Gimme Gimme Gimme A Man After Midnight

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Won’t somebody help me chase the shadows away

Yayaya, Okay so..Haven’t blogged in a while so here we go!

Ummm.. well yesterday me and Mina went out to watch Mamma Mia! Let me tell you, weirdest theater experience ever. Almost everybody in there was over 30+ years old. AND THEY STOOD UP AND STARTED DANCING/SINGING. Awkward much? But I really liked it! And now I can’t stop listening to ABBA. Lol. After that we headed back to my house and had some cake…Chatted a bit, and then she had to go home.

Besides that, I started watching that Jdorama, ROOKIES. And I’m in LOVE! I didn’t think I’d watch it because it was about baseball and it just didn’t seem like something that’d I’d watch. But I’m hooked! I think my favorite person would have to be Aniya. I don’t know why. Nfu, there’s just something about him I like so much. But I love the entire team! ❤ They’re so funny. And because of my new found fandom, I went back to all my Junon/Potato/KoiMen magazines and cut out all of the ROOKIES related articles and stuff. ❤ Pasted all of them on my walls. I like the ending theme too, it’s a good song.

Watched some of the older Tenimyu stuff. Like, Fudouminemyu and Dream Live 1st(again). LOL. And I guess I never payed attention until now, but I’ve grown to like Konishi Ryousei. He plays Ibu Shinji. I really like his voice. So cute! 😀

OH! And I bought a new shirt! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! For all you Touhou fans, I’m sure you would get it. It says “This girl’s a genius” and it’s in an ice blue color. <3333333333333333333 I love it!

Also, I’m going to dye my hair. Blue. Think, electric blue. NOT ALL OF IT THOUGH. >.>

OMFG 2953879357295729 HOURS IN PAINT. Please excuse the uboa face…>.> and crappy painted on hair. LOL The color kinda reminds me of Urataros from Den-O. The coloring won’t look that crappy, trust me. XD

-sigh- Well, that’s it for me right now. I’m thinking of PMX now. If I’m going or not, I want to but…It depends on the guests…I almost had Inui* last year…Maa ne, maybe something better this year.


* – Kenjirou Tsuda was a guest to PMX last year, but he couldn’t make it last minute. Kenjirou Tsuda is the voice actor for Inui Sadaharu from Prince of Tennis.


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