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leaving nothing, freely speed up

landing, stepping, jumping jumper.

Hello! Nosukii here. I’m really really really sorry I haven’t been updating. ;_; ALOT of things came up and blogging was unfortunately the last thing on my mind. But, I’ve made some time right now so….Let’s get started! Also, this is going to be an EXTREMELY long post because it contains a  Tenimyu review. So if you’d prefer not to read it then skip down to the tl;dr version, ok?

{b e g i n}

Katou Ryousuke will be in the stage play [K]. Which also has Ookawa Genki, TAKUYA, and Hayashi Shuji.

– At the beginning of 2009, a new play entitled “Ayakashi Kitan” will begin! This is a production by Daiki of *pnish* if I’m not mistaken. Katou Ryousuke will be in this. As for the rest of the cast…I have no idea(yet lol).

Shiozaki Airu will be in a stage play called “Harutoo(?) Karazu”. I’m not too sure on the title, sorry.

– Ookawa Genki will be in a program called [Panic 4 Rooms] I’m not too sure on what this is about but from what the picture on the OHP is…Genki has the lead. Link here: http://www.p4r.jp/

– Beat Rock Love! Here’s a new awesome picture of Araki:


Holyshit! Everytime I see Araki all dolled up like a jrocker, I can’t help but fangirl a little! He pulls it off so well!

– There will be a CD release in Feb.2009 of Beat Rock Love‘s leading guys’ band [LOVE DIVING]. The DVD for this movie is also rumored to be released in March of 2009. (Fuck I must have them both XD)

{e n d}


Subject change! Okaay! Well, I was planning on posting a review on ‘Musical Tennis no Oujisama: The Imperial Presence Hyoutei Gakuen feat. Higachuu‘ way back when, but I posted about ‘<<a>>symmetry’ instead and it got crazy long. So here’s my kind-of wonky review on Hyouteimyu. XD


Well… 4th cast is 4th cast. Hyoutei Cast A though. Mm, I wasn’t expecting anything great. I mean, Hyoutei’s first cast(original forevvverrr) was the best yet. But, I was pretty surprised. Half the cast was still the same(Jirou, Gakuto, Kabaji, Hiyoshi and Shishido). The new guys, Kubota Yuki(Atobe), Shintarou Akiyama(Oshitari), and Seto Yuusuke(Choutarou) were all pretty..good.

Kubota Yuki…Baby, you need to eat a sammich. Face on, he looks fine. But from the side his cheeks are so…I don’t know what to call it. Like he needs to puff out his cheeks or something. BUT, looks aside, his singing is pretty good. Not as awesome as Kazuki’s but it’s good. I LOVE LOVE LOVE his song “Koori no Sekai”. It’s just…so good. Shintarou…Hm, where should I start. His movements…are a bit stiff. You can tell during his song “Poker Face Fighter/Active Volcano”. :/ Hi singing is good too, though his voice doesn’t really fit Oshitari’s deep Kansai accented voice. Lol Yuusuke…Mm…Kouji will always be the best. Yuusuke doesn’t really have…the innocent look? But his singing is good. He just doesn’t really fit Chouta’s part.


I absolutely loved Fuji’s song “Heavy Rain”. Yuuta sings it well. Extremely well. Unfortunately, as much as I love Aibacchi…He doesn’t. -cough- I heard his version of “Heavy Rain” and..Well, I wasn’t very pleased with it. And also, in this song Atobe sings parts of it. In B Cast version…Jesus fuck, what the hell? B-Cast Atobe = what. His voice. djhksdghksl I cannot stand it at ALL. Not only does he not have the looks…His voice is just…off. D: I’m sorry, but that’s what I think. “Koori no Sekai”, “Ore wa Moeru”, and “Tie Break” = LOVE. I liked those 3 songs and how they all came after each other. 😀 I thought Shougo(Ryoma) was a bit stiff in the beginning when 4th cast Seigaku first debuted but he’s really improved since then. ;D “Sekkachi” <333 Love love love this song! SO MUCH. Especially since Ryuunosuke is in it. lol Best Hiyoshi ever. I like how upbeat the song is. Makes you wanna dance..or something.

As for the rest of the songs, they’re all really good too! All new songs apart from F.G.K.S.


Subject change! …Again. Haha, well recently I saw capsule perform ‘Jumper’ on TV…and I really liked it. So I went and found the entire album entitled ‘MORE!MORE!MORE!’. Needless to say..It was really good. My favorites from the CD are “More More More”, “Jumper”, “The Mutations of Life”, “Adventure”, and “e.d.i.t.”. ;D I suggest giving them a try. Good electro/picopop stuff. Here’s the PV for Jumper, just in case one of you readers wanna give them a try:

And with that, I’ll take my leave. Actually, here’s a quick update on what I’M doing:

– LOLOLOL I BOUGHT A YUKKURI SHITE ITE NE PLUSHIE(when it first got released so it was cheaper~).

– I am currently playing:

+Tennis no Oujisama : Driving Smash! Side King

+Tennis no Oujisama : Driving Smash! Side Genius

+Hiiro no Kakera

+Hoshizora no Comic Garden

…That’s all. If you wanna know anything about those games, drop a comment and I’ll…I don’t know, review it for you or something. XD

tl;dr – I do my usual updates, talk about Hyouteimyu, capsule’s new CD, and a few updates on myself.

Until next time,



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