma Hisayoshi – Bleach’s Wonderwice. He plays Madarame Mizuki. There’s not much to say about him. ._. All he’s done is sleep.

….I should go. Ahahaha! Bye~!



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