Ore wa tobitai, tobitsuzuketai yo.

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I wanna fly and keep flying.

WARNING: Contains spoilers for CROWS ZERO, & is EXTREMELY LONG. tl;dr version at the end for the people who don’t like walls of text.

Uh…hey everyone. Lol, I’m really sleepy right now but I’ll post because there’s alot to say. Let’s start with school(blegh)…Well. I’ve got alot of homework. Mainly Japanese and AP Human. And I have to buy ballet shoes for my dance class. None of the people I usually talk to are in any of my classes! How sucky is that!? Alot of people left too..Don’t really care about them cause they were annoying anyways. But we also got alot of transfers. One which always wears a hat that looks funny. One who doesn’t talk..and the rest..I haven’t even seen yet.

Also I bought a shitload of useless things on strapya.com. You know, that place where they sell, like, a million phone straps!? YEAH. $53 dollars worth of things for my phone. LOL Here’s a few of the main things I bought:

CAPYBARAAAAAAA! Okay if it wasn’t for YOH(Tenimyu. Fudomine’s Tachibana) posting these FUCKING EVERYWHERE IN HIS BLOG, I wouldn’t have even bought this. But, what can I say, it IS cute. ;D …And I love YOH. Lol

Mirror block! Yeah I totally hate it when I’m texting Mina and there’s somebody breathing over my shoulder reading my texts..so therefore, this.

YAY. Okay so I’m most excited for this. I actually bought two since the lenses are different. But basically, these lenses go over your phone’s camera and depending on the lense, a different effect/color comes up! I bought the one pictured. One green lense and one pink lense with a heart cutout. And the other one I bought has an orange lense and a blue lense with a star cutout!

Um, basically, I just bought this because it reminded me of St. Rudolph’s Yanagisawa. Because he gets reffered to as a duck. Lol

YES! Dragon Quest! Yay slime. šŸ˜€ Also, because of YOH. Damnit. I mean, Dragon Quest is awesome but I wasn’t even going to buy this. XD But YOH kept posting this in his blog(shirts, plushies, EVERYTHING. he should just marry it) so…I said “fuck. I’ll bite” .

GOKUSEN! I love Gokusen. šŸ˜€ SO I just had to have this.

There’s a few other things I bought but..I don’t think they needed pictures. Just a packet of rhinestones, some whipped cream things, and some waffles. I was going to buy a 20th Century Boys strap but they didn’t have the one I wanted so..yeah. :< ALSO, the Detroit Metal City ones. When I ordered my stuff, they only had the key things. I checked just now and they have straps. Fucking what. D:< NOW?! AFTER MY SHIT GOT SHIPPED ALREADY?! …Gekidasa daze. ;_;


Subject change here. I watched CROWS ZERO recently. šŸ˜€ IT’S SO GOOD. Some info here, it’s basically about this freshman, Takuya Genji, that starts going to this school known as Suzuran which is an all boys school. The students are known as ‘crows’. Well…the movie is basically just a shitload of fighting. LOL. Nobody’s ever ‘owned'(being the number one fighter in Suzuran) the school and this 3rd year, Serizawa Tamao, is the closest to ever completely owning the school. So, if you want to be number one in Suzuran, you’ve gotta beat Tamao. And that’s exactly what Genji’s come to do. He made a bet with his Yakuza dad that if he owned Suzuran, his father would let him become the next Yakuza boss.

I agreed with Jutta-kun. “it’s really awesome”.


The only scene I was kind of “…what.” at was the “bowling scene”. Tamao is “bowling” with students as pins and he “kicks” this huge ball that sends them flying. It was lame. Really lame. Lol

A few things in the movie that just made it 100x better:

– In one scene, its…probably not very noticable but TAKUYA(Tenimyu. Hyoutei’s Jirou) is there! In the scene where Genji asks for Rindaman… I didn’t even notice! Until he started talking. LOL

– The actor who plays Tokio Tatsukawa is ROOKIES’ Hiratsuka! ā¤ He looks a million times better with shorter hair and no moustache. Hnnnngggg ā¤

– Izaki Shun’s actor, Shunsuke Takaoka, is ROOKIES’ Wakana!

– Tamao’s actor, Takayuki Yamada, was Densha Otoko! The movie version! I knew he looked familiar! šŸ˜€


I think Tamao’s the best. I don’t like Genji >:O And plus, Tamao…well, used to be, the King! ;D He’s also funnier in my opinion. Haha, I think my favorite scene was when, the second year, Washio Gota,Ā  comes up to Tamao in the hall and is like ” Serizawa! Let’s get it on!” And all Tamao does is kicks him and he goes flying into the wall. “Who’s he?” “…I don’t know” “(to gota) Go do your homework”. Lol, stupid scene but I lol’d for forever.

And Tokio! For some reason I cried. ;_; When I found out about his cerebral aneurysm and the surgery. ;o; But then I was so happy when he had the surgery and was okay~ I love him. He’s so nice.


Well..That’s all really. Lol, I was going to write more but I forgot what I was going to say. Mina’s coming over tomorrow since we both need to buy new shoes and…chat…about…things.

tl;dr – school is kicking my ass, I spend money on useless things, watch CROWS ZERO which is made of win(total guy’s movie I would say, mostly fighting and lulz), and forget what the fuck I’m blogging about.

Goodnight everyone!


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