Ace! King! Jack! …Pannacotta Fugo?

August 12, 2008 at 2:51 am 1 comment

LOL I had the weirdest dream ever…

First of all, if you’ve never heard of the movie Triple Complex, Toricon!, let me fill you in. It’s about these 3 guys who are private detectives. Yagami Ren “Ouji”, plays Jack, Shindou Gaku plays Ace, and Minami Keisuke plays King. I thought Ouji should have played King…LOL Just because of the names. But anyways, yeah so this little girl comes to them trying to find her dad. And I think it’s obvious what happens after that.

By the way, for those who liked Toricon!!, there’s a sequel coming out next year apparently. Called “Toricon Returns!” AND for you Konishi Ryousei (Tenimyu’s Ibu Shinji) fans, he’s going to be in it…I think. According to his profile, it says so. πŸ˜€ Just wait ’til 2009!

Okay so with my dream. Uhm…Yeah for some really fucked up reason I was Pannacotta Fugo from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. ._. But my cheese suit was purple. And you guessed it! I was a private detective alongside Ace,King and Jack. But my name wasn’t Pannacotta Fugo…It was Queen. LOL First of all, even I wouldn’t hire me in an outfit like that. XD But okay whatever goes in my dreams.

So we’re at this…weird building. I don’t know what the hell we were doing there but that damn building was falling apart! We got into the elevator and the fucking door opened and closed ever 5 seconds so my arm got caught. XD I got it out and this guy said we couldn’t use the elevators because they were broken, but people were still getting in! So then we’re at the very top floor of the building and wondering how the hell we’re going to get down and this kid comes in with his skateboard and Ace tells me “you’re going to skateboard down to the first floor and get help!!”. I don’t even know how to skateboard. ._. Oh by the way the building was apparently 90+ stories high and for some reason we didn’t want to take the stairs for whatever reason. So…yeah, there I am at the edge of the building getting ready to skateboard down the damn building. LOL

Somehow, I make it down in one piece and there’s this girl running away. I don’t know for sure what she did, but I assume she’s the one we’re supposed to be chasing. So I take off running but I realize I’m not wearing any shoes! LOL Then I say “fuck it! RUN FASTER!” and I’m running though wet grass trying to catch up with this girl. And she goes into this..uh…building-of-sorts. It’s not really a building but there’s only one entrance and one exit and it’s completely made out of glass. So then I say “If I go in now, she’ll see me and get out! I’ll have to wait” So I stand there waiting for her to come out and King comes out of nowhere. I don’t understand that part because I don’t remember calling for help. LOL And then unfortunately I wake up.

:< I wanted to see what happened but okay. Quite the interesting dream. XD


Oh on another topic, I ordered my Ookawa Genki stuff! His photobook Wing and DVD High Spirit! I’ll have to wait til Sept 20+ to receive my stuff though since I didn’t go for split shipping. BUT I CAN WAIT BECAUSE I FINALLY HAVE HARD COPIES! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Also waiting on my copy of Dream Live 5th. ;_; Want it nao! So I can watch it~

OH and also, because I love Genki so much…I found this in his blog yesterday:


Oh my god, you do not know how happy I was to find this! πŸ˜€ He’s such a Gurren Lagann fanboy. ❀

He should cosplay…STARLOCK!Shimon! He does that cosplay section in GoodCome…So he should! ;D


…I need new Touhou music to listen to. OH By the way, IOSYS is releasing a new CD at Comiket! YEY! AND GUESS WHO’S ON THE COVER!?….THAT’S RIGHT HINA KAGIYAMA! I’m so excited for it’s release! πŸ˜€ I’m working on my Hina cosplay right now actually. I never had to make a gothloli-type outfit before so…I’m going to try my best! And one day I will do Jojo’s cosplay for real. But not Pannacotta. God forbid. LOL


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  • 1. Ren & Minami Fan :)  |  November 8, 2010 at 12:30 am

    Hey, any idea if I can watch Toricon!!! Returns or Triple Complex, Toricon!!! online?


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