Touhou, Prince of Tennis, Cosplay, Dreams, & Weapons, Oh My!

July 25, 2008 at 5:24 am 1 comment

Maybe we can fall in love~

Lol Surprise! No cheesy song title this time.

LOL 1000 HIT COMBO!!!!!! ‘Scuse my Hong Meiling retarded casual cosplay. WHERE’S MY KRIZALID. :O Damn crack pairing. Though they do oddly enough fit each other. Too bad he’s only good-looking in the fanarts! Ahaha

Anyways, yeah, summer’s been a piece of shit so far. I’ve done NOTHING since Anime Expo ended and I really want it back! ;_; Waaah~ The next con is…Pacific Media Expo! And I’m not sure if I’m going yet..Most likely but it depends on who the guests are. :<

PRINCE OF TENNIS! OMFG YES. Okay so I asked my ever so loving papa for moniez to buy the uber expensive Dream Live 5th DVD. AND HE SAID YES! So I’ve got my copy on pre-order! It was pretty odd how the conversation went really…

-eating at a restaurant-

Nosukii: Dad…can I have money?

Dad: How much?

Nosukii:…well…it’s not like..$200 or anything…

Dad: So $100?

Nosukii: *thinking: Oh god he’s going to say no for sure. それはヤバイよ!* umm…yeah


Nosukii:…YEY! <333333

Yes! I love my dad so much! He’s the only one who actually really cares about my career and grades and stuff…<3 😀

I also had a…very weird dream. …Like, holy hell wat?! I dreamt I was at a con but it looked more like a street festival. And I was going to cosplay Adiane from Gurren Lagann. I had the outfit completed and everything but once we got to the “con”…My outfit disappeared! I looked everywhere for it! And then..for some really fucking unknown reason, in my dream, I said I was going to cosplay Mima from Touhou! Oh my god what! Iori E already did that! >.> And then the dream changed and it was Halloween. And the guys from The Prince of Tennis were in my house and we had a Haunted House thing going on. So then me and the guys from HigaChuu were scaring people in the house and Tezuka said too many people were getting hurt. I don’t know why but yes. People were getting hurt. So then we got in trouble and hid at my auntie’s house. 😄

So yeah…having a bit of a predicament with my Advent Reisen cosplay. I’ve acquired an airsoft gun for my bunny gun but it doesn’t have orange tip…And it’s clear. It’s a Sig Saver P230. It won’t look like a gun when I’m done with it anyways but..I don’t know. :/ I’ll have to ask about it. Lol I borrowed the airsoft gun from my brother.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Well, Mina’s coming over tomorrow. Gonna have some good LULZ. Oh and glad to know /cgl/ is back. Kinda deprived for the last few days. :/ I’ve had to go to idle all the time 😄 OH YEAH! One last thing…I don’t know why but recently..Some of my thoughts have been in Japanese. inb4″hurdurhurweeaboo”. I’m talking…Like, srz bizniz actual sentences with particles and everything included. Maybe I should stop watching dramas. >.>

Ok, bye bye! ❤


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  • 1. Envie  |  September 20, 2008 at 9:40 pm

    Hehe – awesome cosplay at the top there 😄 And j00 look fiiiiine (*looks so damn British and therefore has trouble looking /good/ as a cosplayer* XP)

    I can imagine the HigaChuu people scaring Tezuka-tachi like that 😄 Awesome dream… I wish I had moar dreams like that, naa~ *sighs happily*

    And you ordered DL5? GRATZ!! 😄 I’ve been looking for teh dvd everywhere, as part-time job has allowed me to save up enough money for it, but none of the main sites have it for sale TT_TT (…could you possibly tell me where you got your dvd? I shall love you forever and have your cyberbebbies if you do *cackles* And I’ll share mah Keigo plushie)


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