Against the Wind

September 17, 2008 at 8:59 am 1 comment

Watashi nara, subete no yaku.

Woah. It’s been ages since our blog’s been updated! It’s nearing 1:30am right now for me but…I’ll squeeze in some time for a post.

Let’s see…Well, PMX is about 2 months away from now, guestimating. And I still have no idea if I’ll be going. I actually have finals the week of PMX so…It kind of helps but not really? I have to study but I get out of school early so I can work on cosplay. I only have one cosplay if I go. XD For now at least. Shizuha Aki from Touhou. That’s all I’ve got. ._.;;

I have cosplays planned for Anime LA though. Parsee Mizuhashi, Hina Kagiyama and Reisen Shinra. Yeah yeah, all Touhou. It was originally supposed to be Etrian Odyssey but I don’t have time to make my staff in time so I’ll save it for Anime Expo. Damn cons. Taking all my moniez away. Lol

Un what else..Oh yeah, while doing my English homework on Greek and Roman Gods/Goddesses..I decided to start watched Mnemosyne. YEAH. That. Um well..It’s not work-safe. Haha, I saw the trailer when it first came out but I didn’t want to watch it after that. You can guess as to why. But I gave it a chance. And you know, if you take away all the NSFW…It’s a pretty good series. LOL. It was kind of funny actually, out of all of the non work-safe things in it, the thing that disturbed me the most was Apos being some dude chick thing. oh god, I literally D: ‘d when I saw it. That was the worst thing I ever saw in the 6 episodes of it all. Yeah. ._.;; Ha…ha…ha. Also, fighting in the nude. seriously? wat. XD

Oh Well..It’s pretty okay. I haven’t fallen asleep in class yet. Yet. nfu. Also, I don’t know if my AP teacher fucked my grade up or something but I have an A in AP Human Geography. GEOGRAPHY!! I fucking hate maps! Yeah I’m kind of..wondering if it’s right. Alot of people I asked said they had B’s and C’s, even the usual A students. And well…I’m not exactly an A student. Lol. I’m not saying I want an F or something cause hot damn THAT’S RIGHT. THIS DUMBASS IS KICKING ASS IN HUMAN! But…it doesn’t seem right. Eh whatever, I’ll take it. Let’s just see if I can last all year. Japanese is…surprisingly boring. I don’t like learning honorifics. :< And learning kanji I’ve already seen on the internet. Haha. Chem is…I don’t like math. LOL

I’m thinking of buying some magazines. Like, GOOD COME and Cast Prix. But holy shit, they are so expensive. D: I’ll probably still buy a few but…Man. what the hell. I mainly want GC because in the recent issue Genki cosplayed ZERO from Code Geass! Oh god, I died. Also, he updated his blog today for the first time in FOREVER. He also has that “@Games” thing in his blog. I don’t know what the hell it is but doesn’t Doori(3rd cast Ryoma) play too? Well, it’s in the left bar on Genki’s blog page and you can see what his character looks like. Also, my photobook/dvd should be coming soon ;0;

Annnnnd now it’s nearly 2am so I guess I’ll stop it here. Maybe another time. Lol. Goodnight!

EDIT: WOAH HOLY SHIT. Jutta’s(Rikkai’s Jackal) a BLONDE. WOOOOOOOOOOOAH. O-O Uhh…I…oddly…like…it. It’s just…random.


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Ore wa tobitai, tobitsuzuketai yo. The Other Side of the Night.

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