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Funk Love.

You’re a spider

And I’m caught.

I love this song. Well, where the lyrics are from XD It’s Spider from ‘capsule’, they are awesome~! Anyways, it’s nearing 3 in the morning but I felt like making an update post. Some interesting things I guess. So, let’s get to it!

i n t r o ; ; ;

Ookawa Genki, Hayashi Shuji, TAKUYA, and Yagami Ren will be in a…urm..Stage play? I think so. Yeah. It’s titled [K]. Haha, Shuji says he’s glad Genki and TAKUYA are going to be with him. 😀

Itazura na Kiss started! All the luck to Katou Ryouske and Yagami Ren on this one! Though in the cast list on the OHP, Kazunori Tani is listed there…Hmmm…

– The fittings for Hiiro no Kakera were a few days ago and you can go check out some of their outfits on Kawakubo Yuuki’s blog! He’s looking really good….I wonder how Tani looks in his uniform lol

– FINALLY. Something on [Beat Rock ★Love]!!! Well for those who haven’t seen Araki’s blog, he posted a picture of his new hair, which is lighter, and his cute VK makeup. LOL Oh man, I’d so hit it. Here’s a picture:


❤ As for the rest of the cast members…Nothing. :< I checked all their blogs and there’s no other updates. Kento doesn’t even have a PC blog (mobile only right?).

– Oh god I lol’d so hard but um…Wada Masato(Tenimyu’s Sengoku) will be a guest in the jdrama ‘GIRAGIRA’ in episodes 7 and 8. As a host of course. Here’s 2 pictures:



Okay here’s the other one:


Little more serious. XD

o u t r o ; ; ;

[THIS PART CONTAINS SPOILERS ON <<a>>symmetry] !!!!!Skip to the end for a quick post recap!!!!!!

That’s all! Uh, well I watched <<a>>symmetry which had Hirofumi Araki and Wada Masato. And well…I liked it at first but the ending was quite disappointing. Here’s the movie me. XD

Hokuto(Wada) and Shin(ichirou)(Araki) were high-school friends who were both photographers. One day they both decide to join a photo competition but Hokuto doesn’t really want to do it, cause he thinks its pointless. But they do it anyways. Shin likes Hokuto but he doesn’t tell him so Shin gets really jealous when Hokuto ends up winning the competition…and also the attention of the girls. The next day, Hokuto finds his winning picture ripped off of the bulletin board and shredded and the blame is automatically put on Shin. When Shin gets confronted about it, they have a huge argument and Shin throws his camera, breaking it.

Uhh from there…Shin leaves for America suddenly and Hokuto never sees him again. But, before Shin left, he met Hokuto once more on the rooftop of the school…giving him a kiss.

SKIP TO A FEW YEARS LATER!!! Hokuto’s girlfriend(who I hate) is in the hospital and one day when he visits, he gets to meet her doctor…Which is Shin(I’m sure bricks were shat). Of course it’s awkward and they try to stay away from each other as much as possible. Eventually, Hokuto asks Shin to some ramen just for old times sake. And from there….Shin takes Hokuto to….a gay bar. I bet you were expecting me to say his house. LOL Nope, he takes him to a gay bar. Needless to say, Hokuto’s pretty surprised when Shin confesses that he’s gay. More awkwardness for Hokuto.

Then, right before Hokuto’s girlfriend’s surgery he gives her a ring. That eventually Shin finds and takes. When she finds it missing, she’s obviously saddened about it(don’t really care lol) but Hokuto tells her its okay. Hokuto then pays Shin a visit at his home, only to find him sick in bed. He also finds his girlfriend’s missing ring. Ohhh drama.

Hokuto then confronts him about the ring and asks him why he has it. Shin starts crying(I almost did too ;^;) and starts yelling, saying stuff like “Shut up! I’m a doctor and what do YOU do?!” “I always wanted to forget you but why’d you have to come before me again…” and it gets really sad. :< Hokuto doesn’t say anything else and just leaves.

The next day, Hokuto’s boss(?)/co-worker(?) asks him to help with a story he’s going to be doing.(forgot to mention that Hokuto works at a magazine company). The story is something about the gay bar that Hokuto went to with Shin. The story ends up being published which causes problems for the bar. Skip a few scenes and it comes to a scene of Hokuto and an old high school friend of his and Shins’. Hokuto finds out that he was the one who ripped it and not Shin. :O SURPRISSSSEEE!

So then, I think from this point on…It kind of got confusing for me. Kinda. But anyways, Hokuto’s girlfriend goes to Hokuto’s house telling him that Shin’s going to transfer to a different hospital and she tried to give him his ring back but he tells her to keep it. Then Hokuto goes to the hospital to see Shin and they meet on the rooftop. Shin says he thought about taking up photography again and Hokuto changes the subject and asks him not to go. Shin doesn’t…say anything and in the end..He just…leaves. I don’t know if he leaves to go to another hospital or..just…goes back to work. O.o

That’s the part I hate. What is with these damn BL movies/dramas and their shitty endings!?

I mean, BoysLove 1 = Takumi dies, BoysLove2 = Yuuki dies/Atsumi is in a wheelchair, Renai Shindan Arc 1 = Tomo is beat up so bad he’s in a wheelchair, Renai Shindan Arc 3 = Ryuunosuke dies, and Kindan no Koi = Ryousuke dies. STOP DYINGGGGGGGG~!

The only good ends were..Takumi-kun series and Ai no Kotodama…I think that’s all.

._.;; No more bad ends pleaseeeeee~!

Well, this post is long enough. XD It’s now 4AM so I’m going to bed. Night everyone~!

tl;dr – I update and I post summary of <<a>>symmetry and bitch about BL movies.



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Scarlet Blast.

Kampai Je T’aime.

Hellloooo! Nosukii here with an update post, like I said I would do. ;^; Sorry for lack of updates and stuff. Been busy and stuff. But enough of that, here’s some updates!

Hajimete ; ; ;

– For those who haven’t checked out Nagayama Takashi‘s blog in the past few days…IT’S CHANGED. He now has an ameblo account and here is the link :

Kiriyama Renn will be releasing a new DVD “Private Journey in Vietnam”. No official release date as of yet, I think.

– The photoshoots for the play/musical(?) BARAGAKI were today 11/23. Um, not too sure about the casting for this but I know for sure JURI and Nemoto Masakazu.

– Juri, Masakazu and Seijirou Nakamura will also be in a short film from Wild Strawberry.

– And this isn’t really an update or anything, I just thought it was cute. AIRU posted a blog 11/22 saying Happy Birthday to Dabide! D’aaaww, ain’t that cute. He remembered! ❤

– Also not an update but in Genki‘s blog he did Kamina fanart 😀 ❤

– And this is a funny picture :


God, I don’t understand why they put Ba-chon with Daniel. >.> It just makes such a weird combo. But I’ll admit, I’d buy whatever the fuck they’re selling. LOL

Owari ; ; ;

Haha, well that’s all I’ve got right now. I was hoping on finding more on Beat Rock Love but no luck. :< Even Takeru, who blogs very often hasn’t posted anything about it. Oh well

In other news, I’m going to be moving soon :O And I get to paint my room purple. Yay! I’m kind of wanting to go for a more…EGL kind of room. Just in terms of furniture and stuff. I think a sweet lolita themed room would be a little for me. I love it though. XD

…I just saw the cutest phone ever D:


Oh god, so want! The purple one to the left. HNNNNGGGGGGG ;^; Damn you Japan. hate you…SO MUCH. Lol

I can’t wait to change my phone(motorola e6). :/ I’ve had it for 2 years now, compared to when I usually change it once a year. I’m going to go for a flip phone this time. Just cause…I like them. :B

Uh other than that…I’ve been using my CURE account more lately. I find it amusing that you can have a fanclub XD Lol, I don’t know..But I activated mine. I couldn’t get creative so I took Mitsuyoshi Shinoda’s fanclub name. Err..yeah.

And that’s all. Oh does anybody know any website that sells accessories that are kind of EGL-esque? Or Sweet loli-esque? I’m really craving some cute new accessories. >.>

Until next time!


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Violet Spectrology.

Hora, koko ni iru yo.

We’re not dead yet! ;D Yeah it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, or Mina at that but we’ve been…busy, at the least. I was going to blog last week but…Well, I got lazy and had more on my hands than I thought.

I usually do updates on my posts but I’ll make a separate post on the weekend, so look for it then! I just wanted to say thank you to all our readers because we’ve hit over 4,000 views! I know my posts kind of get boring, and I’m sorry. ._.;; But thanks for those who like it..or something. I try to post as much info that isn’t covered yet, just so that people can get new info on their favorite people. I guess if there’s a Tenimyu/Dear Boys/Airmyu/etc. boy you want updates on, I can take requests? I know there’s alot of hardly know/hardly liked guys out there so..Feel free to request. I can take jrockers too I guess. Lol

Besides that, I’ve been working on my Parsee Mizuhashi cosplay. I went to Fashion District and got some fabric a few weeks ago and I’ve been working on it slowly since then. Haha, actually I’ve only worked on it about 3-4 times and I’m nearly done drafting all the pieces. Haven’t really sewn it together since I’m waiting on doing the collar’s criss-cross design. Other than that, I’ve pretty much made the entire outfit. ;D

Hmm…I really want ‘Magdalena Maria: Maria-san’s Mad Apple Tea Party’ DVD when it comes out next year.Magdalena Musical is about a prostitute who manages a brothel and wants to bring it to Japan. It’s actually an all male cast so… :>It has some of the boys from the Airgearmyu like Tsudaken(Spitfire), KENN(Kazu), Shuugo(Agito/Akito), and Kousuke(1st run:Hamlet/2nd Run:Romeo). The leading man, Yuzawa Kouichirou, who also wrote the scripts/songs and also took the photos for the phamplet and photosets, was Kaito from Airmyu. He was also in Dear Boys if I remember correctly…Saitou Yasuka, who plays Rin from Higachuu is in this too. Aswell as, ‘Fuuki’ or Fujiwara Yuuki who played Kamio Akira from Fudomine. Lol, it must’ve been interesting.Yasuka actually gets paired with Shuugo. And KENN with Kousuke.

You know, I always though Yuzawa Kouichirou was kind of weird. Just from seeing him in Airmyu and Dear Boys…and in the backstages…Yeah. But he’s, I guess. His photography skills are pretty damn good and he has alot of pictures in his blog. I didn’t know but he’s friends with Kujirai Kousuke. :0 I guess since Dearmyu huh? -nods-

Other than that…I wish school would die. That’s all. 😀

Until next time!


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negai wa ima kono sora ni…

Yay SuG songs/lyrics. Lol, yeah…good stuff. Anyways, finally an update! I’ll try to do this once a week so that everything is updated but if I forget…woops! Haha, well…Let’s get started shall we?


Beat Rock★Love ; It has begun!! ;D Since none of the cast members BESIDES Araki-kun have updated about the movie so far, I suggest taking a look every now and then at his blog. According to Araki’s blog they had a meeting on 11/8! Also, Araki says that he’s going to have to dye his hair lighter for his part..Mm…Makes me curious. I just imagined Araki with blonde hair and various other hair colors. XD I wonder about Genki, Renn, and Kento-kun? -imagines them with vk-ish hair- nfu~

– Airu and Shunri have started practice for Rhythmic Town! :0

– Practice has also started for Itazura na Kiss which has Katou Ryousuke and Yagami Ren

– Kujirai Kousuke and Hirata Yuuichirou recently met for an event…Haha, Kaidou meets Kaidou. X3

– Nakamura Yuichi went to…NEW YORK?! O.O Yeah, so says his blog. He has pictures and stuff…Anybody know if there’s a reason for going?

– …Zukki looks hot in a suit. ❤

– It’s Ohkuchi Kengo’s birthday today! 11/9! Happy birthday Kengo-kun~!

– There’s going to be release tomorrow called ‘VISUALBOY BRUSH‘ and people like Takumi Saitou, JURI, Kiriyama Renn, and Ookawa Genki will be in it…Damn I want it.

– OH OH OH OH!!! According to, the release for Cafe Daikanyama 2 Making-of DVD will be released on Jan. 23rd 2009(six days before my birthday!). Mmm, that would make a great birthday present! I hope the internet isn’t lying to me~

– The official site for the musical “Hiiro no Kakera” which has Kawakubo Yuuki and Kazunori Tani, has finally been put up!

– Oh shiiiiittt! Kazunori Tani is looking….hot! I mean, he was pretty good looking in BOYS LOVE 2 but…He grew out his hair!


I almost didn’t recognize him at first! ❤


And that’s all for updates! It’ll be edited if otherwise~

In other news, my life is going to start sucking ass. I have this cousin and she’s very…well, let me put it this way. We’re complete opposites. I’m kind of nerdy…okay, really nerdy and dorky and kind of tsundere-like(so says my friends) and I cosplay and I’m kind of tomboy-ish and I like musicals and plays and I like learning….And she’s…so…materialistic! She rather shop than go to school, she’s that type of girl who wears short skirts/shorts in the middle of winter and takes 300+ pictures of herself and uploads ALL of them to her website. Trust me, I’ve seen it. And for god’s sake she used that stupid ‘blingie’ shit. FUCK.

And the who point of that was…She’s going to be living with me. FOR A YEAR. And my mother says I have to share my room with her! HOW IS THIS GOING TO WORK?! I might have to kill her. ;^; Erin Erin Tasukete Erin~

I was dreading the second my mom told me the news cause I overheard her and my grandpa talking about it..Damn it, I just had to get the annoying one. I bet she’d go through my shit the second I left the room. I BET. She’s just that nosy. And I have all my figurines and posters and things that I treasure most in here…If she even touches a single possession of mine…I hate it when people touch my things without asking me first. I just completely hate it with a passion. Once, a friend of mine drew a smiley in my planner without asking and I yelled at her. That’s how bad it is. Mina says I have OCD.

It’s the only thing on my mind right now. Because she’s coming here in Dec. I mean, I know my mom’s happy because she gets to see her sister and all that stuff., DOOUUUSHHIITTEEEE~? I get to get out of the house more, sure great, but…..-sigh- A friend of mine asked me if we ever got along. And I realized that..we never did. Even when we were little, we pretty much hated each other. I tried being nice to her last time I saw her but she didn’t even cooperate with me.

:< Other than that, I don’t have school on Tuesday so I’m going shopping for some cosplay stuff.

EDIT: oh yeah. I dyed my hair. Here’s an awesomely shopped picture of me:


Well…If you’ve seen me cosplay, then you should already know what my face looks like. XD This picture makes my hair look 10x crazier. :< It’s not really that bright…


I’ll see you guys later~!


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Fighting Evil By Moonlight, Winning Love By Daylight

A little bird (newsletter) just told me that Fighter4Luv productions has finally released their fandub of Sailor Moon Stars. I usually hate fandubs, and when I heard that they were keeping the English dub names and music, I was really skeptical… But I haven’t watched Sailor Moon in months, so I was like whatever.

So I watched it…

Damn its good.

The voices sound better than the English ones, but still manage to keep the same tones.

My only complaint (is that how you spell complaint? looks weird) is that I heard Amara (Haruka/Sailor Uranus) say “Nega-Trash.” But I guess that’s keeping with the English dub…


But in honor of this otherwise lovely fandub I am posting two Sailor Moon fanmade videos (fanmade by random people, all credit goes to them). You don’t have to know about Sailor Moon to appreciate the crappy, fanmade with Windows Movie Maker humor and quality of this:

annnnnddd, this ones for you Nosukii and all other Prince Of Tennis lovers:

The hilarity.

On another note, anyone find this picture as odd as I do:



The fighter4luv fandubs can be found here:

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The Last Time We Talked Mr.Smith You Reduced Me To Tears


I love Mika.

I forgot how much I loved him until recently, when I decided to visit the fan forum.

In my one month of absence, The Mikagasmics have already reached their 17th thread.

I feel so out of touch.

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I Don’t Blame You For Being You, But You Can’t Blame Me For Hating Him




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