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Even the memory of today will return to the moon…

; ; ; Long post ahead ; ; ;

:O Hello hello! It’s been a while…But! At least September is ending! To me, it feels as if September was extremely long. And Halloween is next month! YAY! Another excuse to cosplay. But I don’t know as who..Any suggestions? My brother said Macross but…ehh.

Hmm, oh yeah. I’ve been working on some cosplay lately. Taking a chance with this one actually, seeing as hardly anyone would know who it is…

LOL! That’s right! Patchmeiling! I’m only doing it because I liked the outfit >.> And I’ll be doing Flan-Meiling some other time…I liked the outfit for her too. ;D And now, an obligatory progress picture~

Please excuse my messy room. Didn’t bother to clean it. LOL The fabric is more purple in person. I just didn’t bother to turn any more lights on or put flash. >.>

Also, recently I bought some new stuff! LIKE MY GENKI PHOTOBOOK AND DVD!!

With the postcards the dvd came with! 😀 I love buying men’s dvds. They always come with postcards. My Saitou Takumi dvd came with them too…Nfu. ❤ Oh god, Genki’s dvd = sex! I didn’t even know Genki could be…hot! >.> I mean, to me he’s cute in a super nerdy otaku kind of way and that makes me like him. But holy shit. When he was rolling around on the beach with nothing on but pants and…on the table with the sheets…HNNNNGGGGG. WHO KNEW. And his body is hot. Who would’ve known that under all of those baggy clothes would be such a built Genki! <333 Oh, at the end of the DVD he has a little interview thing. He basically says it was the first time he ever had to get his passport, he found it hard to talk to people and tried using english, and he had alot of fun. 🙂

LOL I just realized that if my mother found my Men’s DVDs, she’d kill me. Thinking it was porn or something. XD Then again, I doubt she’d take the time to look through my room for stuff like that. …I just realized that if she did do that, she would find my doujinshi. …Well, lets hope she doesn’t get bored one day. Haha.

Speaking of my mother, she bought me some new headphones!:

YUS. They’re purple and black obviously. The blue is just my shirt being reflected. XD But yeah, she knows I like purple and big headphones. ❤ She’s also being more supportive of my cosplay. It was kind of weird. I went to JoAnn to find stuff for my PatchMeiling and she was actually helping me find fabric choices and buttons and stuff like that. I was kind of weirded out. She usually just stands off to the side until I’m done buying what I need. But it makes me happy. 😀 She finally understands why I cosplay. Because I like it. She probably still finds it a waste of money, but she saw my progress on PatchMeiling and she looked pretty happy. And now she asks me how my sewing is going and what I’m doing. Yay!

Mina came over on..Friday by the way. We went to this new cafe and tried out some new teas and cake. WHICH WERE FUCKWIN BY THE WAY. ❤ The tea I tried was called “Heaven’s Mist”. Mmm, tasted like it. LOL It tasted like strawberries but not too strong, it was very light. Pretty cheap too, only about $3.75 for 3 servings. And we had some delicious cake. I wanted to try the Mont-Blanc but I had a Fondant Au Chocolate instead…Which was still good. It came with ice cream. With the cutest spoon ever! Atfer that we headed home and went to the store because we were going to cook dinner. Haha, we passed by the Karaoke bar near my house and OMFG YES! I need to go karaoke soon!! They have Kiseki from ROOKIES! I NEED TO SING IT. Because obviously, I can’t do that enough at home. XD I neeeeeed to~ We also watched Dumb and Dumber, took pictures and burned things in my room.. What an interesting night.

And today…I worked on my PatchMeiling some more and worked on homework. I have a kanji test coming up this week so yeah. Kanji isn’t really my thing…I can remember some from romanizing songs but when I get tested on them, I’ll blank out. ;_; But a senpai from class was uber nice and gave me a list with all the kanji already written. ❤ [Senpai arigatou ne~] It’s kind of weird actually. Last year, everybody was so distant and in their own little group of friends but this year, everyone is just…together. I’m talking to people I would have never talked to last year and it’s kind of weird but I’m not hating it.

AND AND AND! I’ve been listening to alot of Kagrra, lately. I was cleaning out my music folders and ran across my old Kagrra, videos…Mainly the Kagrra no Su ones. And they got my listening again..To me, Kagrra, is one of the only jrock bands I could never hate. I’ve been listening to them since..about 2004. :O Damn, longer than I thought. But anyways, yeah…And then it got me thinking about Jrock Revolution…Ohh man..those two nights will forever be engraved into my mind. How often can a girl say Shin from Kagrra, waved to her? Or Hiroto from Alice Nine? Or Yukke from MUCC?<3 ..Do I have any more fond jrock memories… damn what year was that, 2005 I think…I got a kiss from Riku from ex-Phantasmagoria, now Chariots. :O And Kisaki too. I’ve met the Candy Spooky Theatre..Oh and Mana too. And Wataru and Sakai from 12012…LOL Oh my god, I just remembered my diamond pose with Wataru. Err… Weirdo kept staring at my legs. And…kept petting my head…Maybe he’s a pedo. LOL just kidding! And catching Kaoru’s(dir en grey) guitar pick at the last dir en grey concert I went to…And getting to see SKIN perform..

Man, what happened to those good old days…Oh that’s right, the jrock fandom turned to shit. D:< With all those damn “OMFG SO NYAPPY KAWAII DESU NE =^_^= IM A MOTHERFUCKING CAT NYA NYA NYA” kids. Ugh.  I blame AnCafe. Lol, for ever bringing the term ‘nyappy’ and Bou into this world. I used to like AnCafe, when they first started out. Then I don’t know what happened. It just about died for me. ._.

And that’s about it for me.

PS…I was thinking of doing some shitty scans of my Genki photobook…I got a new scanner and I want to try it out. But I’m not about to tear apart my photobook just for the sake of posting the scans online…If someone can tell me a nice/neat way of doing this, please let me know. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think anyone’s scanned the photobook yet… Am I right? ._.;; well yeah..If there’s a nice way of doing it, minus taking my xacto knife to it, please let me know so I can scan it…If someone wants it. That’s all.

tl;dr version ;;; I do some weird touhou cosplay, buy some new things, hang out with mina, and listen to old jrock music, NOSTALGIA BOMB.

EDIT::: Genki updated his blog 9/29, and he says he wants to cosplay Shimon from Gurren Lagann. I came. HE MUST DO THIS. I CAN PICTURE IT ALREADY. >;D


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The Other Side of the Night.

Every night, that’s right, every night you’ll send your thoughts to the other side of the night…

😮 It’s Saturday, yay! Haha, even with that said I feel like I have so much to do. As in school work/cosplay related things. :< I’m working on painting my Enki right now…It’s going very slowly right now but I’ll finish it >.>

Also, to ENVIE(haha yes, you get your name bolded and underlined!) I got my Tenimyu DVD from Nippon-Export. It sucks doesn’t it? None of the websites like YesAsia/CDJapan carry these dvds. :< But as of right now, I don’t know if Nippon Export carries DL5th DVDs anymore. If you really really really want the dvds you can buy them through Animate. But you’d have to go through Celga which is a purchasing service (they buy it for you~). Yeah I’ve done it before. I hate having to go through middle men that’s why for me it’s more of a “if I really want this and can’t live without this then I’ll use Celga” thing. Which right now is a Supporter’s DVD. Rikkai’s to be exact. I can’t find it anywhere! Not even Nippon Export has it(anymore?). ;_; I’d go through Celga to Animate but…ugh man, so much work for a DVD. Lol

Ohh~yeah! It seems that Genki will be in a movie…um..Next year. I have no idea what it’s about but it sure does look interesting. Ouji’s in it too. 😀 Main character is Ouji with Genki following after. Nemoto and Seijirou Nakamura are also going to be in this.  Masakazu was from JackJack with Ryousuke, Kenji and Shinoda from Tenimyu. Seijirou…well..uh…I know he’s friends with Ryousuke? LOL That’s about it…

-yawn- Man, I’m tired. Haha, but anyways…Been thinking about cosplay. I really want to do Kuro Shitsuji cosplay. ((Can you believe it’s going to be an anime? The fandom is going to go down the drain. Just watch. I actually started reading it way back when…))But yeah. I want to do it. As Ciel Phantomhive. :O As for which outfit, I don’t know. I really like this one:

..I’ll probably do that one. LOL OMFG RIBBONS EVERYWHERE YAY. I wish I had a Sebastian though. COUGHHINTCOUGHCOUGH. Haha, just kiddddding~ ..I think he’s wearing make-up in the picture too. :O Yay make-up!

On another note, I’ve been listening to Asian Kung-Fu Generation alot recently. I stopped listening to them over a year ago but recently I’ve gotten back into them. 😀 Good stuff. Oh yeah, in YOH’s blog recently, he posted a blog where he went to see…SOME CAPYBARAS. LOL He sure does love those things. And I also found out that he draws. I feel so stupid, there’s a link on his blog to his main website…that I’ve never seen before until yesterday. But yeah, he draws and stuff. He did SMILYSPIKY’s logo!

Uh yeah that’s it really. XD Oh man, I just remembered something. There’s this guy at school…let’s name him…Aki. Well, Aki always looks angry. Compared to me, who’s almost always smiling..I find it really funny(that he looks mad all the time).So everytime I see him, I can’t help but laugh. :< LOL It’s really bad. I try not to but…I don’t know what’s wrong with me~!

Haha, well I guess that’s really it! See you guys!

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Against the Wind

Watashi nara, subete no yaku.

Woah. It’s been ages since our blog’s been updated! It’s nearing 1:30am right now for me but…I’ll squeeze in some time for a post.

Let’s see…Well, PMX is about 2 months away from now, guestimating. And I still have no idea if I’ll be going. I actually have finals the week of PMX so…It kind of helps but not really? I have to study but I get out of school early so I can work on cosplay. I only have one cosplay if I go. XD For now at least. Shizuha Aki from Touhou. That’s all I’ve got. ._.;;

I have cosplays planned for Anime LA though. Parsee Mizuhashi, Hina Kagiyama and Reisen Shinra. Yeah yeah, all Touhou. It was originally supposed to be Etrian Odyssey but I don’t have time to make my staff in time so I’ll save it for Anime Expo. Damn cons. Taking all my moniez away. Lol

Un what else..Oh yeah, while doing my English homework on Greek and Roman Gods/Goddesses..I decided to start watched Mnemosyne. YEAH. That. Um well..It’s not work-safe. Haha, I saw the trailer when it first came out but I didn’t want to watch it after that. You can guess as to why. But I gave it a chance. And you know, if you take away all the NSFW…It’s a pretty good series. LOL. It was kind of funny actually, out of all of the non work-safe things in it, the thing that disturbed me the most was Apos being some dude chick thing. oh god, I literally D: ‘d when I saw it. That was the worst thing I ever saw in the 6 episodes of it all. Yeah. ._.;; Ha…ha…ha. Also, fighting in the nude. seriously? wat. XD

Oh Well..It’s pretty okay. I haven’t fallen asleep in class yet. Yet. nfu. Also, I don’t know if my AP teacher fucked my grade up or something but I have an A in AP Human Geography. GEOGRAPHY!! I fucking hate maps! Yeah I’m kind of..wondering if it’s right. Alot of people I asked said they had B’s and C’s, even the usual A students. And well…I’m not exactly an A student. Lol. I’m not saying I want an F or something cause hot damn THAT’S RIGHT. THIS DUMBASS IS KICKING ASS IN HUMAN! But…it doesn’t seem right. Eh whatever, I’ll take it. Let’s just see if I can last all year. Japanese is…surprisingly boring. I don’t like learning honorifics. :< And learning kanji I’ve already seen on the internet. Haha. Chem is…I don’t like math. LOL

I’m thinking of buying some magazines. Like, GOOD COME and Cast Prix. But holy shit, they are so expensive. D: I’ll probably still buy a few but…Man. what the hell. I mainly want GC because in the recent issue Genki cosplayed ZERO from Code Geass! Oh god, I died. Also, he updated his blog today for the first time in FOREVER. He also has that “@Games” thing in his blog. I don’t know what the hell it is but doesn’t Doori(3rd cast Ryoma) play too? Well, it’s in the left bar on Genki’s blog page and you can see what his character looks like. Also, my photobook/dvd should be coming soon ;0;

Annnnnd now it’s nearly 2am so I guess I’ll stop it here. Maybe another time. Lol. Goodnight!

EDIT: WOAH HOLY SHIT. Jutta’s(Rikkai’s Jackal) a BLONDE. WOOOOOOOOOOOAH. O-O Uhh…I…oddly…like…it. It’s just…random.

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Ore wa tobitai, tobitsuzuketai yo.

I wanna fly and keep flying.

WARNING: Contains spoilers for CROWS ZERO, & is EXTREMELY LONG. tl;dr version at the end for the people who don’t like walls of text.

Uh…hey everyone. Lol, I’m really sleepy right now but I’ll post because there’s alot to say. Let’s start with school(blegh)…Well. I’ve got alot of homework. Mainly Japanese and AP Human. And I have to buy ballet shoes for my dance class. None of the people I usually talk to are in any of my classes! How sucky is that!? Alot of people left too..Don’t really care about them cause they were annoying anyways. But we also got alot of transfers. One which always wears a hat that looks funny. One who doesn’t talk..and the rest..I haven’t even seen yet.

Also I bought a shitload of useless things on You know, that place where they sell, like, a million phone straps!? YEAH. $53 dollars worth of things for my phone. LOL Here’s a few of the main things I bought:

CAPYBARAAAAAAA! Okay if it wasn’t for YOH(Tenimyu. Fudomine’s Tachibana) posting these FUCKING EVERYWHERE IN HIS BLOG, I wouldn’t have even bought this. But, what can I say, it IS cute. ;D …And I love YOH. Lol

Mirror block! Yeah I totally hate it when I’m texting Mina and there’s somebody breathing over my shoulder reading my therefore, this.

YAY. Okay so I’m most excited for this. I actually bought two since the lenses are different. But basically, these lenses go over your phone’s camera and depending on the lense, a different effect/color comes up! I bought the one pictured. One green lense and one pink lense with a heart cutout. And the other one I bought has an orange lense and a blue lense with a star cutout!

Um, basically, I just bought this because it reminded me of St. Rudolph’s Yanagisawa. Because he gets reffered to as a duck. Lol

YES! Dragon Quest! Yay slime. 😀 Also, because of YOH. Damnit. I mean, Dragon Quest is awesome but I wasn’t even going to buy this. XD But YOH kept posting this in his blog(shirts, plushies, EVERYTHING. he should just marry it) so…I said “fuck. I’ll bite” .

GOKUSEN! I love Gokusen. 😀 SO I just had to have this.

There’s a few other things I bought but..I don’t think they needed pictures. Just a packet of rhinestones, some whipped cream things, and some waffles. I was going to buy a 20th Century Boys strap but they didn’t have the one I wanted so..yeah. :< ALSO, the Detroit Metal City ones. When I ordered my stuff, they only had the key things. I checked just now and they have straps. Fucking what. D:< NOW?! AFTER MY SHIT GOT SHIPPED ALREADY?! …Gekidasa daze. ;_;


Subject change here. I watched CROWS ZERO recently. 😀 IT’S SO GOOD. Some info here, it’s basically about this freshman, Takuya Genji, that starts going to this school known as Suzuran which is an all boys school. The students are known as ‘crows’. Well…the movie is basically just a shitload of fighting. LOL. Nobody’s ever ‘owned'(being the number one fighter in Suzuran) the school and this 3rd year, Serizawa Tamao, is the closest to ever completely owning the school. So, if you want to be number one in Suzuran, you’ve gotta beat Tamao. And that’s exactly what Genji’s come to do. He made a bet with his Yakuza dad that if he owned Suzuran, his father would let him become the next Yakuza boss.

I agreed with Jutta-kun. “it’s really awesome”.


The only scene I was kind of “…what.” at was the “bowling scene”. Tamao is “bowling” with students as pins and he “kicks” this huge ball that sends them flying. It was lame. Really lame. Lol

A few things in the movie that just made it 100x better:

– In one scene, its…probably not very noticable but TAKUYA(Tenimyu. Hyoutei’s Jirou) is there! In the scene where Genji asks for Rindaman… I didn’t even notice! Until he started talking. LOL

– The actor who plays Tokio Tatsukawa is ROOKIES’ Hiratsuka! ❤ He looks a million times better with shorter hair and no moustache. Hnnnngggg ❤

– Izaki Shun’s actor, Shunsuke Takaoka, is ROOKIES’ Wakana!

– Tamao’s actor, Takayuki Yamada, was Densha Otoko! The movie version! I knew he looked familiar! 😀


I think Tamao’s the best. I don’t like Genji >:O And plus, Tamao…well, used to be, the King! ;D He’s also funnier in my opinion. Haha, I think my favorite scene was when, the second year, Washio Gota,  comes up to Tamao in the hall and is like ” Serizawa! Let’s get it on!” And all Tamao does is kicks him and he goes flying into the wall. “Who’s he?” “…I don’t know” “(to gota) Go do your homework”. Lol, stupid scene but I lol’d for forever.

And Tokio! For some reason I cried. ;_; When I found out about his cerebral aneurysm and the surgery. ;o; But then I was so happy when he had the surgery and was okay~ I love him. He’s so nice.


Well..That’s all really. Lol, I was going to write more but I forgot what I was going to say. Mina’s coming over tomorrow since we both need to buy new shoes and…chat…about…things.

tl;dr – school is kicking my ass, I spend money on useless things, watch CROWS ZERO which is made of win(total guy’s movie I would say, mostly fighting and lulz), and forget what the fuck I’m blogging about.

Goodnight everyone!

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