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Okay okay so let me break it down for ‘ya!

We got there around 2:30-ish on Day 0, checked into the Omni Hotel a little early but the guy at the front desk said it was okay. Got settled and left for the Con Center! Well, we kinda walked there just to get a sense of the area, it was pretty fucking far walking but okay. Made it there, got our badges…and….OUR NAKAGAWA SHOUKO CONCERT TICKETS!!!! Which were soooo so so so so fucking close to the stage(6th row!) πŸ˜€ SO HAPPY! Walked around a bit and then met up with the guys. Went back to the hotel and headed out for Little Tokyo, which was close by too. Um, got to meet Matthew(sp?), the guy who booked our hotel. He’s a pretty cool guy. Knows lots of stuff and didn’t know I was only 15. LOL. Headed back to the hotel and worked on cosplay.


NOBODY KNEW WHO I WAS COSPLAYING! ;_; Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki. But besides that, I bought THE FIGURINE I WANTED!!! The Revoltech of GURREN LAGANN! I love it so much. ❀ Comes with a core drill too! YAYAYAYAYAYAYA! I also bought 4 Touhou doujins which I am very proud to own. Went to the Nakagawa Shouko panel where she fucking performed for us! OMG! WIN PANEL! I was so happy! She sang Sorairo Days for us and told us what she wanted us to do during the chorus which was POINT TO THE MOTHER FUCKING HEAVENS! After that…they handed out tickets for a autograph session! WHICH I WENT TO! YEY! She called me cute! And I gave her my Engine Sentai Go-onger, Go-on Red candy dispenser. Lol I picked it up in Little Tokyo the previous day and I had it with me and I remembered she liked Sentai stuff so I gave it to her. It had a button that you pressed and it said stuff. I got her autograph..BUT! I was sad cause there was a Kaiji cosplayer and I didn’t get his picture. :< Cause I was waiting in line. After that, we just kinda went home. OH! And my friend Karen came along with us. She brought her friends along and we had some cake back in our hotel. It was my brother’s birthday btw so yeah…CAKE.


Probably one of the best days. I was in my Touhou cosplay! Hong Meiling to be exact. I got quite a couple pictures and I’m glad people actually knew who I was. Lol. Um…Bought more stuff..More pictures…Waited in a huge line for AX Idol. It was pretty okay actually, minus all the Tokyopop ADs before. I got so fucking sleepy watching them. Haha, after that…we headed home….err…what you could call home I guess. Oh the guys we were with came back to our hotel with us to eat since they didn’t want to go Little Tokyo that late. It was so fun! We played a couple rounds of I’ve Never and just chatted. AND AND AND! The best part of the night! This guy..from school, Alan, I don’t know his last name. I found out he liked Touhou too! I WAS SO HAPPY! Omg! I only knew one other person and he had graduated. He asked if alot of people asked for pictures and he wants to cosplay Rinnousuke! CUTE! I’m actually…older than he is but he skipped a grade, apparently which is why he’s a grade above me.

THIRD DAY: NAKAGAWA SHOUKO CONCERT! πŸ˜€ OMG! SO AWESOME! We were on the left side middle row. In the SIXTH row! SO CLOSE! She sang the Sailor Moon theme, Utena, Dragon Ball, NERV, Gurren Lagann, and a couple of her own songs. It was so so so so so good. I loved every second of it, lol. After the concert, me and my brother just headed back to our hotel and changed into our other Touhou cosplay since nobody knew what Gadget Trial was. :< I was Reisen #2 and he was Rinnousuke and went to go wait in line for Masquerade where we ran into…er…Lisu(?) from C.Com, as Yuka. πŸ˜€ yeah and then we waited in line for about 20 mins before they started selling tickets and we just bought some. Cause it was hot, and waiting was so not fun. Masq. was pretty okay I guess..Really annoying wannabe /b/tards were behind us and kept yelling out memes all fucking night. SO ANNOYING. There were some in front of us too but they were the good kinds. One even gave sauce when we asked what song was being played. Nice guy. After Masq. we headed home to pack…

DAY FOUR: Uhh..shit yeah, we woke up so fucking late! LOL. And we still had some stuff to pack so yeah..not much of help. I went as China again with my brother as Kourin. Checked out and got our stuff picked up. Went to the con center and bought more figs and some cell phone straps because I couldn’t resist. OH SHIT THAT’S RIGHT! We found a booth selling some of the Touhou games and we bought them since we didn’t have any hard copies. Uhh..ran into a super fan of China. Scared the shit out of me. I mean, cool, he’s a fan but WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. >.> Was not ready for that. Then we walked into the hall…and lo and behold there was an Alice waving at me. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure if she was waving at me so I was like ‘wat’ for a bit there. And then I waved back and she waved more so then I was like “oh..okay so it is” and BAM! SUDDENLY! More touhoes. Sakuranek0(Marisa), Rabid Potato(Eirin), Myon(Alice), didn’t catch the Lyrica and Lisu wasn’t Yuka. :/ We chatted for a bit. Honestly I wasn’t expecting everybody to be how old they were. Looking kinda young thar. But, I was still the youngest. Ha. Anyways..yeah..talked about touhou(obviously) and…other things. And the guy from the “Hen da ne” booth that sold all the doujins passed by. He told me he wanted to cosplay China too. And he told me he got turned on by yanderes. AND HE WAS THE ONLY FUCKING PERSON WHO KNEW WHAT MIRAI NIKKI WAS. But he didn’t see me in my Yuno. ;_;

And then I went home…and slept for 14 hours. Because I didn’t sleep at all during AX. Why? Working on cosplay and random visits to our hotel = no sleep.

And today I cleaned my room, because I left my room a complete mess before AX. Oh yeah, did I fail to mention? My laptop died inside our hotel room and I had no clue as to why. I hadn’t used it beforehand and I hadn’t downloaded anything cause I was working on cosplay. But now that I’m home, it’s fine. O.o And my cell phone died at the hotel too. The SD card I had in my phone apparently had a file system error and stopped working. :< I’ll just change the card, maybe that’s the problem. -shrugs-


A couple comments on the pictures!

– PRINCE OF TENNIS MUSICAL POSTERS! Um yeah they were pretty expensive but I just HAD to have them. I have the first musical poster, Musical Prince of Tennis. Remarkable 1st match Fudomine, More Than Limit St. Rudolph,& Dream Live 1st. I also have Sanada Genichirou & Shishidou Ryou album release posters. A Hyoutei poster and Fudomine.

– The Enki was the one you build yourself, the Gurren is still in it’s box because I’m working on it right now.

– The Akira & Shiki( Togainu no Chi) came seperately but I bought them both. Because had I only got the Akira( the one standing up) then the base would’ve been very empty looking.

– AKIHIKO(Persona 3)! YAYAYAYAYA! I’ve been wanting that figurine since December. ❀

– The Mirai Nikki manga I picked up in Little Tokyo. Along with the Junon and Potato magazines.

– The Prince of Tennis DVD! I bought it for the hell of it. Lol, the book next to it is a Prince of Tennis photobook and has pictures of all the schools including some other art pieces from Prince of Tennis.

– Nakagawa Shouko’s autograph! ❀ She wrote everybody’s name in katakana.

– Touhou doujins! All non-H for obvious reasons.

– EDIT! I totally and completely forgot about my phone straps! I don’t have a picture of them, but two of them have Atobe Keigo from Hyoutei, and the other one is Yanagi Renji from RikkaiDai. Prince of Tennis ❀


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