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Forget Me Not.

Interesting sense of style

Ten million dollar smile

I’m wonder if he knows he’s on my radar.

On my radar! On my radar!

‘Ello! Nosukii here!

Um..Yeah well, my laptop has been dead for..a long time now. Haha and well I asked for a new laptop and I thought that was a long shot. Because my mom assumes everything will work forever. But I asked..and apparently, she was planning on buying me a new one anyways!! Surprise surprise. So she took me to BestBuy today and..told me to pick out whichever one I wanted! Omgz! Usually she’d be saying “what no way! too expensive, go pick a cheaper one!” :0 This is amazing. Truly amazing!

So I picked out a Sony Vaio. :3 And she didn’t go “wtf” at the price. And I might go buy a cheap tablet for the hell of it. At least my birthday is this Thursday! It’ll be like I never payed for my own tablet. Haha

Uhhh besides that..Usual updates and stuff to restart next week.

Along with that..cosplay. Trying to finalize everything soon..I was thinking of doing Pop’n Music for AX but I’m not too sure.. I might do Kanoko from Pop 15. I like her. And her..interesting choice of colors. Just like Akyu! Haha

Oh a funny thing happened today. When I was taking my AP Human final I got test number 13. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or not. Lol Cause 3 is my lucky number but I’m not too sure about 13.

OH YEAH. Because of MINA I can’t stop listening to Britney Spears and Nsync. I hate you Mina.

Yeahhh well I should go. I still need to study!



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Eternal Voyage.

cho-cho-cho-chotto matte

mada watashi no shigoto wa owaranai

oh! what a night!

Fuaaa~I’m bored. Haha, what a way to start a post.

But anyways, I’ll be getting my laptop fixed soon, I hope. I really miss the damn thing. :< All my music and…stuff. -cough- other news..We(Me and Mina) have finals next week. I really don’t want to do it. But then again, I say that every year and for the next two and a half years probably. I think..for me, the second day of testing will be the hardest. I have chemistry and ap human on that day. Both of which I hate. Well…Not really? Ilike ap human because it actually deals with modern day stuff and our teacher is pretty cool. Chemistry..what can I say. Crazy teacher, sitting next to Mina, and continuous lulz.

Also, I tend to get Mina in trouble alot. Haha, sorry ’bout that. Mrs.Z, our teacher, just happens to look at the wrong time…All the time. At least I’m not the one who asked her if she knew what Shamwow was. MINA!!! Mina asked Mrs.Z if she knew what a shamwow was. I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean, how often do you ask your teacher something like that.

Uhhh what else. OH YEAH! Vegas trip! I’m so excited~ We’re going for a wedding and my mom said we’d have to go home early cause we have school..but…..I DON’T! According to our school website, we don’t. I don’t know why but okay. Aslong as I’m out of school…I don’t care.  :3 Though somehow, I have a feeling they’ll pile on the homework for whatever reason.

And and cosplay… Arghhh. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited to do them. Because I love Touhou and otome games but…I need them finished in a month. And Akyu. -sigh- Well, I’ve decided what I’m going to do. Because fabric-paint is a big no-no, I’m going to handsew all of the flowers on. ;^; And as for shoes..Lol, damn ZUN for not giving her shoes but I’m going to go for a more traditional look so I’m going to wear zori…Uhm, that’s what they’re called right? Yes, the glossy black ones. To be honest, I like the whole heeled boots thing with traditional clothing but I’m trying to be as realistic as possible. And accurate. I highly doubt Akyu would wear boots.

Ohh I recently picked up a few more otome games. Haha, I really need to stop. I’m never going to finish anything at this rate. But umm yeah, the ones I recently started were “Tokimeki Memorial-Girl’s Side- 1st love”, “Vitamin X Evolution” and “Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!”.

Tokimeki game… I think that game is the best one out the far. I haven’t gotten very far but I’m trying!

Otometeki is…Let’s just say, I wasn’t expecting what I got.

Vitamin X Evolution…To be honest..I didn’t think I’d like this gave very much. But holy shit. I am in love with it. As for seiyuus…Wasn’t expecting what I got here either.

Ono Daisuke! – Sebastiannnnn~ Lol, um he plays..This kid named Kusanagi Hajime. He’s definately not as rude as the other characters but I haven’t played his story yet, so we’ll see.

Suzuki Tatsuhisa! – He plays Makabe Tsukasa, the first guy you meet. Uh he’s like the leader of the pack. Kind of weird with his random english here and there, I think he’s my favorite so far. He kind of reminds me of Rinnousuke. Don’t ask.

Toriumi Kousuke! – Persona3 Junpei! Okay so he plays rude rock band guy whose name is Nanase Shun. Um…I don’t really know much about him yet but he’s rude. Nearly ran me over with his bike when I met him.

Kishio Daisuke! – Detroit Metal City(OVA)’s Negishi! He plays Fumonji Goro…Or Goro-chan as he wants you to call him. He’s the nicest so far. Trap.

Yoshino Hiroyuki! – Gundam ‘s 00 Allelujah! He plays Sendou Kiyoharu. Uhm..He hangs out with Goro-chan alot. Laughs weird. He’s rude too!

Suganuma Hisayoshi – Bleach’s Wonderwice. He plays Madarame Mizuki. There’s not much to say about him. ._. All he’s done is sleep.

….I should go. Ahahaha! Bye~!


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Uchouten Masochistic

..motto..watashi wo…

Hello! Nosukii here! Well, I meant to post these lyrics along with the other ones but…There was one kanji I couldn’t figure out and I just…left it at that. Haha, let me tell you, the internet doesn’t help all the time. 😦 I looked everywhere and couldn’t find that one kanji and then I picked up a book and it was there. Anyways, here’s Hinanai Tenshi’s song from IOSYS’ ‘泡沫天獄’ release at Comiket 75! Here we go~

Uchouten Masochistic

Album: 東方泡沫天獄 [c75]
Arrange: ARM
Production: 夕野ヨシミ
Vocals: miko
Voice: quim
Original: 有頂天変 ~ Wonderful Heaven

Nani wo saretemo ii wa Kimochi ga ii nara
Kanjiru itami subete Amaku hageshiku

Koukai shinai Hansei mo shinai
Yousha nai oshioki ga Imasugu hoshii

Hisou no yorokobi wa tada Osamaru koto mo shirazu ni
Naburare takamari yuku Kirameku uchouten he

Hakoiri musume no WAGAMAMA sanmai Tenko no bousou tomaranai
Angai tenkai kekkou zonzai Mokunin shita mama sawannai
Konya no tenkai Imifu na genkai Masaka no MAJIRESU shinjinai
Honto no jitsuryoku Sore hodo demo nai Jintoku mo nai Mune mo nai

Nani wo sareru ka itsumo Kitai ni tokimeku
Arekuruu keraku ni oborete itai

Gaman wa shinai Shinbou mo shinai
Kono mune no katsubou wo Mitashite hoshii

Hisou no nouryoku wa tada Mikime matoi kiru koto
Hokori wo kizutsukerare Ikari wa uchouten he

Te-te-te-te Tenko
Hinanai Tenko
Futsuu ja Tarinai Tenko
Itai no daisuki Tenko

Te-te-te-te Tenko
Megenai Tenko
DOM de warui ka Tenko
Itaizo tondeke Tenko

Hisou no yorokobi wa tada Osamaru koto mo shirazu ni
Naburare takamari yuku Kirameku uchouten he


That’s all! See you guys later~!


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Shiri Sugi Shoujo Satori

Satori,The girl who knows too much

Um…I think I’m on a roll tonight. ._.;; But anyways, here’s ‘Shiri Sugi Shoujo Satori‘. Lol Weird title is weird.

Shiri Sugi Shoujo Satori


Album: 東方泡沫天獄 [c75]

Arrange: ぼいど
Production: GIGYO
Vocals: あゆ
Original: 少女さとり ~ 3rd eye & ハートフェルトファンシー [ZUN]

Oyobi de naitte anata Sou omoimashita ne?
Hito no kokoro misukashi Sa totte mita nara

Watashi wa Shiri sugite shimmata no sa
Mitsu no me Namida me Yowari me de
Honne ga ne Morete irun desuyo
Mugon demo Tsutawaru Dou demo ii koto ga

Chimi na onnatte anata Sou omoimashita ne?
Minna kimochi da damore Jushin CHANNERU wa
Sono mama

Watashi wa Shiri sugite shimatta no sa
Mitsu no me Namida me Tatari me de
Mou sukoshi Shizuka ni dekinai no?
SUTEREO de urusai Dou demo ii koto wo

Watashi wa Shiri sugita shoujo sa
Mitsu no me Satotte Satoriage
Watashi wa Mou shiritakunai yo
Iwane ga Hana yo ne Dou demo ii koto sa [haa…]


Um well, I wanted to do ‘Dai 2 Maku [ Sono DJ wa Chitei wo Furuwase ]‘ which is track 6 but apparently the booklet doesn’t have the lyrics for it… But yeah makes sense. I wouldn’t really…call it a song. It’s just talking.. Anyways, enjoy the lyrics. And who knows…I might do more later.

EDIT: Also, to those who read this for ikemen updates and stuff. I won’t be doing those for a while. :< Unfortunately. Expect those posts to be re-starting…Maybe the last week of January. 😦 Sorry sorry sorry.


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Moriya Ikka no Gardening Kyoushitsu!

Anyone can garden~

Lol, like I said. XD Here’s a short one! The track right after ‘Heartful Necromancer’, ‘Moriya Ikka no Gardening Kyoushitsu‘!

Moriya Ikka no GARDENING Kyoushitsu


Album: 東方泡沫天獄 [c75]

Arrange: ぼいど+NYO
Production: ひくら
Vocals: 山本椛[monotone],なつみ[Silver Forest],Nano[Silver Forest]
Originals: 東方風神録[神さびた古戦場] & 東方風神録[ネイティブフェイス] {ZUN}

Dare demo dekiru GAADENINGU
Dare demo dekiru kitto ne


Mizu kare genkin desu Tsuchi kawaku mae ni
Ooki me no JOURO de Maiasa ikkai ataemashou

Chotto ayashige na souka  nankamo
KONTENA ni hikari wo atsumereba Hora kantan sodachimasu
Izonshou ni wa makenai de

[*] – If I could only catch what they were saying… 😦


That’s all~! Take care everyone!


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Heartful Necromancer

From hell, it’s a fun place ☆

Ciao! Nosukii again. Bringing more lyrics. This time from IOSYS. AMAZINNNG. Well, it’s amazing because usually somebody else does all the IOSYS stuff before I can even think of it. But I was talking to my brother and I said “Man, they never seem to have any of the songs I want!” and he said “It’s because Touhou fans are lazy”. 😦 So anyways, because I love the wendy’s gir- I mean…Orin, so much…>.> I did her song. Heartful Necromancer! Douzo~!

Heartful Necromancer


Album: 東方泡沫天獄 [c75]
Arrange: ARM
Production: 夕野ヨシミ
Vocals: 3L
Original : 死体旅行~Be of good cheer![ZUN]

Tsuki mo mienu Chitei no yami ni Ugomeku wa
NEKOROMANSAA ikiteru shitai Ayatsuri odoru

Tamashii choudai na no yo Yuuwaku furi kirenai no sa

Yomigaeru Haka no shita kara Ima tsugi tsugi to
Jigoku ni wa Ikasete agenai

Hora kokoro ubau yo Saa koi kogare
Kawairashii Atai ni horenai yo

Kawari ni oinochi wo Itadaku kedo

Yakedo suru yo Chitei no netsu ni Aterarete
Kon ga rito ne Shitai ni nareba Hakobu no suki sa

Tamashii fuwafuwa na no yo Shirokute toumei mumimushuu

Yomigaeru Shinda soba kara Sugu boroboro to
Jigoku yori Tanoshii tokoro yo

Hora Kaen no kuruma Yarekoro ga shite
Ikita mama Moyashite ageru wa

Soutou oatsui no Suki nandeshou

Yomigaeru Haka no shita kara Sou nan do demo
Jigoku yori SABIISU ii wa yo

Hora Hari no yama ni mo Nee hadashi de sa
Kenkou ni Ii kara Osusume

Odai wa okaeri ni Itadaku kedo


If anything is wrong with it, let me know! There were alot of first time use kanji for me…so..yeah. Also, that word “mumimushuu” sounds funny. XD Lol, try saying it 10x.

ANNNNNNDDDD because I’m bored…I’ll probably post again with more IOSYS… 🙂 Just some short stuff.

Till then,


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Take to Lips.

Keine-san, good evening!

Da da da dan! Nosukii here again bringing more lyrics! Somehow with my laptop now dead for a while, I’ve had the time for more lyrics. This time from INNOCENT KEY’s new album release ‘東方楼蘭’.  And the song is ‘Take to Lips’!  Here we go~!

Take to Lips

Innocent Key

Album: 東方楼蘭 [c75]
Lyrics:しゃばだば(Sound CYCLONE)、
Arrange:しゃばだば(Sound CYCLONE)
Vocals:℃iel 大瀬良あい しゃばだばと愉快な仲間たち

Original:竹取飛翔 ~Lunatic Princess[ZUN]

Koyoi tsuki akari no shita
Utage wa korekara sa Feel so good
Sora ni ukabu otsuki-sama
MIRRORBALL ni kawaru

[Ah~ nanka omoshiroi koto nai kashira?
Eientei de daradara suru no mo akitashi
INABA ijiru no mo MANNERI* dashi…
Sou da, itsumo sumashiteru KEINE ijiru no to ka dou kana!
Kyou wa mangetsu no yoru dashi, hen na kakkou shiteru darou shi, ufufu

Yaa, KEINE-san konbanwa
Koyoi wa ikaga osugoshi desuka
Keisan wa tattemasu ka?
Rekishi hensan kaizan no sandan wa
Sanzan mayotte mitatte mo
Dandan tamatteku History
Hisoka ni HISU okoshiteru hima ga attara
WATASHI ni tsuki ainasai!]

Dance all night
Odori akasou
Through the night
Yoru ga akeru made

Dance all night
Odori akasou
Through the night
Yoru ga akeru made

[Cho-cho-cho-chotto matte
Mada watashi no shigoto wa owaranai
Oh! What a night!
Nante itterannai
Tomaranai jikan Asa made taikyuu KOSU
Mouzen to henshuu Henshuu ni tsugi henshuu
And you
Anjuu no jikan mezashite Keep on
Dakara onegai Jama shinaide! Mou!]

Koyoi tsuki akari no shita
Utage wa korekara sa Feel so good
Sora ni ukabu otsuki-sama
MIRRORBALL ni kawaru

[Sonna koto itte ikoji ni natte ikimeki datte hitsuyou nanjanai?]
[..che, sono te ni wa noran! Norari kurari NORI bakari de
Gori akashiteru hima wa nai]
[Sou na no?]
[Sou da yo!]
[Sono wari ni WATASHI to hanashiteru kedo?]
[iijanai! Koko made kitara ii wake nashi!]

KURA to kuru tsukiyo ni
Clap your hands everybody!
One time! Two times!
Ooki na koe hari agete minna Say WOOOO![WOOOO!]
Yoru ni yotte shimaeba iinjanai?
Kirikiri nai?
Kiri nai, Imi nai, Oshimondou shuuryou Saa,odori akasou

Dance all night
Odori akasou
Through the night
Yoru ga akeru made

Dance all night
Odori akasou
Through the night
Yoru ga akeru made

Koyoi tsuki akari no shita
Utage wa korekara sa Feel so good
Sora ni ukabu otsuki-sama
MIRRORBALL ni kawaru

Koyoi tsuki akari no shita
Utage wa korekara sa Feel so good
Sora ni ukabu otsuki-sama
MIRRORBALL ni kawaru

NOTES: * – Manneri = Mannerisms


That’s all for lyrics!

But one thing. About a month ago I joined a cosplay group ( ). And I didn’t bother to tell my mom because..Well, she’s just not very trusting of the people I hang out with. She made me cry last time. SOOOOO…yeah. But my group was planning on going fabric shopping today and I couldn’t exactly use the same excuse that I’m going to my dad’s house. So indirectly, I told my mom that I was in a cosplay group. And oddly enough, she didn’t get mad. Usually it’d be “what! Who are they? How old are they? How do you know them? NOO!! D:<” but not this time. I was weirded out of course.

And then the pictures from ALA09. I don’t show those to her either because she’d question who’s in the picture and get all these crazy ideas[ she sure did last time, she thought I was dating one of my friends >.>]. …Not this time. My aunt had seen my pictures and asked who was in ’em[Lisu] and I was expecting my mom to go “OMFG A GUY!? WTF WHO IS HE!?”. You know, get all suspicious and MAKE ME CRY AGAIN. But no. Nothing. It was amazing. I couldn’t believe it.

It’s just that, she questions the people I hang out with all the time  and she’s quick to judge. So hanging out with friends = she has to know EVERYTHING. If she doesn’t know the people, I can’t go. So for her to be so okay with my cosplay group[people she’s never met] and omg friends who are guys[more people she’s never met!]..It’s a bit weird. I’m not complaining though. I’m glad she’s trusting me more. :3

In other news. My mom also wants my cousin to transfer to my school once she’s settled in. :/ Mm, that could get a bit awkward. We’re kind of on that level where it’s like “if you don’t bother me, I won’t bother you” kinda thing. Though my mom still insists we should be “BESUTO FURENZUUU!!!!!”. Haha.

Other than that…MY BIRTHDAY IS SOON! Jan 29th. And I have no plans. Whatsoever. Another lame-o birthday in which I do nothing. :/ Which is kinda sad, seeing as I turn 16 this year. Oh well. At least I can go fabric shopping the day after >.>

Other other news…Um, well. Update post on idols and stuff should be coming up soon? Sometime soon. Haha.

Until then,


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