Money can’t buy my love.

July 13, 2008 at 9:57 am Leave a comment

Okay so it’s about…2:15AM when I’m writing this and Mina’s coming over in the afternoon…later. Got some gossip and girl-talking to do!

BUT! That’s not the point of my blog. Lol, it’s more about…Host Clubs.

Today I came upon a documentary of a host named, Issei…If I remember correctly. Apparently he was number one or something..whatever. Yeah okay so in this documentary, The Great Happiness Space, they ask him questions about his job, what he does, you know..Basic things. Well they also interview the girls that go to see him.

And just seeing it..My god, I was so…It’s like, so stupid what these girls do. I mean, I’ve known about these things for a long time now, but I actually watched the documentary and listened to what these people had to say and..They just..I don’t know. It’s so stupid. To waste you time and money on a guy that’s feeding you lies. Some of the girls spent over $7,000 a day on these guys. Gah, so stupid! アンタバカ!!!

And then of course, they interview the girls. Figures, they’re all prostitutes. :/oh but I feel so bad afterwardsうそ だ! Ahhhh a bunch of lying whores.

It was funny really, when the hosts were trying to pick up some girls. The hosts were like “you should trust hosts sometimes” and the girls were like “no.” and the host were like “we’re not always full of bullshit” “ALL lies” . Even some of their customers were saying that they can’t trust the hosts. So why do it? SO RONERY? Can’t find a guy? So you gotta go to some man-whore house to get your lovin`?

girls are weak“. Okay if there was anything in that documentary that pissed me off, it was that. Damn it, not all girls are like that! D:< RAAAAGGGGEEE!!

Maaaaaaan. Host clubs are so lame. All the hosts in the documentary weren’t even cute. =3= I’d probably have to be wasted as fuck to go to a host club. lol. really. Or like…not getting any by the time I hit 28 or something. LOL

Why not a butler cafe? At least it’s a bit classier. LOL. Or…a trap cafe? Hey, I wouldn’t mind that at all. LOL

Uh god, I think it’s the late night intarnat surfing that’s getting to me. I should hit the sack. Later.


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