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So Touhou 11 is out, there’s a new IOSYS CD, my DL5th DVD should be coming soon, school is nearing, my patience is running thin and I had more weird dreams!

Ok so let’s start with Subterranean Animism. Um first of all. FINALLY YES I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY! Second… Chen + China = STAGE 5 BOSS. Lol. Character design is pretty…um…unique. ._. RETURN OF SANAE? Okay.

New IOSYS CD! I Like it! Though Hina’s song is a bit too..happy? I don’t know, it’s a bit weird but I like it. REMIXES! Omg so good. Osaisen Choudai remix, I love so much. XD And Oyome ni shinasai! remix was weird. O.o

My DL5th dvd was shipped out like 2 days ago..so…JUST A FEW MORE DAYS. According to EMS it’s in San Fran right now…

I went shopping for school supplies. I still need a school bag and a cute new pencil case. XD My shoes are dying by the way so I should go buy some new ones…

I HAD A REALLY WEIRD DREAM. I watched that Kagamine Rin video, The Daughter of Evil and then read a post made on lj about a masaxba-chon community right before I went to sleep. That created crack. …Ok so in my dream I was a princess(that sounds so cliche) and I was supposed to marry Niou. I know that it’s supposed to be Masa but I don’t know, my brain took the actors and made them into the characters for my dream. And Yagyuu was my servant or something (gentleman~!). So the day before I was supposed to meet up with Niou for whatever reason, Yagyuu told me he liked me. And ODDLY ENOUGH, that’s where I woke up. Haha

I just heard Genki’s new radio episode on niconico. God, that man and his Saint Seiya. Lol, well one person wrote in and asked what Genki does during the day. He said when he doesn’t have work, he’ll wake up, eat, watch some tv and fall asleep on the sofa. Lol so…boring. XD He got new contacts or something too. And he only recently got himself a PS3 and bought the game SIREN. What else…He’s so damn cute. LOL When he does his challenge corners. ❤

In other news:

Katou Ryousuke, Rokkaku’s Ryou, is working with Fudomine’s Sakurai, Takagi Shun or Shunri as Ryousuke calls him on a project called “Oresama Cool” or “oresama ku-ru”.

Rokkaku’s Saeki, Irei Kanata, is working on the musical Elizabeth right now…

OH and if you look in Shuji Hayashi’s blog ,Burimyu’s Byakuya, there’s a cute picture of Genki holding up a poster of YOSHITSUNE.

Hmm..I wonder what happened to Shiozawa Hidemasa, ST.Rudolph’s Mizuki. :< I know he modeled for that one magazine FINE or something…In which he looked pretty damn tanned. ._. Last time I saw him acting was in Renai Shindan…What the hell is he doing?

Anyways, I’ll end it here. I’m getting sleepy. Goodnight everyone~!

EDIT: what the hell, lol. The day I start wondering what happened to hidemasa, a post goes up in his lj comm. asking about his whereabouts. XD


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