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November 21, 2008 at 12:26 am 1 comment

Hora, koko ni iru yo.

We’re not dead yet! ;D Yeah it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, or Mina at that but we’ve been…busy, at the least. I was going to blog last week but…Well, I got lazy and had more on my hands than I thought.

I usually do updates on my posts but I’ll make a separate post on the weekend, so look for it then! I just wanted to say thank you to all our readers because we’ve hit over 4,000 views! I know my posts kind of get boring, and I’m sorry. ._.;; But thanks for those who like it..or something. I try to post as much info that isn’t covered yet, just so that people can get new info on their favorite people. I guess if there’s a Tenimyu/Dear Boys/Airmyu/etc. boy you want updates on, I can take requests? I know there’s alot of hardly know/hardly liked guys out there so..Feel free to request. I can take jrockers too I guess. Lol

Besides that, I’ve been working on my Parsee Mizuhashi cosplay. I went to Fashion District and got some fabric a few weeks ago and I’ve been working on it slowly since then. Haha, actually I’ve only worked on it about 3-4 times and I’m nearly done drafting all the pieces. Haven’t really sewn it together since I’m waiting on doing the collar’s criss-cross design. Other than that, I’ve pretty much made the entire outfit. ;D

Hmm…I really want ‘Magdalena Maria: Maria-san’s Mad Apple Tea Party’ DVD when it comes out next year.Magdalena Musical is about a prostitute who manages a brothel and wants to bring it to Japan. It’s actually an all male cast so… :>It has some of the boys from the Airgearmyu like Tsudaken(Spitfire), KENN(Kazu), Shuugo(Agito/Akito), and Kousuke(1st run:Hamlet/2nd Run:Romeo). The leading man, Yuzawa Kouichirou, who also wrote the scripts/songs and also took the photos for the phamplet and photosets, was Kaito from Airmyu. He was also in Dear Boys if I remember correctly…Saitou Yasuka, who plays Rin from Higachuu is in this too. Aswell as, ‘Fuuki’ or Fujiwara Yuuki who played Kamio Akira from Fudomine. Lol, it must’ve been interesting.Yasuka actually gets paired with Shuugo. And KENN with Kousuke.

You know, I always though Yuzawa Kouichirou was kind of weird. Just from seeing him in Airmyu and Dear Boys…and in the backstages…Yeah. But he’s, I guess. His photography skills are pretty damn good and he has alot of pictures in his blog. I didn’t know but he’s friends with Kujirai Kousuke. :0 I guess since Dearmyu huh? -nods-

Other than that…I wish school would die. That’s all. 😀

Until next time!



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HYSTRiC HONEY. Scarlet Blast.

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