Electro Magnetic Pulse.

October 15, 2008 at 6:24 am 1 comment

Let alone they destroy this world

Weakly they open the doors of an ancient city…

Hello hello! ;D As you can see there’s been a change of layout recently. 5 MILLON HOURS IN PAINT FOR THE BANNER. It’s been shopped to hell and back. LOL But besides that…everything is pretty much the same.

Also, I got a B on my chem test so yay! I didn’t find out until…yesterday that progress reports were going out this week so luckily my grade went up and I won’t be getting one for chem. 😀 Dou? Tensai teki~

Ikemen Updates!:

-Shuji Hayashi’s blog has a new layout. It’s quite nice. Dark.

-AIRU went to go see Ryou-chin and Kane-chan’s new stage play a few days ago. 😀 Daaaww isn’t that cute?

-KENN, Yasuka and Genki seemed to have gone to the Tokyo Game Show a few days ago…(I want to know more about this~)

-Uehara Takuya of FROGS will be in Tenimyu…This I cannot believe. LOL In a good way I guess. I can’t wait to see him.<3 He will be playing Oshitari Kenya of Shitenhouji.

-Hijiri went to Taiwan. o.O Um, there’s too much writing for me to read but..yeah. He went. XD

-Kane-chan’s blog also got a new layout!

-Kazuma~ you look so good with hair. LOL

-Takumi updates his blog for the first time in forever!

-YOH is also going to be in Tenimyu! Reprising his role as Tachibana from Fudoumine. He’s part of Cast B. [The Treasure Match – Shitenhouji feat. Hyoutei]

-JURI is also going to be part of The Treasure Match! He’ll be Jin of course. Also part of Cast B.


Annnnd that’s all the updates I’m going to go through today. Haha, also a bit of a music update. Kagrra, is in recording right now…Um, I think Alice nine is too. -shrugs- I’m not too sure.

Oh, on tv the other day was MUSIC STATION(I think) and it was a Visual Kei special. I haven’t even looked at anything VK in…a long time now. So when it came on, honestly, I was expecting to change the channel and not watch it. Why? I have no idea. But I watched it. A little awkward since I haven’t heard anything from the bands that were interviewed but..I don’t know. It was weird. It was like I didn’t want to watch it but I did and it was good. XD I was so out of the loop I didn’t even know Tatsurou from MUCC was there. Well, I didn’t know it was him. >.> I kept saying to myself “man, who is that guy? He looks so good!” and then when the names came up on the bottom..” HOLY SHIT?! TATSUROU!? NO WAI”. Yes wai. >.>

Recently I blogged about this store called “Anime Nuts” closing down, yeah? Well, I went back on Sunday with my brother and a friend and I bought more stuff. XD 3 figurines, a Dollfie book, and some phone charms. Now my phone is 3x as big. LOL

OH YEAH, I met some of Mina’s family on Saturday. Haha…They are pretty cool. Nfu. Very welcoming and they saw pictures of me from…Western Day. That was embarrassing. I looked so dumb in one of the pictures we took. >.>

-yawn- I guess that’s all for now. I’m really tired. I decided not to do my geometry homework so I have some more time. I mean, we had a substitute today and our teacher still assigned homework. You can’t do that! You can’t assign homework and assume we get it without explanation! The book doesn’t help~

Now I’m off to watch Rebirth Historica!



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Koi Iro no Yume Star Sniper.

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