Hysterical Object

August 22, 2008 at 9:59 am 3 comments

ikanaide watashi koko ni iru

JYAAAAOOOOO! Been a while since I’ve blogged. πŸ˜€ Oh and that first line is from one of SYNC.ART’s songs on the album End of the World released at Comiket 74. I actually can’t read the kanji for the title though so…Haha, it’s track 3 though! And Hysterical Object is the title of C.S.C->Luv’s new album also released at Comiket 74. Both CD’s kick ass by the way.

Umm, I’ve been listening to alot of Touhou music lately, mostly new stuff released at Comiket(lol Funkies <3)..alot of instrumentals that I never would have used to listen to but thanks to Funkies, I gave it a try. πŸ˜€ AND I was able to hear the AWESOME that is =NeutraL=!! Their album is called “θ’Όε€©ζœˆθ―” and there’s only 2 songs with vocals but one song, History of the Moon really catches my attention! It’s so good! And the vocalist is good at English lol.

TOUHOU EDIT: Because a Nameless Fairy posted a picture of Meiling as Orin or..Orin as Meiling(god whatever lol) I DID IT. Because..I felt…provoked. LOL

That’s the original, here’s mine:

Yeah it’s stupid-looking. The ears are from Halloween and obviously, I cosplayed Meiling so..Ehh. I lost my ribbons so I made some make-shift ones.



Hmm what else..well…I’ve been watching my DVD. I got it on monday and I’ve been so into it! Dream Live 5th YEAH! At first I didn’t know if it was limited edition or not cause nippon export didn’t say anything but…when I opened my package..IT WAS! I stopped breathing at that point. I was planning on going back to sleep that day actually (long story short, I went to sleep at 6am, woke up at 9am to get my dvd) but just seeing my dvd made me so happy! Here’s a picture!

My ever so delectable stickers and the file it came in. ❀ Probably never use them but ehh…

Now onto the musical!

Agagagaga, I’ve seen it like a million times by now lol. Yokohama Arena is so big! Uwaahh~ I liked the opening with Ueshima-sensei! He usually doesn’t show up that much in Dream Lives but in this one he was around a bit more so yey! And buchous! Ye~y buchous! Haha…AND THEY OPENED WITH ‘AOKU MOERU HONOU‘! LIHS;djf;sgjal;djgs;lj;sd ;_; I WAS SO HAPPY! My heart skipped a beat. They brought back so many of the older songs!

And then Rikkai! Their opening song was ‘Oretachi no Jishou ni Haiboku wa Nai‘! Kane-chan’s jersey looks a bit disheveled doesn’t it? LOL His collar is a bit messed up and his hair looks like it’s flaring out of the back of his hat. XD Sanada saying “Yukimura, how is today’s performance?” and then Seiichi saying “…It’s the second (dream live) performance but everybody’s movements were bad!” then everybody proceeds to take a step back like ‘wat’ and then “just kidding <3!”. Yagyuu goes “…nobody laughed.” AND…THEN….KANE-CHAN STRETCHES!! And gets ready for….’FUURINKAZAN‘! That will alway always always be the weirdest dance from Tenimyu ever…so far. But I can’t say I hate it. ;D Cause SECRETLY I want to learn the moves and dance to it. PFFT. JOUDAN DAYO. HUR DUR DUR :B But seriously. Rokkaku comes out for a little dance. Haha Kazuma wearing a hat. Too bad Jutta couldn’t be in it. :< RENN-chan does his FAIYYYAAAA part though.

HIGACHUUU!!!! Haha, Eishirou walking into everybody sleeping. I’m sure Kai doesn’t sleep with his hat on though. Lol Chinen looks so…stiff while he “sleeps”. Tanishi comes out with a shark floatie thing on his arm when they sing ‘Dark Horse‘. XD OMFG LOL and the fucking tennis ball that is like..bulging out of Kite’s pants. LOLOLOL. Oh my god that was so wrong. XD And then Fuji comes out for ‘Tennis to wa…‘. Yuuta’s movements are so…hmm I don’t know how to explain it but I guess it’s because of his previous ballet classes…Taka-san comes out for his part..and..throws glitter at Fuji with a ” ;D ” face…which was gay. I actually really like this song, the first time around when I heard it from Higamyu, I wasn’t really feeling it but I’ve grown to love it. πŸ˜€ I like Taka-san’s voice. Then after the song is done, Saeki comes out and is like “is your voice okay?” “yes, I’m PERFECTLY fine!(wtf are you talking bitch lol)” Lol battle.

Saeki sings ‘Hitotsu yari Nokoshita Koto‘ but he sings it kind of differently…I don’t know but I wasn’t really…into it as I was in Higamyu. BUT I LOVE LOVE LOVE how they changed the lyrics when the song goes “Ike! Saeki! Seigi no tame ni. Omae no kokoro wo butsuke yare! Souda, Saeki! Omae wa koko ni wa nai nakama no omoi ni mamorarete iru“.Rather because Rokkaku IS there it goes “Ike! Saeki! Seigi no tame ni. Omae no kokoro wo butsuke yare! Souda, Saeki! Omae wa hitori janai, oretachi no omoi ni hitotsu dakara”. So instead of the original “the thoughts of your friends that aren’t here are protecting you” it’s “you’re not alone because our thoughts are one”. ❀ Uwaah I loved that part. After the song ends they talk a little, complain that Dabide and Bane-san aren’t there.

Kentarou: It’s okay! Look, we still have Sae-san!<3

Saeki: What are you saying~! ❀

Ryou: It’s not what he’s saying that’s the problem, its the reaction. And by the way..Kentarou…Why are you wearing a hat! That’s my thing!Take it off!

Kentarou: No way!


Kentarou: You take it off!

Ryou: That’s impossible! You take it off! I’m your senpai!

Kentarou: I’m the captain!

Ryou: Captain!…Please excuse me -bows-


After that…Tezuka sings ‘Yomigaerishi Mono‘ and FUCKING FLIES. I keed you not. It’s kind of gay. But then Higachuu comes out and sings ‘Ore wa Koroshiya to Yobareru Otoko‘ with a sexy dance. XD Then Higa and Tezuka have a chat and Ryouma comes out…AND OPENS WITH…’ORE WA UE NI IKU YO‘! And it goes into ‘Be Cool‘.

AND THEN DUN DUN DUN! Akutsu-senpai~! He sings ‘Ore ni Sashizu Suru na‘. I fucking love JURI. But he really does scare me as Akutsu-senpai. Hahaha, after he finishes his song the guests come out on the mini-stage opposite to the main stage. It’s Kaneda, Ishida, and Yuushi! Yuki makes such a damn good Kaneda ❀ I loved it. And Mamo-chan! Best Ishida! I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Takumi is just the real life Yuushi, it’s scary. And then they act gay. Kaneda cries for his loving buchou, Ishida cries for Sakurai and Yuushi cries for Gakuto. ❀ nfu. Then, because they don’t get to sing their school’s song they take turns during runs. During this one it’s Rudolphs. So then ‘sing’ ‘Erabarashii ELITE Shuudan‘. “Rudolph ni tsudou warera erabareshi tennis no elite” and then Ishida says “Elite janai!” because he doesn’t go to a private school? He calls himself a commoner. So yeah..it goes on for a while and then he calls himself bald. LOL

SUDDENLY, BUNTA’S VOICE. He says “Hey you guys…There’s no more after this…(roughly saying)” in this really..sexy voice. LOL And Rikkai comes out in their school uniforms which I died at. They sing ‘Omaera Gakuppuchi Girigiri‘ WHICH WAS MADE OF SEX AND WIN. ;D Genki’s little wave = ahhhhn~<3 . After they’re done, the guests come back out and open with ‘Koko Kara Ga…Oretachi‘ which made me so happy! Rokkaku comes out and helps with the song but for some reason I was so happy it wasn’t Seigaku singing it. Breath of fresh air? And I loooove getting to see Ryousuke dance. Haha and fucking shit Shouma! He makes the cutest Icchan! Hnnggg..I died. XD 9999 DAMEJIIIII~! Oh they also sing ‘Somero, Tsyoku nare‘!

VIKINGS!? PIRATES?! WAT! FLYING KAIS?! YES THATS RIGHT, ‘VIKING HORN‘. Caps lock, cruise control, etc. I don’t understand why Kai was flying though… ._. They kinda lost me. Lol, Higachuu does a little quiz of sorts and then Niou and Yagyuu come out on the opposite mini-stage…LOOKIN KIND COOL THAR. Pimps. LOL. Cute though, I liked it. Yagyuu had sunglasses on on top of his regular glasses. AND BEHOLD! A new dance for ‘Petenshi daa? Nanto demo ie‘ I REEAAAAAAAALLY liked it. It was so good.

And then, of course because they’re doubles players…IT’S DOUBLES TIMES!!! And OMFG YES! ‘Golden Pair‘!!! AGAGAGAGAG Tuti and Nagayan would’ve been proud. So a bunch of doubles pairs come out such as akaya/renji, saeki/icchan, rin/chinen, momo/kaidou, taka/fuji, and of course niou/yagyuu and the golden pair! After they finish the song, Eiji is like “Oishi~ Don’t leave me and play singles okay? -pout-” “Eiji….yeah!” AND THEN EIJI SINGS ‘JUUDEN KANRYOUKU‘! lasfha;kghskeghskhslhkaeligdk -died- D’aaawww. Eiji looks so cute with that thing wrapped around his head and bow around his waist. I actually didn’t like Kyousuke-kun that much but holy fucking shit…HIS SMILE. IT’S SO….MABUSHIIIIIIII~! Sugoku mabushii yo. While Eiji’s singing, Kai, Bunta, and Kentarou POP OUT OF THE STAGE! SURPRISE! All wearing a bow and head band and sing along too. Haha, when Bunta’s part comes up and he’s wandering all over the stage, everybody else is like “what the fuck are you doing?” and he squeezes in a “tensai teki!” as Eiji pushes him away. Unfortunately the dance that goes along with ‘Juuden Kanryouku‘ is looking really fucking gay and it makes me tingle all over. LOL And what in god’s name is the Ichinen Trio wearing!?

And then, the sad part sets in. Kaidou and Momo come out. And Kaidou sing ‘Ore wa Mamushi” OMFG YEAH! BRING IT BACK NOW TOMO!! ❀ It came with a sexy mamushi dance! LOLOLOLOL. After he finishes the song, the rest of Seigaku is waiting for him at the back side of the stage (stage plan is weird, there’s a main stage with a runway with a little stage at the end and at the other end of the arena is another little stage). Because Tomo was part of 3rd cast and played double Kaidou with Hirata Yuichirou, Tomo graduates at the end of Dream Live so Yui-chan gives Tomo a message. Tezuka, aswell, gives Tomo a message, thanking him and saying that 4th cast couldn’t have grown without him. At this point Tomo is talking and you can tell he’s trying not to cry. D’aaw. They sing “The Regular“. Oh my god I cried. What the fuck man. When Tomo was singing his part and started crying, I cried. He picked himself up and finished his lines while I BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW. Alot of other people come out, some from Rikkai, Rokkaku and Higa.

There’s a pause break and “Kimi wo Shijiteru” starts up. Lol, Sanada is on the mini stage and Yukimura is on the main stage. When they’re done, Yukimura says “You’re so far away” and Sanada says “…yeah”. GAY. LOL

Ueshima-sensei comes out and talks a little and Seigaku comes out in their DL!Outfits and sing “Oretachi no Aikotoba” and”Forward, My Men!~Try Again!”. During the ‘Try Again‘ part, Higa, Rikkai, and Rokkaku come out and sing while Seigaku gets changed..And then the song switches to ‘Reunion~HEAT UP~2‘. After that it’s over but they come out for an encore and sing ‘F.G.K.S‘…It’s quiet and then…’On My Way‘ starts playing! And for some really fucking unknown reason, I started CRYING! Holy shit lol. I just BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW while they sang…And then it was really over.

Lol, longest post ever.

tl;dr I listen to new Touhou music thanks to Funkies, get my Tenimyu DVD, Tomo graduates, I go crazy over old songs and cry, and watch a whole bunch of gay.


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  • 1. Funkies  |  August 23, 2008 at 9:24 pm

    Quite a nice Orin-ling ya have there. Hopefully more C74 stuff will pop up… I will be postin’ anything new that comes along. Well, mostly anyway. Nifty blog ya have here, I can totally dig it.

    See ya over at poosh, so have fun until then.

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  • 3. fariha  |  January 4, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    stupid, badddddddddddddddd


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