The Only Thing That Tempts the Darkness is Despair and Anxiety.

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Yami ga izanau mono wa zetsubou to fuan dake.

I CRY CRY nigetai yo, sore sae yurusarenai wa.

I CRY CRY, I’m running away, even if that’s unforgivable.

WOAAAAH Excuse my horribly translated lyrics. Maybe when my Japanese doesn’t suck, I’ll try translating something. Anyways, it’s from ALSTROEMERIA RECORD’s DARK ROAD. Have I mentioned that I love Hina Kagiyama? Well..I do. And I’m thinking of cosplaying her. I probably will, unless there’s something stopping me. Ha, the curse goddess. Her song is so emo though 😮 From what I can translate…Well, I guess it makes sense.Yeah. Well, she’s awesome in my book.

Lol the best thing about the line “I CRY CRY, nigetai yo, sore sae yurusarenai wa” is that I didn’t know the meaning for “yurusarenai” and then I remembered Tenimyu! And MAGICALLY! I remembered. 😀

Yeah, um. Thanks to all you out there reading our blog. I’m just glad this didn’t turn out into a bust. By the way, Mina’s internat is broken that’s why she hasn’t been posting much lately. But she’ll be at my house tomorrow. Again. LOL. Gets bored often.


That dreaded line. Just looking at it gives me a headache(har har). But I do love this video:

LOL Just watching it, makes me so happy. And that comment “LET ME SING YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE”, it just makes it all the more funnier. ;D

Oh oh oh, Genki-tan posted a picture in his blog of all his Gurren Lagann figurines~ I wanted to steal them all~ And because I’m deathly in love with the guy, I put my Revoltech in the same pose his was in. =_= Fangirl much?

Hahaha..I saw that they’re releasing an Enki Revoltech? Um, in September I think? Yeah, AND ALSO. A Gurren Lagann FULL DRILLIZED. It looks so damn cool. AND I WANT IT. Lol you know, looking at the Enki I built, it needs some mother fucking paint! My Gurren too…But I’ve never had to paint my figurines before…Nor did I ever have to build them myself…So I’m scared~! ;_; I don’t want to mess them up but…they look so…naked.

OH YEAH, my brother acknowledges me as a “idol ota”. ._. Well, that and “cosplay ota”. ._. I guess…That’s about right.
I don’t really follow many animes, and prefer to watch things that include my favorite idols. I read blogs, check them frequently(maybe I’m just bored?), watch anything related to them, and get caught up in the dramus about them. LOL I’ve never been to events or anything though :< I WISH I COULD. But then my Japanese skill are fucking horrible as shit and..That doesn’t help. ._. I can’t talk very politely, despite what I’ve learned in class. And frequently end my sentences in “wwwwwwwwwwwwww” when typing online. ._. Err…haha. That’s probably another reason why I didn’t participate in class very much. Everything that came out of my mouth was slang.

すまん な!wwww

Oh shi– It’s getting late.

EDIT!: I just remembered something. The Hitsuji de Oyasumi Kakumei Hen Series. Basically, it’s a bunch of seiyuus with really nice voices..trying to get you to sleep. They count you sheep. I heard a few of them. Um…Like many other interactive things, there’s different types. Such as the butler type or tsundere type. Oh, did I mention? These are for women. There’s only two that I know of that were for men. Of course, me being the tsundere loving type, I picked that one. AND wow, I was totally not expecting it but in the tsundere type, Miyano Mamoru is in it. He’s the seiyuu for ‘Death the Kid’ in Soul Eater, Yagami Light in Death Note(I hate death note lol), Tamaki Suou in Ouran(hate ouran lol), Setsuna in Gundam 00, and Riku from Kingdom Hearts. Lol…Just to name a few of his roles. He also plays Ishida Tetsu of Fudoumine in Tenimyu! ❤

Well anyways, I didn’t listen to all of it. Too busy laughing. And I don’t need a guy with a sexy voice to lull me to sleep. ._.;; But that’s besides the point. Haha, the thing is. This is probably the thing that made me laugh the most. When they’re counting the sheep, sometimes they’ll stop and talk for like 2 minutes or so. Because there’s two people counting per CD, I assume Mamo-tan was the ‘dere dere’ part. From the way he was talking. BUT! Oh my god, I know they’re like..Trying to put you to sleep and so they’re speaking in a really soft voice but…WOW. Uh. Um..Mamo’s voice, to me, sounded more like ‘sex nao’ whispering than anything else. …Because of that, I was laughing most of the damn time! He plays such a good ‘dere dere’ though. ❤

” kocchi ni kite, me o tsubure”

I WANT GENKI’S NAO!! I don’t know what type his is though. From the CM of it, something about a princess? Going to a dream world? I assume his and Ba-chon’s is about treating you like a princess? I don’t know, I guess they’re the Princes. ❤

BTW, Takagi Shinpei likes Tsunderes! I wonder what his magical futago brother Manpei thinks! be exact, he says ” I understand the ‘tsun tsun’ but the dere dere is what I like[most?]” Um he explains that he likes it when the girl will link her arm with the guy and lay her head on his shoulder. He did a example with his brother. ❤ SO CUTE! Cutest twins evvvvvvvvvvvvver. ❤

Btw, this was all said on “Sanma no Ike Ike Ikemen Paradise Gakuen!”. Basically a show where all these extremely good looking men come on and answer questions asked by..old hags. =3= Okay so they’re not old hags but..Wahh! Treating Ouji so badly! Not forgiven! And they also do a role-playing kind of thing. Where the lady will pick which guy she likes most, and then the host will give a theme. And then they act out how they would go about doing it. I totally would have picked Manpei and Shinpei. I’d act tsundere >;D Muahahaha.



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