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You’re a spider

And I’m caught.

I love this song. Well, where the lyrics are from XD It’s Spider from ‘capsule’, they are awesome~! Anyways, it’s nearing 3 in the morning but I felt like making an update post. Some interesting things I guess. So, let’s get to it!

i n t r o ; ; ;

Ookawa Genki, Hayashi Shuji, TAKUYA, and Yagami Ren will be in a…urm..Stage play? I think so. Yeah. It’s titled [K]. Haha, Shuji says he’s glad Genki and TAKUYA are going to be with him. 😀

Itazura na Kiss started! All the luck to Katou Ryouske and Yagami Ren on this one! Though in the cast list on the OHP, Kazunori Tani is listed there…Hmmm…

– The fittings for Hiiro no Kakera were a few days ago and you can go check out some of their outfits on Kawakubo Yuuki’s blog! He’s looking really good….I wonder how Tani looks in his uniform lol

– FINALLY. Something on [Beat Rock ★Love]!!! Well for those who haven’t seen Araki’s blog, he posted a picture of his new hair, which is lighter, and his cute VK makeup. LOL Oh man, I’d so hit it. Here’s a picture:


❤ As for the rest of the cast members…Nothing. :< I checked all their blogs and there’s no other updates. Kento doesn’t even have a PC blog (mobile only right?).

– Oh god I lol’d so hard but um…Wada Masato(Tenimyu’s Sengoku) will be a guest in the jdrama ‘GIRAGIRA’ in episodes 7 and 8. As a host of course. Here’s 2 pictures:



Okay here’s the other one:


Little more serious. XD

o u t r o ; ; ;

[THIS PART CONTAINS SPOILERS ON <<a>>symmetry] !!!!!Skip to the end for a quick post recap!!!!!!

That’s all! Uh, well I watched <<a>>symmetry which had Hirofumi Araki and Wada Masato. And well…I liked it at first but the ending was quite disappointing. Here’s the movie me. XD

Hokuto(Wada) and Shin(ichirou)(Araki) were high-school friends who were both photographers. One day they both decide to join a photo competition but Hokuto doesn’t really want to do it, cause he thinks its pointless. But they do it anyways. Shin likes Hokuto but he doesn’t tell him so Shin gets really jealous when Hokuto ends up winning the competition…and also the attention of the girls. The next day, Hokuto finds his winning picture ripped off of the bulletin board and shredded and the blame is automatically put on Shin. When Shin gets confronted about it, they have a huge argument and Shin throws his camera, breaking it.

Uhh from there…Shin leaves for America suddenly and Hokuto never sees him again. But, before Shin left, he met Hokuto once more on the rooftop of the school…giving him a kiss.

SKIP TO A FEW YEARS LATER!!! Hokuto’s girlfriend(who I hate) is in the hospital and one day when he visits, he gets to meet her doctor…Which is Shin(I’m sure bricks were shat). Of course it’s awkward and they try to stay away from each other as much as possible. Eventually, Hokuto asks Shin to some ramen just for old times sake. And from there….Shin takes Hokuto to….a gay bar. I bet you were expecting me to say his house. LOL Nope, he takes him to a gay bar. Needless to say, Hokuto’s pretty surprised when Shin confesses that he’s gay. More awkwardness for Hokuto.

Then, right before Hokuto’s girlfriend’s surgery he gives her a ring. That eventually Shin finds and takes. When she finds it missing, she’s obviously saddened about it(don’t really care lol) but Hokuto tells her its okay. Hokuto then pays Shin a visit at his home, only to find him sick in bed. He also finds his girlfriend’s missing ring. Ohhh drama.

Hokuto then confronts him about the ring and asks him why he has it. Shin starts crying(I almost did too ;^;) and starts yelling, saying stuff like “Shut up! I’m a doctor and what do YOU do?!” “I always wanted to forget you but why’d you have to come before me again…” and it gets really sad. :< Hokuto doesn’t say anything else and just leaves.

The next day, Hokuto’s boss(?)/co-worker(?) asks him to help with a story he’s going to be doing.(forgot to mention that Hokuto works at a magazine company). The story is something about the gay bar that Hokuto went to with Shin. The story ends up being published which causes problems for the bar. Skip a few scenes and it comes to a scene of Hokuto and an old high school friend of his and Shins’. Hokuto finds out that he was the one who ripped it and not Shin. :O SURPRISSSSEEE!

So then, I think from this point on…It kind of got confusing for me. Kinda. But anyways, Hokuto’s girlfriend goes to Hokuto’s house telling him that Shin’s going to transfer to a different hospital and she tried to give him his ring back but he tells her to keep it. Then Hokuto goes to the hospital to see Shin and they meet on the rooftop. Shin says he thought about taking up photography again and Hokuto changes the subject and asks him not to go. Shin doesn’t…say anything and in the end..He just…leaves. I don’t know if he leaves to go to another hospital or..just…goes back to work. O.o

That’s the part I hate. What is with these damn BL movies/dramas and their shitty endings!?

I mean, BoysLove 1 = Takumi dies, BoysLove2 = Yuuki dies/Atsumi is in a wheelchair, Renai Shindan Arc 1 = Tomo is beat up so bad he’s in a wheelchair, Renai Shindan Arc 3 = Ryuunosuke dies, and Kindan no Koi = Ryousuke dies. STOP DYINGGGGGGGG~!

The only good ends were..Takumi-kun series and Ai no Kotodama…I think that’s all.

._.;; No more bad ends pleaseeeeee~!

Well, this post is long enough. XD It’s now 4AM so I’m going to bed. Night everyone~!

tl;dr – I update and I post summary of <<a>>symmetry and bitch about BL movies.



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