Memory of the Wind.

October 6, 2008 at 4:15 am 1 comment

My memories, transient as the snow, come back

My nostalgia is piling up…

Well, it sure is! Lol yay blogging~ Haven’t been doing that much…But we’re trying. School is killing me and I feel like I’m failing all of my classes right now. XD But that’s not the point!!

EDIT: Also, we’ve hit 3,000 views!’s past that but still! Thanks to all you readers! πŸ˜€

Uh recently I found out this store near(not really) my place called Anime Nuts is closing down. :O Everything is half off! I went after school on Friday to check out what they had…left. Haha, here’s what I got:

IDOLM@STER figurine! You know, the small ones that go for like $6-8? Yeah $3 for me. πŸ˜€

AND probably the best thing I found there…for me at least:

The Full Drillized Gurren Lagann! Lol, it’s so prickly~ It only cost my about $12 so it was a good buy. And came with another drill! YAY!!!

πŸ˜€ What else…Oh yeah…I made an icon. …Yeah, just one. I usually don’t make these cause…well…I don’t use them but I got bored. And Kawamura Yousuke turns into a ikemen when he shaves. By the way, Yousuke plays Hiyama in Rookies. You know, this guy?

Yeah, he turns into:

❀ Oh god, so hot. And here’s my shitty icon:

….Yeah. That’s it. LOL. I like it…for my first one I guess. ;D

Change of subject but I’v been trying to catch up with Kagrra, and their Kagrra, no Su episodes. God damn there are so many. >.> I made a list of the ones I still need to get but it’s slowly getting smaller. Haha, one of my favorite episodes right now is when they do this clay challenge. D’aww they pick on Akiya because he talks like a girl. ❀ Yeah the point of the episode is to make something based on the word “buun”. Whatever they think it is, they make something of it and then explain it. Akiya picks Dragon Quest 9.

Akiya: -takes Rio’s arm- buun. -laughs- …like this…-moves arm-

Everyone: LOL

Akiya: It’s…buun…LOL, I know this…-calms down- This monster…um..-moves arm- When he strikes, the noise that that wind makes is…buun. πŸ˜€

Oh Akiya. XD So awesome. And Shin makes…an..elephant. I didn’t get it at first but yeah, he explained that to him it wasn’t ‘buun’ it was ‘bun!’ like..something big. Therefore, elephant. And Nao…He kind of reminds me of Kiriyama Renn. ._.;; Maybe it’s just me. And then at the end of the episode they read fanmail. The theme was “if you could become a member of Kagrra, who would it be?” Lol, the one that Shin reads is a person who would want to become Shin. And then Shin reveals that he doesn’t really use a cell phone(apart from business I guess), doesn’t really use video cams or dvds and doesn’t really watch tv. …Wow, that is…something else. Haha, I guess it makes sense. He’s really quiet and is usually working…SRZ BIZNIZ.

Another one of my favorites is the Batsu Game Special. Nfu. I would totally hate it if it was me going through all of those things…but it wasn’t. πŸ˜€ So in this episode Nao has to go on roller coasters and a haunted house. The haunted house scared me the most. If it was me, I would be crying 5 minutes into the thing. >.> It even gave me a weird dream. In which, me and Mina were at school and it started raining really heavily out of nowhere. Then we ran into the school…and it turned into a haunted school…No lights were on and all we had were flashlights. ;_;

Tenimyu time!

Airu is updating his blog more often. πŸ˜€ And it’s nice to know Nagayan, Airu and Masa are all working on the same project. Cute~

Kane-chan and Ryou-chin are working on something together I think…Not quite sure yet.

Genki-kun is going to be in a musical I think. At the end of October. Too much kanji, couldn’t read it. LOL

KENN is going to be in RUN&GUN’s new play/musical. It looks interesting…very interesting. nfu~

There were some recent birthdays too!!

Let’s see…Shinoda(Shinya) and Aiba(Fuji) were on the 1st, Hijiri(Kai), Eiji(Momo) and Zukki(Oishi) were on the 3rd, and Kazuki(Atobe)’s b-day is on the 7th. πŸ˜€ That’s all the birthdays I’ve got listed for October.

-sigh- I’m tired. So much crap to do. I don’t wanna do it~ Lol..Just looking at my planner makes me want to die already XD Ohh but we’re getting Japanese exchange students this month. Yay! Too bad we don’t get the high school students anymore. :< Uh besides that…That’s all I’ve got. XD I’m going to go and make more icons or something.

By the way, thanks to pali_mari for the scans of Yousuke!

Bye bye~


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Omou. Chiri Yuku Toki

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