Touhou, Prince of Tennis, Cosplay, Dreams, & Weapons, Oh My!

July 25, 2008 at 5:24 am 1 comment

Maybe we can fall in love~

Lol Surprise! No cheesy song title this time.

LOL 1000 HIT COMBO!!!!!! ‘Scuse my Hong Meiling retarded casual cosplay. WHERE’S MY KRIZALID. :O Damn crack pairing. Though they do oddly enough fit each other. Too bad he’s only good-looking in the fanarts! Ahaha

Anyways, yeah, summer’s been a piece of shit so far. I’ve done NOTHING since Anime Expo ended and I really want it back! ;_; Waaah~ The next con is…Pacific Media Expo! And I’m not sure if I’m going yet..Most likely but it depends on who the guests are. :<

PRINCE OF TENNIS! OMFG YES. Okay so I asked my ever so loving papa for moniez to buy the uber expensive Dream Live 5th DVD. AND HE SAID YES! So I’ve got my copy on pre-order! It was pretty odd how the conversation went really…

-eating at a restaurant-

Nosukii: Dad…can I have money?

Dad: How much?

Nosukii:…well…it’s not like..$200 or anything…

Dad: So $100?

Nosukii: *thinking: Oh god he’s going to say no for sure. それはヤバイよ!* umm…yeah


Nosukii:…YEY! <333333

Yes! I love my dad so much! He’s the only one who actually really cares about my career and grades and stuff…<3 😀

I also had a…very weird dream. …Like, holy hell wat?! I dreamt I was at a con but it looked more like a street festival. And I was going to cosplay Adiane from Gurren Lagann. I had the outfit completed and everything but once we got to the “con”…My outfit disappeared! I looked everywhere for it! And then..for some really fucking unknown reason, in my dream, I said I was going to cosplay Mima from Touhou! Oh my god what! Iori E already did that! >.> And then the dream changed and it was Halloween. And the guys from The Prince of Tennis were in my house and we had a Haunted House thing going on. So then me and the guys from HigaChuu were scaring people in the house and Tezuka said too many people were getting hurt. I don’t know why but yes. People were getting hurt. So then we got in trouble and hid at my auntie’s house. XD

So yeah…having a bit of a predicament with my Advent Reisen cosplay. I’ve acquired an airsoft gun for my bunny gun but it doesn’t have orange tip…And it’s clear. It’s a Sig Saver P230. It won’t look like a gun when I’m done with it anyways but..I don’t know. :/ I’ll have to ask about it. Lol I borrowed the airsoft gun from my brother.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Well, Mina’s coming over tomorrow. Gonna have some good LULZ. Oh and glad to know /cgl/ is back. Kinda deprived for the last few days. :/ I’ve had to go to idle all the time XD OH YEAH! One last thing…I don’t know why but recently..Some of my thoughts have been in Japanese. inb4″hurdurhurweeaboo”. I’m talking…Like, srz bizniz actual sentences with particles and everything included. Maybe I should stop watching dramas. >.>

Ok, bye bye! ❤


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  • 1. Envie  |  September 20, 2008 at 9:40 pm

    Hehe – awesome cosplay at the top there XD And j00 look fiiiiine (*looks so damn British and therefore has trouble looking /good/ as a cosplayer* XP)

    I can imagine the HigaChuu people scaring Tezuka-tachi like that XD Awesome dream… I wish I had moar dreams like that, naa~ *sighs happily*

    And you ordered DL5? GRATZ!! XD I’ve been looking for teh dvd everywhere, as part-time job has allowed me to save up enough money for it, but none of the main sites have it for sale TT_TT (…could you possibly tell me where you got your dvd? I shall love you forever and have your cyberbebbies if you do *cackles* And I’ll share mah Keigo plushie)


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