Anime LA 2009.

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Hey, I’ll give you all the stars in the sky.

Darling, turn my way, let our eyes meet.

Darling, let’s make a secret just between us two.

Darling Star.

Hello! Nosukii here.Finally making time for a post. Depending on how long this thing is, I might break it up. And my laptop decided to fail on me after Comiket so I’m super sad. 😦 I have to do all my stuff on my brother’s computer for a while. But I’ll try my best to get out what I can. So, Let’s get started shall we?


Alright! Well, I haven’t gotten around to downloading all the new Touhou albums as of yet. BUT! From all the ones I heard they were all pretty awesome. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a good release from SOUNDHOLIC, just because their last one was pretty dissappointing. I was extremely surprised to hear a really good one. Haha, but that’s good. Everyone seem to have stepped up their game for C75. Also, I really enjoyed how Masayoshi Minoshima, REDALiCE and Tsukasa did a trio of albums. Those were good…IOSYS’ release. Lol, what can I say. I love IOSYS and this album was just awesome. And funny. Thriller parody? Haha

But I think..out of all the ones I’ve heard…I really liked Yellow Zebra’s release. Especially their track called [Darling Star]. It’s probably my favorite off of the entire album. XD

ANIME LA 2009.

Ohhhh wow. Well, this yeah was 10000000x better than last years. I can tell you that much. Well, I guess it depends how you look at it. Last year it rained, this year it was sunny. Which was good becuse I pretty much froze up on day One. But, let’s break this up into days.


Uh where to begin. Oh yes, the parking lot. LOL. Kind of awkward. When we pulled in, there were like..5 buses of old people. LOL and I was in my Mizuhashi Parsee[touhou] cosplay already…Which is pretty distracting. I almost didn’t want to wear it because I thought it was too busy and that people would stare. But in any case, I didn’t regret it. Maybe a little. Just because it was cold as hell and my skirt rode up all the time. 😦 Hmm..What else. Oh, well for the first time we watched Cosplay Chess. It was pretty interesting, but cold as hell. So we went inside. Oh I also met Lisu…uh..would it be met? I met him before. But…yeah anyways, I think you get the point. Yeah. LOL. There was alot of doing nothing. Lots of walking. And Starbucks.

You know, I really love Starbucks but now that I look back on it…I kinda feel sick. Haha, maybe a coffee a day wasn’t such a good idea. But it was the only warm thing I could get my hands on. :< But anyways~ We went home early that day. And I’m semi-glad we did because previous to that, I only had about 2 hours of sleep for the previous 2 days. Isn’t that awesome? Yeah. no.

OH YEAH, that’s right. Probably the highlight of Friday. I ran into a Kagamine Len cosplayer who said Parsee was her favorite. ❤ Just a little shout-out if you ever run into this blog. I love you! XD And the guy that passed me and “Yukkuri Shiteite ne!”. He came out of nowhere. I had my Marisa Yukkuri with me that day so yeah. :3


This…was probably the best day out of the entire con. I was genderswapped Komeiji Satori from Touhou. You know, being Satori was fun but there were so many cosplay malfunctions. For one, I bound my chest for the first time in over a year. And it hurt. I had to fix it a million times until I just got fed up and pinned it…to my bra. >.> And then, I actually had wires around me so I couldn’t bring my jacket and my sleeves were pulled up. So that sucked cause it was cold. And the wires kept getting stuck on things too. My eye that was on my shirt came off. Luckily there was a costume repair station or that would’ve been so sad. And Masq. line was sooo looooong. Oh and I pretty much spent the day with Lisu[genderswapped Alice] and his brother. If you’re reading this now, sorry if I’m annoying. I’m probably more of a bother than I think I am. ;^; But yeah, we waited in line for forever. They played with bean bags and..cups..and..I don’t know. Lol, what boredom brings. And then we(me and my brother) had to go home at around 9PM so we didn’t get to see everything. Pretty much went to sleep after that.

Oh and I had my brother’s Reimu Yukkuri that day. XD Surprisingly, alot more people asked about it Sat. than Friday.


WOOO. Okay, well. I went back to being a girl. Haha. I was Madotsuki from Yume Nikki. AND AND AND Just a quick shout-out, but I never got your name, and if you’re reading this I just want to let you know that you made my day. He was at the One Piece gathering as Brook. And you were one of the only ones who knew I was Madotsuki. The first person. I love you.  XD I was spending the morning sad that nobody knew and then you came up. Haha. But Sunday was pretty much just spending time with friends thing. We did a mini-shoot in the parking lot for Madotsuki and took lots of random pictures here and there. It was fun. Lots of bonding happened. Oh except my knife broke two times. :/ That kinda sucked. By the end of the night I didn’t care anymore and I just broke it myself. LOL

That was pretty much sunday. I miss my group already. XD It was so fun just hanging around with each other and…man-hunting. LOL!!


And that’d wrap up ALA. There were some…extremely personal things that I can’t post here so yeah. I posted them in my facebook. XD That’s about it.

As for pictures, my friend is still uploading them so..I’ll update this really really soon with pictures. ❤ Even though this post is  looooong enough.


As I said before. Uploading slowly. Here’s a few now:

Also, I had a few more but…Gwaahhh. I hate candid shots…so…much… ;^;



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[more more more] Darling Star★

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