Musical Tennis no Oujisama:Best Actors Series 011 – Watanabe Daisuke as Tezuka Kunimitsu

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Okay okay! Sort of a random post and totally fangirltastic!

BUT! I finallllllllly got to hear ‘Musical Tennis no Oujisama: Best Actors Series 011 – Watanabe Daisuke as Tezuka Kunimitsu‘ and I AM IN LOVE! WOW! Totally was not expecting that at ALL. I was blown away!

Let’s go over the CD shall we?

Track One : DASH!

Poppy! I like it! It makes me feel like running. It’s a good opening song but I wish I had the scans for the lyrics. :/ Also, I love how out of characters all the songs are for all of the BAS CD’s. It just makes it funnier. ;D His voice is so awesome! I’ve only ever saw him in Higamyu, and I refuse to listen to the Dream Live 5th CD because I’m waiting for my DVD. =3=

Track Two : Jewel In My Heart

A little slower. Definitely sounds gay. But none the less, it’s great. He says “you are my precious one” in the song! Omg, I lol’d yet I totally loved it. xD

Track Three: Blazing Shine

Kind of a weird title, but then again look at ‘Jewel in my heart’ lol. But! Out of the 3 first tracks, this one is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. It’s kind of poppy, lots of back-up vocals(I wonder who?), and I want lyrics. now. I need to know what this song is about @_@

Track Four is a instrumental.

Track Five: Yomigaerishi Mono

Slooooooooow. Don’t get me wrong, but slow songs aren’t really my thing but it’s good. 😮 His voice gets deeper.

Track Six and Track Seven are instumentals.

Track Eight: Semero, Tsuyoku Nare!

Hmm, Shirotan did this one too. Lol.

Track Nine: Aoku Moeru Honou

MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SONG OFF THE ENTIRE FUCKING CD. Holy shit. I was not expecting this at all. My heart exploded when I heard the beginning. I was like “they…fucking…totally…did..not…OMFG YES THEY DID AKJHDLkdkgjsd;kgjglkshjkhjgs;ljbhf;hjs”. I freaked out. :’D


Er. Hahahaha…Yeah. um. Waiting on ‘Musical Tennis no Oujisama : Best Actors Series 012 – LUKE.C as Eishirou Kite‘ I actually, really liked his voice since Rikkaimyu Second Service when he debuted at Kite. 😮 So I’m excited! I hope hope hope they had him sing “Ore wa Koroshiya to Yobareru Otoko”, from Higamyu. Lol, I love that song. It’s so…007 like. ;D

So yeah, now I’m listening to all the BAS CDS because…I don’t know. I like `em.

Okay…well, that’s all I wanted to fangirl about. LOL

Take care everybody! 😀


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