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kimi dakara~

Waah, we’ve been blogging alot lately. Haha, better get it all done before school starts. Which reminds me, registration is tomorrow. I don’t want to go~! AP Human is going to totally wreck me, I can feel it. Also, Japanese 4. I’m surprised I passed J3 LOL. Having Japanese first thing in the morning wasn’t really my thing..I mean, I just woke up 45 minutes ago and I have to be speaking in another language already? But hey, I passed so ehh. Hopefully Oyama-mama will be a little more lax this year. And I really want to see Ms.Brannen(english teacher)! Mina and I made her a gift basket at the end of the year since she had breast cancer surgery. I hope she liked it, I keep wondering about it lol.

Hmm what else what else..AH! It’s Ookawa Genki’s(Rikkai’s Akaya) birthday today(Aug.26)! He’s finally 21! Yay~! Happy Birthday Genki~! Also, it seems alot of people forgot, including me, but Saitou Takumi’s(Hyoutei’s Yuushi) birthday was on Aug 22. ._.;; Sorry for forgetting! Happy Late Birthday! He’s…27 this year. ALSO, It was Wada Masato’s(Yamabuki’s Sengoku) birthday on Aug. 25, just yesterday. He’s…29 now. I think that’s it..

I just found out recently, cause I’m so damn slow, but Kaji Masaki(Second cast, Momo) shares the same birthday as me! January 29th. ❤ The only thing that sucks about my birthday is that it’s the same time we have quarter finals! I had finals on my birthday this year, you know how sad that was? I spent half of my birthday studying for english. LOL As funny as it is now, I hope I don’t have to do that anymore. Next year though, finals end the day before my birthday! So it’s kind of relaxing. Nobody really remembers my birthday anyways. HAHAHAHAHA

A bit of a subject change but a new episode of Genki’s radio show aired a few days ago. I’ve been meaning to write about it but my HUGE LIEK XBAWKS posts of Tenimyu got in the way and I didn’t want to make them any longer…SO anyways, he opens by talking about Comiket 74!<3 Oh god, I spazzed. He’s such a damn otaku I love it. LOL, he says he wanted to go to Comiket to see the cosplays. Wada-san asks from what series and Genki can’t really answer because he wants to see alot. Lol, then Wada-san says “with that long hair you can cosplay alot of people” and Genki just laughs and agrees. They also talk about doujins, Genki says he doesn’t really read them. They do a early celebration for Genki’s birthday…I wish I could say more but apparently niconicodouga is down for maintenance right now and I listened to the episode when it came out…On the 22nd. So err..yeah, sorry about that.


I watched Burimyu for the first time in over a year. For those who don’t know what Burimyu is, it’s the Bleach Musical. I didn’t watch the storyline one, just the Bankai show. Uhh It was good, just a bit awkward watching it. And I only recognized the old songs. XD So lame. I’d do a full review of the show but…It’d be weird so I’d rather not, unless asked for. Kope(Hanatarou) is so damn cute. LOL, his english is good too! He updates his blog in japanese and english so that’s cool. He came to California for school..right? If I remember correctly. Some of the guys were previously in Tenimyu by the way.

Tsuchiya Yuichi ‘Tuti’, Burimyu’s Ichimaru Gin. Tenimyu’s first cast Oishi Shuichirou.

Kitamura Eiki, Burimyu’s Kira Izuru, Tenimyu’s (even if it was only for a short while*)first cast Kawamura Takashi.

Ohkuchi Kengo, Burimyu’s Aizen Sousuke, Tenimyu’s (also short time*) first cast Tezuka Kunimitsu.

Moriyama Eiji, Burimyu’s Abarai Renji, Tenimyu’s first cast Momoshiro Takeshi.

Gomoto Naoya, Burimyu’s Hisagi Shuuhei, Tenimyu’s first cast Kaidou Kaoru.

Nagayama Takashi ‘Nagayan’, Burimyu’s Hitsugaya Toushirou, Tenimyu’s first cast Kikumaru Eiji.

(* Eiki and Kengo were only in Rudolphmyu but it was during the first cast so yeah)

Because they were all first cast members…Do they ever talk about it? Like during the backstage parts, do they ever talk about their days in Tenimyu? I’ve been wondering that. LOL


Ehhhh no way. -reading Kimeru’s wiki page- He dedicated the song ‘Oath in the Storm’ to Yanagi? No way, I love that song. LOL That’s cute, really cute. ❤

OH YEAH! 2 last things…I’ve found out some things through communities and blog stalking LOL but..It seems that Masa-chan(Niou) was at a Wild Strawberry event with 12012’s drummer Touru? That was a bit weird, to be honest. I went to Masa-chan’s blog and there was a picture and then I went to 12012’s blog and there was a picture there too so…LOL, I laughed when I first saw it. What a clash. In 12012’s blog, Touru called Masa-chan an ikemen. Masa-chan’s blog is too long. But he says he got to meet Touru and they chatted..If I read correctly, Masa-chan asked Touru if he did his hairdo himself. And he said that it’s really cool. And Touru replied that the hairstylist-san did it that morning.

And also, Araki Hirofumi is getting together with SuG’s vocalist Takeru for a movie? Wtf? By the way, I don’t really listen to jrock anymore, but I still know some of the bands. But anyways…wat. The title for the ‘movie'(?) is called “Ikemen Visual Kei Band”. Umm..I can’t say I’m not intrigued…Cause I am. I’m curious as to how this movie is going to go. What the plot is like….Haha, I look forward to seeing it.

After all of this whole ikemen meets jrockers thing…To be honest I was thinking “it’s like the past me meeting the present me”. I went through a whole jrock phase for a long time and then fell out of it for ikemen/idols. It’s kind of weird to think about it but okay. Lol, it’s cool. I want to see more actually.

-yawn- Well, I’ll end it here, I’ve got to go to registration tomorrow. So, goodnight everyone!


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