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Haha Blogging so soon!!

Well, I just wanted to say…Thank you Funkies for leaving a comment and I can’t believe you read this but thanks! It sure did make my day. ;D

Uh, the point of this blog was to post the romaji/kanji version for SYNC.ART’s Michizure which I just finished up…about 5 minutes ago. So I thought I’d share them.

EDIT: Also, I’m working on a song from Sekkenya so…If I don’t get lazy…yeah.

Here we go!



Vocals. Hayama Riku & YuNa
Words. Hayama Riku
Arrangement: 五条下位 & DauGe

Mitsumeru kurayami no kage
[kocchi wo mite watashi koko ni iru]
Suikomu hagareta omoi
Mienai kokoro no kakera
[imasugu ni soko made yuku kara]
Shitataru yubisaki no kizu
[kao wo agete]

Furueru hitomi no oku ni utsuru futari
Matsuge no saki, Itsuwari no saki
Koerarenai mono wo koete

Muchi to iu na no kusari ga, Ashi wo hikizuraseru
Ato sukoshi no, mou sukoshi no, Kairaku wo motomete
Kakageru inori anata no nukumori ga
Itsumade demo [itsumade demo], tsuzuku you ni kashizuku

Modaeru kimochi ga yureru
[ikanaide watashi koko ni iru]
Tsumetai shisen kanjiru
Yurameku hane ga maichiru
[dakitomete ushinawanai you ni]
Tanabiku mijuku na omoi

Kotoba wa nakute mo wakaru, yubi wo sashite
Ekubo no saki, hohoemi no saki
Yasashiku kuchibiru wo soete

Saguru kodou no oto, ude ni maneki ireru
Ato sukoshi no, mou sukoshi no, yasuragi wo motomete
Obieru toiki sasou amai kaori
Itsumade demo [itsumade demo] oboreta mama karamaru

Wakaranakute mo ii, kanjirarereba ii
Kami hito e no [GARASU no kabe] sukeru yume ga tawamu
Te ni todoku no wa, anata no yawaraka sa
Dokomade demo [dokomade demo] Daraku no soko michizure….




Vocals. Hayama Riku & YuNa
Words. Hayama Riku
Arrangement: 五条下位 & DauGe

見つめる 暗闇の影
こっちを見て 私 ここにいる
吸い込む はがれた想い
見えない 心の欠片
今すぐに そこまで行くから
したたる 指先の傷

まつげの先 偽りの先

無知という名の鎖が 足を引きずらぜる
あと少しの もう少しの 快楽を求めて
かかげる祈り あなたのぬくもりが
いつまででも 「いつまででも」 続くように かしずれ

悶える気持ちが 揺れる
行かないで 私 ここにいる
冷たい視線 感じる
揺らめく 羽が舞い散る
抱き止めて 失わないように
たなびく 未熟な想い

言葉はなくても判る 指をさして
えくぼの先 微笑の先

探る鼓動の音 腕に招き入れる
あと少しの もう少しの 安らぎを求めて
怯える吐息 誘う 甘い香り
いつまででも 「いつまででも」 溺れたまま 絡まる

わからねくてもいい 感じられればいい
紙一重の ガラスの壁 透ける夢がたわむ
手に届くのは あなたの柔らかさ
どこまででも 「どこまででも」 堕落の底 道連れ


Well, as usual, if used give me credits. If there’s any mistakes let me know.



Tenimyu DL5th backstage. ❤ It’s always fun to see them practicing. Especially since they brought back alot of the older stuff, they all had to learn/re-learn the dances. 😀 They celebrate Yui-chan’s birthday..He’s actually really cute outside of being Kaidou. For some reason it’s just weird when he’s Kaidou…

Genki needs a haircut. :< I love his long hair but..ehh…I liked his haircut from when he did his photobook 168. AND Ryousuke leading the dancing! YEY! Wasn’t expecting to see that but it made me happy…Except his pants. ._. Extremely baggy jogging pants, large shirt, and backwards hat? Err…yeah, I prefer the ikemen look. Haha..What was with those car seats that RENN and Genki were sitting in? O.o They had seat-belts and everything…And then Masa-kun pretends to be on a bike and crashes into them. ❤ BY THE WAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAKAGAUCHI MASATAKA!! Turing 23 this year on Aug. 23rd! Hope he had a good day…Genki sure does like his Burberry Black Label shirt doesn’t he? O.o I SEE IT FUCKING EVERYWHERE! Lol jk.

KANE-CHAN!! Does he have something with Rokkaku’s songs? First, in Higamyu, he attempts to sing Kentarou’s ‘Onna no Ko to Chuu‘ and now in DL5th he attempts to sing Saeki’s ‘Hitotsu Yari Nokoshita Koto‘…RENN and Ryo do an imitation of Akutsu-senpai’s ‘Ore ni Sashizu Suruna’…Can you believe I’m older than Ryo by like.. 7 months and a few days?! He’s cute though. LOL Anyways, Ryousuke says it’s his third time doing a Dream Live but he’s nervous, in which Kazuma butts in saying “(its your third time) why are you nervous?”, Ryousuke says it’s because the arena is bigger and that how can he not be nervous but he’ll do his best. ❤

Kaneda saying “mitekimata”? God I don’t understand. Haha, it’s supposed to be ‘mitsukemashita’…And wtf was going on with Ba-chon? He says “ba-chon” and flails his arms around like…I don’t know, he lost me. XD And Takumi…He seems to fit in with Yuki, Mamo-chan and JURI quite well…He laughs alot more and he gets along pretty well with them…Their little “juu-nin to iro~ juu-nin to iro~”. But when they sing ‘VICTORY!‘ and Takumi’s just standing there on the stage..haha, it was so sad looking. And then they zoom to the main stage and Akutsu-senpai’s there doing the dance all quietly = ❤

D1 LOVE! And Shougo calling Ueshima-sensei ‘dad’ and practicing his scene = LOL what the hell. Mamo-chan dancing to Fuurinkazan! BUT IT’S THE SAME LINE! Mamo-chan is like “Fuu! Kaze no gotoku! Fuu! Kaze no gotoshi!” Oh my god, you gotta love Mamo-chan. Masa-chan and Genki talking about their ‘hair’. Ugh such girls! jk ;D (btw, watching tv right now and PERFUME is performing their song Love The World and it kicks ass ❤ AND HOLY SHIT THEY SHOWED CLIPS FROM SHOKOTAN’S ANIME EXPO CONCERT! YEYEYEYEYEYEYEYEYYEYEY!)

A message from Konomi-sensei himself! He actually went to go watch it? Awesome. He thinks it’s interesting and he REALLY likes it. LOL He says “daisuki” so.. ❤ He says he wants DL to continue! 😀 Lol Tomo’s tennis racket had a message..that I wish I could read. CAKE! Somebody brings cake..And Ouji says he brought it, but then Ryousuke says he brought it, and then Shouma says he brought it…and then Kazuma says he brought it. WHO THE FUCK BROUGHT THE CAKE?! Lol And Ba-chon goes for a new hairstyle.

After that, they show some footage from the show. The part with the guests, instead of Yuushi it’s Kabaji. Lol, him and Ishida have a ‘match’ but it turns into a song. ALSO, on Kai’s pirate hat..that thing looks like a ” |: | ” face doesn’t it? I keep looking at it. ._. Mamo-chan and his mic. XD I couldn’t stop laughing, he puts it too high and tries singing with it. Haha Yui-chan’s bad dancing! Didn’t know the camera was there~ Higachuu’s Fuurinkazan! LOL Oh god, Kaneda. I love you so much.




Ishida: LOL that’s too much XD

DREAM LIVE IZ SRZ BIZNIZ as you can tell from Genki, Masa and Daisuke’s faces. >.> OH MY GOD THE GUESTS! Because they did alt. versions since they didn’t get to sing their school’s songs..They do “Do Your Best” and start off with Kaneda

Ishida: Do you best! Kaneda!

Kaneda:…hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm buchou-oh! ;D

lshdg;skdjg;a MOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ LOL just kidding…ha…ha..

Oh they also show Daisuke when he gives his message to Tomo (because he’s graduating) and he cries. D’aaaww Daisuke. And you can hear someone else crying, I assume it’s Tomo..And Ueshima-sensei gives a message and then it’s just more scenes from the shows.

The end.

Also, another extremely long post. Sorry bout that.

tl;dr SYNC.ART song romanization/kanji versions and tenimyu DL5th backstage.


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