So now let’s backtrack.[Anime Expo 2008 Pt. 2]

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Okay so now that I’m a little more..awake and less tired, let’s backtrack on events at AX a little deeper shall we?

First of all, reading all the threads posted on about what everybody thought got me thinking about my own list of ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’.

Pros & Cons:

Shuttle systems ; I heard a lot of people were having problems with getting on the shuttles? I even heard we needed stamps of sorts? Well, um, not for our shuttle. Me/my brother and a few friends of ours were staying at the same hotel, the Omni, and we did not need any stamps or passes or anything! The drivers were all nice and stopped when we asked them to, to let others on. Overall, they were great!

Food ; I loved loved loved our hotel location to bits! There was a mini-plaza of sorts located just a staircase away from our hotel. There was a Starbucks and Famima!, loaded with food. And only a minute away. Also, Little Tokyo wasn’t as far as I thought it was. Literally just about 10-15 minutes away, walking.

General Area ; It wasn’t like everybody thought it was. Nobody got shot or harassed(from what I’ve read so far, at least) and I liked it alot. It was clean and minus the odd looks we got, everybody was very friendly.

Con Center ; It was so HUGE! It did seem like there were less cosplayers this year though, but many did boycott because of what they thought the area was like. But, I think it was a great location. Though, there was less greenery, yes I know, and that was disappointing. But the center was very pretty. Everything was held indoors, except for the lines(i.e masq line). But I don’t know if any other lines had been outside. I mean, the only time we were outside was when we were going to the Nokia Theater or just wandering around.

Con Staff ; I’ll admit, some of the staffers were kind of rude. If we stopped for one second in a certain area they’d get mad at us and tell us we couldn’t stand there. Well, jeez, sorry my feet are hurting and I have to stop for a second. My shoes aren’t exactly comfortable. But then there were nice con staffers who weren’t jerks. Which I’m thankful for.

Some random things!

Okay so the Nokia Theater. It was cool, I liked it alot and it was clean and neat. Downside? What in Kamina’s name was up with those rules?! No bags over 14×14″!? Because of that, I had to have my bag checked in just so I could go to the events. That was complete bull. And because my brother’s cosplay ( Rinnousuke from Touhou) had a bag on his stomach, this one lady kept telling him he had to take it off. We managed to tell her we couldn’t remove it and thank god she understood. Prop-wise, we didn’t have props this year but next year, since it’ll be held at the LACC again…We’re going to be in trouble. I’m doing Tokiko next year, along with Etrian Odyssey…Tokiko = wings. And my Etrian Odyssey has a staff larger than me! So…That might prove to be a problem. -sigh- Oh well.

Oh yes, the dealer hall. The place I love so much! It was so big! I was confused half of the time. I couldn’t tell which way I was facing sometimes, or if I had been to a certain booth before or not. But I LOVED IT SO MUCH! I didn’t get to buy any doujins like last year though. Which I am very sad about. ;_; Prince of Tennis doujins whyyyy~?


AX Idol was pretty good this year, although I didn’t attend last years’…For the singers, I’m glad that girl won. She had a really good voice. And as for voice actors..I was kind of wishing for the guy who did Kamina to win? But, the girl who did Yoko was good too, so I’m not complaining.

Masq. was good. It was short…And there were some very rude people in the crowd. But some skits were awesome! I actually..hated Coconut Bubble Sex’s skit. For obvious reasons. I know they meant for it to be funny but the only part that I actually found funny was the part where Masa D. Luffy got shot. That was about it for them. The band that played while the judges were doing their thing, was awesome! I applaud them. For being only in middle school and playing for so many people. I would’ve freaked out.


SO, overall, I enjoyed AX this year. I wish it didn’t end so soon but there’s next year. And bigger cosplay projects set for it, so I’m looking forward to that. ;D Hope everybody else is too. And for the record, the area isn’t bad! Don’t let that stop you. I mean, it was just me and my brother the entire weekend and we were fine. So no worries!


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ANIME EXPO 2008 SUCCESS!! Keep it simple, now.

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