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November 2, 2008 at 8:40 pm 2 comments

baka ga miru.

Hello! ;D Nosukii here with an UPDATE post~! And I made some icons so those will be at the end of the post mmk?! Yeah! Ok let’s start!

Ikemen go~!:

– Hirofumi Araki’s movie with SuG’s Takeru is finally confirmed! Aswell as the rest of the cast! WHICH INCLUDES: Ookawa Genki, Ono Kento and Kiriyama Renn! …And some girl I don’t care about! The title for the movie which will be released in 2009 is “Beat Rock ★Love”. I am so excited for this! ;D Genki sure is getting together with those jrockers. ❤

– Ohkuchi Kengo was in a recent drama called “Mendol”! Um, I watched some of it and I got a little…scared? Well, lets just say they’re not afraid to show boobs and very suggestive things…Well, fanservice is always good right?

– GIRAGIRA had finally started! It’s a pretty good drama in my opinion. Yuki Jutta and Igarashi Shunji are in this. Also! In one of the episodes, Matsumoto Hiroya is in it! He doesn’t really play a huge role or anything, I just happened to see him standing in the back. XD

– The practice for [MURAISM] has also started! This performance will feature YOH and Nemoto Masakazu(previously in JackJack with Katou Ryousuke).

– YOH!!! He got a haircut! :0 Oh my god~ Tachibana-buchoouuuuu~ Lol

– Juri…um…I THINK he dressed up for Halloween. I don’t know. There’s a scary picture of himself in his blog with some really funny face make-up. XD Lol At Least he’s spirited?

– The filming for ‘2 STEPS!’ has started~! Yay!!! More dancing I’m sure.

– Takagi Shinpei/Manpei’s birthday was last month! D’aaww you…cute twins you… ❤


That’s all! 🙂 And as for me…Well, it was Halloween! And I dressed up as Haruhiko. Haha, pretty cheap costume if you ask me but hey…It was the only thing I could think of! And the jacket only cost me $6.. XD Just fixed it up myself.

But my Halloween kind of sucked too. I went to a restaurant with Mina and some guy friends from school and I couldn’t get any signal on my phone inside the restaurant. So I didn’t get any calls or texts. And then I finally got signal and I had voice mails but no missed calls from my mom. So I called back and she started yelling at me. …yeah. She yelled at me when we got home too. She said I was lying and “omg who were those people!? Don’t lie to me!!”. And she accused me of turning my phone off( anybody that knows me, knows that I NEVER ever have my phone off) and stuff like that. I was ready to bite her head off! Why would I lie!! If she told me not to do it, why would I do it!? God, can’t she have more damn trust in me!? So I got to the point where I actually started crying. And I did. Right in front of Mina. >.>

She got mad at me the day before too. We were at my uncle’s house for a party and..well, mind the rest of you readers that aren’t students anymore, I go to school from 7:30AM to 3:00PM. So…I was really tired. Especially with a Chem and AP Human test on the same day. So it was about 10:30PM already and with Halloween the next day, I had alot to do when I got home. Clean my room since Mina was coming over, bake cupcakes for Halloween, do homework, finish my costume, etc. So I started getting all light headed and I felt like I was going to pass out from tiredness. But no. My mom thought I was complaining and started yelling at me. =_= Needless to say, it just made me even more angry and tired. I almost cried.

Man, I’m such a cry baby. XD If I get too stressed out I’ll start crying. Now with comps(finals) coming up this week, let’s hope I won’t cry anymore…

Oh one last thing before the icons. I started watching…Bloody Monday! WOOOO! It’s so good! Go watch it! ;D it’s about this high school kid who’s a hacker and his code name is “Falcon”. He works with the police and stuff. Gyaaa~ So good. I can’t wait for the next episode. Sato Takeru is in this aswell. It’s actually a manga…Which I started reading. Haha…

And finally, the icons. God I am such a noob at this. :< I just got bored and downloaded like 9032752905702 new brushes and gradients and I wanted to try them out…so…yeah. ;D

[Ikemen & Touhou] ; ; ;

Yeah there’s more Touhou than anything else but…eh. I think my favorite is the Cirno one with the 9’s. XD I managed to download some brushes with that ‘9’ and it just screamed for a Cirno icon. 😀 Um alot of them are the same, I know. The only difference is the gradients or something…Blargh. Well, if you use them, I don’t really mind…Just don’t claim them as your own and I’m good. ❤

That’s all for now!

EDIT: added one more icon! ❤



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Eternity. I Don’t Blame You For Being You, But You Can’t Blame Me For Hating Him

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  • 1. Charleett  |  November 3, 2008 at 10:38 pm

    “Hirofumi Araki’s movie with SuG’s Takeru […] and Kiriyama Renn! …And some girl I don’t care about!”

    Haha! That was almost exactly my reaction too XD

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