Keep it simple, now.

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I’m down if you don’t expect any more from me
I ain’t got much for you
It’s all right
If you wanna get down
Keep it simple, now.

Ah well. Today brings another blog from me, Nosukii. I just took a shower and I’ve calmed down from my rage. Haha, long story really. I went out shopping with my mother,brothers, uncle and a friend of my mother today. We drove for more than an hour to get to our destination so I was extremely bored by the time we got there. Didn’t really buy anything. I’m not one for polo shirts or preppy clothes. But I do love me some bags.Lol, unfortunately I didn’t get to buy any, but my mother did say she’d take me back to buy a school bag later on. So hey, I’ll take that offer. But it wasn’t that, that sent me into rage. It was the fact my brother got a completely brand new computer. Yeah sure, it was for his birthday. But what did I get for my birthday? $100. Compared to his 700$+ computer…That’s nothing. Of course I’d be angry! And I still get yelled at. Literally. I was just sitting there being quiet and my mother yelled at me. She was like, “what’s wrong with you!?”.

What’s wrong with me? Really? She’s asking that? You must be joking! I don’t really ask for much. Honestly. I may go out alot and go here and there but that doesn’t always necessarily mean I buy something every time I go out. I go to a good school and try and get all the damn good grades they want me to get. And what do I get in return? “You go to Whitney! You should be doing better than that!” EXCUSE ME? Don’t you see I’m T R Y I N G!? For God’s sake! You can only expect so much out of me! And I still get looked at like I’m fucking stupid or some shit like that. Is it because I’m younger? Do they not think I’m mature enough to understand? I’m not stupid.


Oh well.

Anyways, I cleaned my room. There’s so much space in it now~ I have some pictures! Because I want to show it off. LOL

Yeah ok so here…You can see my delicious posters. And my handy dandy dress form! My little work space is there to the right, you can actually see part of my sewing machine and my iron, lol. And yes, I did pin my Nakagawa Shouko shirt to my wall.

And here, you can see some of my shoes there at the bottom. My mirror’s off to the left. My awesome lamp! Except it’s kind of broken leans against my wall, til I can find a replacement. More posters, and my foam head on a stick!

WOO! I don’t know if you’ve caught on yet, but I love love colored lights. Lol. And yes, I do like jrock. Been to a couple concerts myself. And for the record, I caught Kaoru’s(Dir en grey) guitar pick, and yes I will brag. Because I got crushed for it. =3= Many many many magazine clippings of ikemen*. AND YES. THAT IS A KODOMO NO JIKAN POSTER. It looks very suggestive.I don’t know why I have it. I just saw it and was like “oh hey, Kodomo no Jikan” and bought it. Underneath that is my DOGS poster! Which I love so much! I love DOGS Bullets and Carnage so when I saw it, I had to have it!

More jrock and ikemen. AND CLANNAIDS POSTER. Yeah. I like me some Clannaids.


KNOW WHAT THIS IS!? That’s right. My pile of doujinshi. The pile I spent over $300+ on. I have 21 doujinshi so far. Want a run-down of them?

Touhou – 5 doujins, all non-H. Alice in Wonderland, Don’t Move Large Library, and one other one that I can’t read because it’s in kanji, but they’re all by the circle The Hole of Yago. Love Graze/6 by noheppado!(?), and the mysterious book because I can’t read the title *kanji* *kanji* Chinjyaorousu by KiraKiraHikari.

Prince of Tennis – 3 doujins, one is totally NSFW. One is PG, just a small kiss and the last one is like PG-16. The totally NSFW is VOICE MESSAGE by 7menzippo/Akira Kamishima [pairing is AtobexOshitari]. The PG one is You Must Never Lose! by murasakiya/junto murasaki [pairing is NiouxYagyuu]. And the last one is called ONE by Ziraiya and the pairing is AtobexKamio.

Bleach – 6 doujins, one is NSFW, one is like PG-16, the rest are pretty much PG-ish. Um..Bleach is so…over done. If you want any specifics on these, feel free to leave a comment. I can tell you the pairings right now just in case there’s questions. AizenxGin(NSFW),AizenxGin(PG-16),RenjixIzuruxShuuhei(PG-13)..there’s a little..suggestive moment in this one. In which they all get drunk and try to get Izuru naked., GinxIzuru(PG-13), and the other two are pretty much PG. Just a whole bunch of randomness in them.

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! – 2 doujins, PG-13 at most. One is DinoxHibari. The art is kind of weird, but I actually like it. Um nothing really happens in it..Hibari’s just being a priss as always, so Dino tried to whip him into shape. Uh..he finds a vile of “something” and is like “kore nanda?” and there’s a panel that says “r-18 (nyaaaaaaaaan~)” and that’s about it. The other one is more sad? More about the past. Um no real pairing, though it focuses on Mukuro and Chikusa I think?

RANDOM ONES! Ok so, here’s a list of all the random ones I’ve got…I have one Gintama, one Air Gear, one Lamento, one xxxHolic, and one GundamSEED. The GundamSEED one actually came with a letter from the artist but I can’t read it….because the whole damn thing is like …Kanji city.

If there’s any questions about the doujins or if you want scans or something…Leave a comment! I’ll scan whatever you want out of the pile. Feel free to ask.


That’s a picture from Love Graze /6 .

The phone straps I bought at AX!

One of the illustrations from my Prince of Tennis artbook! Probably my favorite because Ookawa Genki did a picture just like it for one of his photosets!


LOL I don’t know if the guy was just happy I bought over $80+ worth of stuff at his booth but he gave these to me for free. XD

And here’s a picture of the stuff I bought today.

Some wing earrings and mint chap stick. I like the minty feel.

* ikemen, for those who don’t know are good looking guys. Lol, it literally translates to “good looking guy”.


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