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negai wa ima kono sora ni…

Yay SuG songs/lyrics. Lol, yeah…good stuff. Anyways, finally an update! I’ll try to do this once a week so that everything is updated but if I forget…woops! Haha, well…Let’s get started shall we?


Beat Rock★Love ; It has begun!! ;D Since none of the cast members BESIDES Araki-kun have updated about the movie so far, I suggest taking a look every now and then at his blog. According to Araki’s blog they had a meeting on 11/8! Also, Araki says that he’s going to have to dye his hair lighter for his part..Mm…Makes me curious. I just imagined Araki with blonde hair and various other hair colors. XD I wonder about Genki, Renn, and Kento-kun? -imagines them with vk-ish hair- nfu~

– Airu and Shunri have started practice for Rhythmic Town! :0

– Practice has also started for Itazura na Kiss which has Katou Ryousuke and Yagami Ren

– Kujirai Kousuke and Hirata Yuuichirou recently met for an event…Haha, Kaidou meets Kaidou. X3

– Nakamura Yuichi went to…NEW YORK?! O.O Yeah, so says his blog. He has pictures and stuff…Anybody know if there’s a reason for going?

– …Zukki looks hot in a suit. ❤

– It’s Ohkuchi Kengo’s birthday today! 11/9! Happy birthday Kengo-kun~!

– There’s going to be a..um..magazine/dvd release tomorrow called ‘VISUALBOY BRUSH‘ and people like Takumi Saitou, JURI, Kiriyama Renn, and Ookawa Genki will be in it…Damn I want it.

– OH OH OH OH!!! According to yesasia.com, the release for Cafe Daikanyama 2 Making-of DVD will be released on Jan. 23rd 2009(six days before my birthday!). Mmm, that would make a great birthday present! I hope the internet isn’t lying to me~

– The official site for the musical “Hiiro no Kakera” which has Kawakubo Yuuki and Kazunori Tani, has finally been put up! http://www.otomate.jp/hiiro_musical/

– Oh shiiiiittt! Kazunori Tani is looking….hot! I mean, he was pretty good looking in BOYS LOVE 2 but…He grew out his hair!


I almost didn’t recognize him at first! ❤


And that’s all for updates! It’ll be edited if otherwise~

In other news, my life is going to start sucking ass. I have this cousin and she’s very…well, let me put it this way. We’re complete opposites. I’m kind of nerdy…okay, really nerdy and dorky and kind of tsundere-like(so says my friends) and I cosplay and I’m kind of tomboy-ish and I like musicals and plays and I like learning….And she’s…so…materialistic! She rather shop than go to school, she’s that type of girl who wears short skirts/shorts in the middle of winter and takes 300+ pictures of herself and uploads ALL of them to her website. Trust me, I’ve seen it. And for god’s sake she used that stupid ‘blingie’ shit. FUCK.

And the who point of that was…She’s going to be living with me. FOR A YEAR. And my mother says I have to share my room with her! HOW IS THIS GOING TO WORK?! I might have to kill her. ;^; Erin Erin Tasukete Erin~

I was dreading the second my mom told me the news cause I overheard her and my grandpa talking about it..Damn it, I just had to get the annoying one. I bet she’d go through my shit the second I left the room. I BET. She’s just that nosy. And I have all my figurines and posters and things that I treasure most in here…If she even touches a single possession of mine…I hate it when people touch my things without asking me first. I just completely hate it with a passion. Once, a friend of mine drew a smiley in my planner without asking and I yelled at her. That’s how bad it is. Mina says I have OCD.

It’s the only thing on my mind right now. Because she’s coming here in Dec. I mean, I know my mom’s happy because she gets to see her sister and all that stuff. But..man, DOOUUUSHHIITTEEEE~? I get to get out of the house more, sure great, but…..-sigh- A friend of mine asked me if we ever got along. And I realized that..we never did. Even when we were little, we pretty much hated each other. I tried being nice to her last time I saw her but she didn’t even cooperate with me.

:< Other than that, I don’t have school on Tuesday so I’m going shopping for some cosplay stuff.

EDIT: oh yeah. I dyed my hair. Here’s an awesomely shopped picture of me:


Well…If you’ve seen me cosplay, then you should already know what my face looks like. XD This picture makes my hair look 10x crazier. :< It’s not really that bright…


I’ll see you guys later~!



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Fighting Evil By Moonlight, Winning Love By Daylight Violet Spectrology.

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