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doki doki wonder love~! ❤

Lol, that was a line from Koi Iro no Yume from SOUNDHOLIC. ;D Um anyways, I’ll try to keep this one short instead of my USUAL long posts.

First of all, I finally got my schedule for classes. I don’t really know what to say. ._. I’ve got AP Human FIRST THING IN THE FUCKING MORNING. And then English after that. Mina says I have the hard teacher. I’m hoping she’s kidding. Mina has the nice teacher. ;_; Lucky~! After that we have snack and I have Japanese. I’m glad >.> Back in 7th/8th grade I had Japanese after snack and it kind of became our class thing. But freshman year, we had it first thing in the morning, so having Japanese after snack..We’re getting our period back! Hmm…Then I’ve got Aerobics. LOL Oh my god, this is going to be awesome. And filled with lulz. XD Then we have lunch…And I have…um..Geometry. Yeah, I kind of failed Algebra..Fuck math. And I have the teacher who hates me! WHAT THE FUCK!? This one time, I wasn’t even sleeping and she walked over to my desk and told me I was sleeping! My friend behind me was the one sleeping! Bitch. And lastly, Chemistry CP. My last two classes are on the opposite sides of the school so bleehhh. :<

Hmm what else. OH YEAH, uh…Kiriyama Renn has a fake tattoo? I saw it before in his blog and I freaked out thinking it was real. It’s a rose and it’s on his neck. Here’s a picture:

It’s in his blog post on Aug. 18th. I FREAKED! I thought it was real! I was like “holy shit! They let him have that!? Oh god! What the hell!?” But it’s a fake.

LOL I’m surprised it lasted that long. This picture was taken from his blog today.

A few updates:

&&& Nakagauchi Masataka changed blogs recently (more like, day after his birthday). His new one is at Oricon. Here’s a link for those who don’t know yet:

&&& Hirata Yuichirou, 4th Cast Kaidou Kaoru, recently got a blog at Oricon too! I don’t know if he had any previous blogs..None that I know of at least. Here’s a link for you fans :

&&& Ookawa Genki’s, LUKE.C’s, and Watanabe Daisuke’s photobooks were released today. Genki’s photobook is titled ‘High Spirit’, LUKE’s photobook is titled ‘For’, and Daisuke’s book is titled ‘With the Wind’. Their DVD’s will be released in September.

&&& Shiozaki Airu is going to be in a new musical called ‘Rhythmic Town’ apparently. Ah, just found out right now via blog, it seems as though Takagi Shun will also be in this musical(confirm/deny?)


Oh, I recently went shopping…Three days in a row. It’s a fucking record. My sandals broke. :< I got:

– A purple/grey stripe cardigan from Tommy Hilfiger.

– A green Dooney & Bourke Rope print bag (this was for school, lol)

And lastly, a pink/black leopard print bracelet bangle.

I also got my bag/materials for school. My school bag is a Hello Kitty ‘Alice in Wonderland’ bag. It’s so cute! 😀 I love Alice in Wonderland. And I also got a new wallet since my old one was dirty. ._. It’s a Hello Kitty Cameo vinyl wallet. The Asian mall I went to only had Hello Kitty stuff…And Naruto. So..yeah. Hello Kitty it was. LOL


That’s all I’ve got. LOL, although, I have been watching ‘Shibatora’. Koike Teppei is so cute! Augh! Lol, I’m only on ep. 4 right now. Watching it raw just because. Kiriyama Renn is in this…according to his blog (guest appearance). I don’t know what episode he’s in. Maybe that’s what the tattoo was for?! -shrugs-

;D Yeah, okay, I hope everybody has a good weekend. I’m gonna go now. Goodnight everyone!



Renn-chan shows up in episode 7 as part of the group ‘Helter Skelter'(they’re good guys btw)…Um he ends up being a traitor. Awesome hair by the way. He makes a sexy bad guy. LOL And yeah, the tattoo was part of his character. 😀 That is all!



Though it only lists Renn-chan as a guest for episode 7, he’s also in episode 8. Which would explain why he had the fake-tattoo again. :O He gets his ass beat up. HAHAHAHA, also Miura Ryousuke. I love that guy and he is sooo cute(like a puppy)…but…omfg his forehead! HUEG LIEK XBAWKS. LOL Oh god, everytime I see it I can’t stop laughing! XD His hairstyle from Tokyo Ghost Trip was cuter. :< Go back to that~!


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