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The Only Thing That Tempts the Darkness is Despair and Anxiety.

Yami ga izanau mono wa zetsubou to fuan dake.

I CRY CRY nigetai yo, sore sae yurusarenai wa.

I CRY CRY, I’m running away, even if that’s unforgivable.

WOAAAAH Excuse my horribly translated lyrics. Maybe when my Japanese doesn’t suck, I’ll try translating something. Anyways, it’s from ALSTROEMERIA RECORD’s DARK ROAD. Have I mentioned that I love Hina Kagiyama? Well..I do. And I’m thinking of cosplaying her. I probably will, unless there’s something stopping me. Ha, the curse goddess. Her song is so emo though 😮 From what I can translate…Well, I guess it makes sense.Yeah. Well, she’s awesome in my book.

Lol the best thing about the line “I CRY CRY, nigetai yo, sore sae yurusarenai wa” is that I didn’t know the meaning for “yurusarenai” and then I remembered Tenimyu! And MAGICALLY! I remembered. 😀

Yeah, um. Thanks to all you out there reading our blog. I’m just glad this didn’t turn out into a bust. By the way, Mina’s internat is broken that’s why she hasn’t been posting much lately. But she’ll be at my house tomorrow. Again. LOL. Gets bored often.


That dreaded line. Just looking at it gives me a headache(har har). But I do love this video:

LOL Just watching it, makes me so happy. And that comment “LET ME SING YOU THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE”, it just makes it all the more funnier. ;D

Oh oh oh, Genki-tan posted a picture in his blog of all his Gurren Lagann figurines~ I wanted to steal them all~ And because I’m deathly in love with the guy, I put my Revoltech in the same pose his was in. =_= Fangirl much?

Hahaha..I saw that they’re releasing an Enki Revoltech? Um, in September I think? Yeah, AND ALSO. A Gurren Lagann FULL DRILLIZED. It looks so damn cool. AND I WANT IT. Lol you know, looking at the Enki I built, it needs some mother fucking paint! My Gurren too…But I’ve never had to paint my figurines before…Nor did I ever have to build them myself…So I’m scared~! ;_; I don’t want to mess them up but…they look so…naked.

OH YEAH, my brother acknowledges me as a “idol ota”. ._. Well, that and “cosplay ota”. ._. I guess…That’s about right.
I don’t really follow many animes, and prefer to watch things that include my favorite idols. I read blogs, check them frequently(maybe I’m just bored?), watch anything related to them, and get caught up in the dramus about them. LOL I’ve never been to events or anything though :< I WISH I COULD. But then my Japanese skill are fucking horrible as shit and..That doesn’t help. ._. I can’t talk very politely, despite what I’ve learned in class. And frequently end my sentences in “wwwwwwwwwwwwww” when typing online. ._. Err…haha. That’s probably another reason why I didn’t participate in class very much. Everything that came out of my mouth was slang.

すまん な!wwww

Oh shi– It’s getting late.

EDIT!: I just remembered something. The Hitsuji de Oyasumi Kakumei Hen Series. Basically, it’s a bunch of seiyuus with really nice voices..trying to get you to sleep. They count you sheep. I heard a few of them. Um…Like many other interactive things, there’s different types. Such as the butler type or tsundere type. Oh, did I mention? These are for women. There’s only two that I know of that were for men. Of course, me being the tsundere loving type, I picked that one. AND wow, I was totally not expecting it but in the tsundere type, Miyano Mamoru is in it. He’s the seiyuu for ‘Death the Kid’ in Soul Eater, Yagami Light in Death Note(I hate death note lol), Tamaki Suou in Ouran(hate ouran lol), Setsuna in Gundam 00, and Riku from Kingdom Hearts. Lol…Just to name a few of his roles. He also plays Ishida Tetsu of Fudoumine in Tenimyu! ❤

Well anyways, I didn’t listen to all of it. Too busy laughing. And I don’t need a guy with a sexy voice to lull me to sleep. ._.;; But that’s besides the point. Haha, the thing is. This is probably the thing that made me laugh the most. When they’re counting the sheep, sometimes they’ll stop and talk for like 2 minutes or so. Because there’s two people counting per CD, I assume Mamo-tan was the ‘dere dere’ part. From the way he was talking. BUT! Oh my god, I know they’re like..Trying to put you to sleep and so they’re speaking in a really soft voice but…WOW. Uh. Um..Mamo’s voice, to me, sounded more like ‘sex nao’ whispering than anything else. …Because of that, I was laughing most of the damn time! He plays such a good ‘dere dere’ though. ❤

” kocchi ni kite, me o tsubure”

I WANT GENKI’S NAO!! I don’t know what type his is though. From the CM of it, something about a princess? Going to a dream world? I assume his and Ba-chon’s is about treating you like a princess? I don’t know, I guess they’re the Princes. ❤

BTW, Takagi Shinpei likes Tsunderes! I wonder what his magical futago brother Manpei thinks! be exact, he says ” I understand the ‘tsun tsun’ but the dere dere is what I like[most?]” Um he explains that he likes it when the girl will link her arm with the guy and lay her head on his shoulder. He did a example with his brother. ❤ SO CUTE! Cutest twins evvvvvvvvvvvvver. ❤

Btw, this was all said on “Sanma no Ike Ike Ikemen Paradise Gakuen!”. Basically a show where all these extremely good looking men come on and answer questions asked by..old hags. =3= Okay so they’re not old hags but..Wahh! Treating Ouji so badly! Not forgiven! And they also do a role-playing kind of thing. Where the lady will pick which guy she likes most, and then the host will give a theme. And then they act out how they would go about doing it. I totally would have picked Manpei and Shinpei. I’d act tsundere >;D Muahahaha.



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Touhou, Prince of Tennis, Cosplay, Dreams, & Weapons, Oh My!

Maybe we can fall in love~

Lol Surprise! No cheesy song title this time.

LOL 1000 HIT COMBO!!!!!! ‘Scuse my Hong Meiling retarded casual cosplay. WHERE’S MY KRIZALID. :O Damn crack pairing. Though they do oddly enough fit each other. Too bad he’s only good-looking in the fanarts! Ahaha

Anyways, yeah, summer’s been a piece of shit so far. I’ve done NOTHING since Anime Expo ended and I really want it back! ;_; Waaah~ The next con is…Pacific Media Expo! And I’m not sure if I’m going yet..Most likely but it depends on who the guests are. :<

PRINCE OF TENNIS! OMFG YES. Okay so I asked my ever so loving papa for moniez to buy the uber expensive Dream Live 5th DVD. AND HE SAID YES! So I’ve got my copy on pre-order! It was pretty odd how the conversation went really…

-eating at a restaurant-

Nosukii: Dad…can I have money?

Dad: How much?

Nosukii:…well…it’s not like..$200 or anything…

Dad: So $100?

Nosukii: *thinking: Oh god he’s going to say no for sure. それはヤバイよ!* umm…yeah


Nosukii:…YEY! <333333

Yes! I love my dad so much! He’s the only one who actually really cares about my career and grades and stuff…<3 😀

I also had a…very weird dream. …Like, holy hell wat?! I dreamt I was at a con but it looked more like a street festival. And I was going to cosplay Adiane from Gurren Lagann. I had the outfit completed and everything but once we got to the “con”…My outfit disappeared! I looked everywhere for it! And then..for some really fucking unknown reason, in my dream, I said I was going to cosplay Mima from Touhou! Oh my god what! Iori E already did that! >.> And then the dream changed and it was Halloween. And the guys from The Prince of Tennis were in my house and we had a Haunted House thing going on. So then me and the guys from HigaChuu were scaring people in the house and Tezuka said too many people were getting hurt. I don’t know why but yes. People were getting hurt. So then we got in trouble and hid at my auntie’s house. XD

So yeah…having a bit of a predicament with my Advent Reisen cosplay. I’ve acquired an airsoft gun for my bunny gun but it doesn’t have orange tip…And it’s clear. It’s a Sig Saver P230. It won’t look like a gun when I’m done with it anyways but..I don’t know. :/ I’ll have to ask about it. Lol I borrowed the airsoft gun from my brother.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Well, Mina’s coming over tomorrow. Gonna have some good LULZ. Oh and glad to know /cgl/ is back. Kinda deprived for the last few days. :/ I’ve had to go to idle all the time XD OH YEAH! One last thing…I don’t know why but recently..Some of my thoughts have been in Japanese. inb4″hurdurhurweeaboo”. I’m talking…Like, srz bizniz actual sentences with particles and everything included. Maybe I should stop watching dramas. >.>

Ok, bye bye! ❤

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Gimme Gimme Gimme A Man After Midnight

Won’t somebody help me chase the shadows away

Yayaya, Okay so..Haven’t blogged in a while so here we go!

Ummm.. well yesterday me and Mina went out to watch Mamma Mia! Let me tell you, weirdest theater experience ever. Almost everybody in there was over 30+ years old. AND THEY STOOD UP AND STARTED DANCING/SINGING. Awkward much? But I really liked it! And now I can’t stop listening to ABBA. Lol. After that we headed back to my house and had some cake…Chatted a bit, and then she had to go home.

Besides that, I started watching that Jdorama, ROOKIES. And I’m in LOVE! I didn’t think I’d watch it because it was about baseball and it just didn’t seem like something that’d I’d watch. But I’m hooked! I think my favorite person would have to be Aniya. I don’t know why. Nfu, there’s just something about him I like so much. But I love the entire team! ❤ They’re so funny. And because of my new found fandom, I went back to all my Junon/Potato/KoiMen magazines and cut out all of the ROOKIES related articles and stuff. ❤ Pasted all of them on my walls. I like the ending theme too, it’s a good song.

Watched some of the older Tenimyu stuff. Like, Fudouminemyu and Dream Live 1st(again). LOL. And I guess I never payed attention until now, but I’ve grown to like Konishi Ryousei. He plays Ibu Shinji. I really like his voice. So cute! 😀

OH! And I bought a new shirt! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! For all you Touhou fans, I’m sure you would get it. It says “This girl’s a genius” and it’s in an ice blue color. <3333333333333333333 I love it!

Also, I’m going to dye my hair. Blue. Think, electric blue. NOT ALL OF IT THOUGH. >.>

OMFG 2953879357295729 HOURS IN PAINT. Please excuse the uboa face…>.> and crappy painted on hair. LOL The color kinda reminds me of Urataros from Den-O. The coloring won’t look that crappy, trust me. XD

-sigh- Well, that’s it for me right now. I’m thinking of PMX now. If I’m going or not, I want to but…It depends on the guests…I almost had Inui* last year…Maa ne, maybe something better this year.


* – Kenjirou Tsuda was a guest to PMX last year, but he couldn’t make it last minute. Kenjirou Tsuda is the voice actor for Inui Sadaharu from Prince of Tennis.

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Money can’t buy my love.

Okay so it’s about…2:15AM when I’m writing this and Mina’s coming over in the afternoon…later. Got some gossip and girl-talking to do!

BUT! That’s not the point of my blog. Lol, it’s more about…Host Clubs.

Today I came upon a documentary of a host named, Issei…If I remember correctly. Apparently he was number one or something..whatever. Yeah okay so in this documentary, The Great Happiness Space, they ask him questions about his job, what he does, you know..Basic things. Well they also interview the girls that go to see him.

And just seeing it..My god, I was so…It’s like, so stupid what these girls do. I mean, I’ve known about these things for a long time now, but I actually watched the documentary and listened to what these people had to say and..They just..I don’t know. It’s so stupid. To waste you time and money on a guy that’s feeding you lies. Some of the girls spent over $7,000 a day on these guys. Gah, so stupid! アンタバカ!!!

And then of course, they interview the girls. Figures, they’re all prostitutes. :/oh but I feel so bad afterwardsうそ だ! Ahhhh a bunch of lying whores.

It was funny really, when the hosts were trying to pick up some girls. The hosts were like “you should trust hosts sometimes” and the girls were like “no.” and the host were like “we’re not always full of bullshit” “ALL lies” . Even some of their customers were saying that they can’t trust the hosts. So why do it? SO RONERY? Can’t find a guy? So you gotta go to some man-whore house to get your lovin`?

girls are weak“. Okay if there was anything in that documentary that pissed me off, it was that. Damn it, not all girls are like that! D:< RAAAAGGGGEEE!!

Maaaaaaan. Host clubs are so lame. All the hosts in the documentary weren’t even cute. =3= I’d probably have to be wasted as fuck to go to a host club. lol. really. Or like…not getting any by the time I hit 28 or something. LOL

Why not a butler cafe? At least it’s a bit classier. LOL. Or…a trap cafe? Hey, I wouldn’t mind that at all. LOL

Uh god, I think it’s the late night intarnat surfing that’s getting to me. I should hit the sack. Later.

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Keep it simple, now.

I’m down if you don’t expect any more from me
I ain’t got much for you
It’s all right
If you wanna get down
Keep it simple, now.

Ah well. Today brings another blog from me, Nosukii. I just took a shower and I’ve calmed down from my rage. Haha, long story really. I went out shopping with my mother,brothers, uncle and a friend of my mother today. We drove for more than an hour to get to our destination so I was extremely bored by the time we got there. Didn’t really buy anything. I’m not one for polo shirts or preppy clothes. But I do love me some bags.Lol, unfortunately I didn’t get to buy any, but my mother did say she’d take me back to buy a school bag later on. So hey, I’ll take that offer. But it wasn’t that, that sent me into rage. It was the fact my brother got a completely brand new computer. Yeah sure, it was for his birthday. But what did I get for my birthday? $100. Compared to his 700$+ computer…That’s nothing. Of course I’d be angry! And I still get yelled at. Literally. I was just sitting there being quiet and my mother yelled at me. She was like, “what’s wrong with you!?”.

What’s wrong with me? Really? She’s asking that? You must be joking! I don’t really ask for much. Honestly. I may go out alot and go here and there but that doesn’t always necessarily mean I buy something every time I go out. I go to a good school and try and get all the damn good grades they want me to get. And what do I get in return? “You go to Whitney! You should be doing better than that!” EXCUSE ME? Don’t you see I’m T R Y I N G!? For God’s sake! You can only expect so much out of me! And I still get looked at like I’m fucking stupid or some shit like that. Is it because I’m younger? Do they not think I’m mature enough to understand? I’m not stupid.


Oh well.

Anyways, I cleaned my room. There’s so much space in it now~ I have some pictures! Because I want to show it off. LOL

Yeah ok so here…You can see my delicious posters. And my handy dandy dress form! My little work space is there to the right, you can actually see part of my sewing machine and my iron, lol. And yes, I did pin my Nakagawa Shouko shirt to my wall.

And here, you can see some of my shoes there at the bottom. My mirror’s off to the left. My awesome lamp! Except it’s kind of broken leans against my wall, til I can find a replacement. More posters, and my foam head on a stick!

WOO! I don’t know if you’ve caught on yet, but I love love colored lights. Lol. And yes, I do like jrock. Been to a couple concerts myself. And for the record, I caught Kaoru’s(Dir en grey) guitar pick, and yes I will brag. Because I got crushed for it. =3= Many many many magazine clippings of ikemen*. AND YES. THAT IS A KODOMO NO JIKAN POSTER. It looks very suggestive.I don’t know why I have it. I just saw it and was like “oh hey, Kodomo no Jikan” and bought it. Underneath that is my DOGS poster! Which I love so much! I love DOGS Bullets and Carnage so when I saw it, I had to have it!

More jrock and ikemen. AND CLANNAIDS POSTER. Yeah. I like me some Clannaids.


KNOW WHAT THIS IS!? That’s right. My pile of doujinshi. The pile I spent over $300+ on. I have 21 doujinshi so far. Want a run-down of them?

Touhou – 5 doujins, all non-H. Alice in Wonderland, Don’t Move Large Library, and one other one that I can’t read because it’s in kanji, but they’re all by the circle The Hole of Yago. Love Graze/6 by noheppado!(?), and the mysterious book because I can’t read the title *kanji* *kanji* Chinjyaorousu by KiraKiraHikari.

Prince of Tennis – 3 doujins, one is totally NSFW. One is PG, just a small kiss and the last one is like PG-16. The totally NSFW is VOICE MESSAGE by 7menzippo/Akira Kamishima [pairing is AtobexOshitari]. The PG one is You Must Never Lose! by murasakiya/junto murasaki [pairing is NiouxYagyuu]. And the last one is called ONE by Ziraiya and the pairing is AtobexKamio.

Bleach – 6 doujins, one is NSFW, one is like PG-16, the rest are pretty much PG-ish. Um..Bleach is so…over done. If you want any specifics on these, feel free to leave a comment. I can tell you the pairings right now just in case there’s questions. AizenxGin(NSFW),AizenxGin(PG-16),RenjixIzuruxShuuhei(PG-13)..there’s a little..suggestive moment in this one. In which they all get drunk and try to get Izuru naked., GinxIzuru(PG-13), and the other two are pretty much PG. Just a whole bunch of randomness in them.

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! – 2 doujins, PG-13 at most. One is DinoxHibari. The art is kind of weird, but I actually like it. Um nothing really happens in it..Hibari’s just being a priss as always, so Dino tried to whip him into shape. Uh..he finds a vile of “something” and is like “kore nanda?” and there’s a panel that says “r-18 (nyaaaaaaaaan~)” and that’s about it. The other one is more sad? More about the past. Um no real pairing, though it focuses on Mukuro and Chikusa I think?

RANDOM ONES! Ok so, here’s a list of all the random ones I’ve got…I have one Gintama, one Air Gear, one Lamento, one xxxHolic, and one GundamSEED. The GundamSEED one actually came with a letter from the artist but I can’t read it….because the whole damn thing is like …Kanji city.

If there’s any questions about the doujins or if you want scans or something…Leave a comment! I’ll scan whatever you want out of the pile. Feel free to ask.


That’s a picture from Love Graze /6 .

The phone straps I bought at AX!

One of the illustrations from my Prince of Tennis artbook! Probably my favorite because Ookawa Genki did a picture just like it for one of his photosets!


LOL I don’t know if the guy was just happy I bought over $80+ worth of stuff at his booth but he gave these to me for free. XD

And here’s a picture of the stuff I bought today.

Some wing earrings and mint chap stick. I like the minty feel.

* ikemen, for those who don’t know are good looking guys. Lol, it literally translates to “good looking guy”.

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So now let’s backtrack.[Anime Expo 2008 Pt. 2]

Okay so now that I’m a little more..awake and less tired, let’s backtrack on events at AX a little deeper shall we?

First of all, reading all the threads posted on about what everybody thought got me thinking about my own list of ‘Pros’ and ‘Cons’.

Pros & Cons:

Shuttle systems ; I heard a lot of people were having problems with getting on the shuttles? I even heard we needed stamps of sorts? Well, um, not for our shuttle. Me/my brother and a few friends of ours were staying at the same hotel, the Omni, and we did not need any stamps or passes or anything! The drivers were all nice and stopped when we asked them to, to let others on. Overall, they were great!

Food ; I loved loved loved our hotel location to bits! There was a mini-plaza of sorts located just a staircase away from our hotel. There was a Starbucks and Famima!, loaded with food. And only a minute away. Also, Little Tokyo wasn’t as far as I thought it was. Literally just about 10-15 minutes away, walking.

General Area ; It wasn’t like everybody thought it was. Nobody got shot or harassed(from what I’ve read so far, at least) and I liked it alot. It was clean and minus the odd looks we got, everybody was very friendly.

Con Center ; It was so HUGE! It did seem like there were less cosplayers this year though, but many did boycott because of what they thought the area was like. But, I think it was a great location. Though, there was less greenery, yes I know, and that was disappointing. But the center was very pretty. Everything was held indoors, except for the lines(i.e masq line). But I don’t know if any other lines had been outside. I mean, the only time we were outside was when we were going to the Nokia Theater or just wandering around.

Con Staff ; I’ll admit, some of the staffers were kind of rude. If we stopped for one second in a certain area they’d get mad at us and tell us we couldn’t stand there. Well, jeez, sorry my feet are hurting and I have to stop for a second. My shoes aren’t exactly comfortable. But then there were nice con staffers who weren’t jerks. Which I’m thankful for.

Some random things!

Okay so the Nokia Theater. It was cool, I liked it alot and it was clean and neat. Downside? What in Kamina’s name was up with those rules?! No bags over 14×14″!? Because of that, I had to have my bag checked in just so I could go to the events. That was complete bull. And because my brother’s cosplay ( Rinnousuke from Touhou) had a bag on his stomach, this one lady kept telling him he had to take it off. We managed to tell her we couldn’t remove it and thank god she understood. Prop-wise, we didn’t have props this year but next year, since it’ll be held at the LACC again…We’re going to be in trouble. I’m doing Tokiko next year, along with Etrian Odyssey…Tokiko = wings. And my Etrian Odyssey has a staff larger than me! So…That might prove to be a problem. -sigh- Oh well.

Oh yes, the dealer hall. The place I love so much! It was so big! I was confused half of the time. I couldn’t tell which way I was facing sometimes, or if I had been to a certain booth before or not. But I LOVED IT SO MUCH! I didn’t get to buy any doujins like last year though. Which I am very sad about. ;_; Prince of Tennis doujins whyyyy~?


AX Idol was pretty good this year, although I didn’t attend last years’…For the singers, I’m glad that girl won. She had a really good voice. And as for voice actors..I was kind of wishing for the guy who did Kamina to win? But, the girl who did Yoko was good too, so I’m not complaining.

Masq. was good. It was short…And there were some very rude people in the crowd. But some skits were awesome! I actually..hated Coconut Bubble Sex’s skit. For obvious reasons. I know they meant for it to be funny but the only part that I actually found funny was the part where Masa D. Luffy got shot. That was about it for them. The band that played while the judges were doing their thing, was awesome! I applaud them. For being only in middle school and playing for so many people. I would’ve freaked out.


SO, overall, I enjoyed AX this year. I wish it didn’t end so soon but there’s next year. And bigger cosplay projects set for it, so I’m looking forward to that. ;D Hope everybody else is too. And for the record, the area isn’t bad! Don’t let that stop you. I mean, it was just me and my brother the entire weekend and we were fine. So no worries!

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Okay okay so let me break it down for ‘ya!

We got there around 2:30-ish on Day 0, checked into the Omni Hotel a little early but the guy at the front desk said it was okay. Got settled and left for the Con Center! Well, we kinda walked there just to get a sense of the area, it was pretty fucking far walking but okay. Made it there, got our badges…and….OUR NAKAGAWA SHOUKO CONCERT TICKETS!!!! Which were soooo so so so so fucking close to the stage(6th row!) 😀 SO HAPPY! Walked around a bit and then met up with the guys. Went back to the hotel and headed out for Little Tokyo, which was close by too. Um, got to meet Matthew(sp?), the guy who booked our hotel. He’s a pretty cool guy. Knows lots of stuff and didn’t know I was only 15. LOL. Headed back to the hotel and worked on cosplay.


NOBODY KNEW WHO I WAS COSPLAYING! ;_; Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki. But besides that, I bought THE FIGURINE I WANTED!!! The Revoltech of GURREN LAGANN! I love it so much. ❤ Comes with a core drill too! YAYAYAYAYAYAYA! I also bought 4 Touhou doujins which I am very proud to own. Went to the Nakagawa Shouko panel where she fucking performed for us! OMG! WIN PANEL! I was so happy! She sang Sorairo Days for us and told us what she wanted us to do during the chorus which was POINT TO THE MOTHER FUCKING HEAVENS! After that…they handed out tickets for a autograph session! WHICH I WENT TO! YEY! She called me cute! And I gave her my Engine Sentai Go-onger, Go-on Red candy dispenser. Lol I picked it up in Little Tokyo the previous day and I had it with me and I remembered she liked Sentai stuff so I gave it to her. It had a button that you pressed and it said stuff. I got her autograph..BUT! I was sad cause there was a Kaiji cosplayer and I didn’t get his picture. :< Cause I was waiting in line. After that, we just kinda went home. OH! And my friend Karen came along with us. She brought her friends along and we had some cake back in our hotel. It was my brother’s birthday btw so yeah…CAKE.


Probably one of the best days. I was in my Touhou cosplay! Hong Meiling to be exact. I got quite a couple pictures and I’m glad people actually knew who I was. Lol. Um…Bought more stuff..More pictures…Waited in a huge line for AX Idol. It was pretty okay actually, minus all the Tokyopop ADs before. I got so fucking sleepy watching them. Haha, after that…we headed home….err…what you could call home I guess. Oh the guys we were with came back to our hotel with us to eat since they didn’t want to go Little Tokyo that late. It was so fun! We played a couple rounds of I’ve Never and just chatted. AND AND AND! The best part of the night! This guy..from school, Alan, I don’t know his last name. I found out he liked Touhou too! I WAS SO HAPPY! Omg! I only knew one other person and he had graduated. He asked if alot of people asked for pictures and he wants to cosplay Rinnousuke! CUTE! I’m actually…older than he is but he skipped a grade, apparently which is why he’s a grade above me.

THIRD DAY: NAKAGAWA SHOUKO CONCERT! 😀 OMG! SO AWESOME! We were on the left side middle row. In the SIXTH row! SO CLOSE! She sang the Sailor Moon theme, Utena, Dragon Ball, NERV, Gurren Lagann, and a couple of her own songs. It was so so so so so good. I loved every second of it, lol. After the concert, me and my brother just headed back to our hotel and changed into our other Touhou cosplay since nobody knew what Gadget Trial was. :< I was Reisen #2 and he was Rinnousuke and went to go wait in line for Masquerade where we ran into…er…Lisu(?) from C.Com, as Yuka. 😀 yeah and then we waited in line for about 20 mins before they started selling tickets and we just bought some. Cause it was hot, and waiting was so not fun. Masq. was pretty okay I guess..Really annoying wannabe /b/tards were behind us and kept yelling out memes all fucking night. SO ANNOYING. There were some in front of us too but they were the good kinds. One even gave sauce when we asked what song was being played. Nice guy. After Masq. we headed home to pack…

DAY FOUR: Uhh..shit yeah, we woke up so fucking late! LOL. And we still had some stuff to pack so yeah..not much of help. I went as China again with my brother as Kourin. Checked out and got our stuff picked up. Went to the con center and bought more figs and some cell phone straps because I couldn’t resist. OH SHIT THAT’S RIGHT! We found a booth selling some of the Touhou games and we bought them since we didn’t have any hard copies. Uhh..ran into a super fan of China. Scared the shit out of me. I mean, cool, he’s a fan but WOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. >.> Was not ready for that. Then we walked into the hall…and lo and behold there was an Alice waving at me. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure if she was waving at me so I was like ‘wat’ for a bit there. And then I waved back and she waved more so then I was like “oh..okay so it is” and BAM! SUDDENLY! More touhoes. Sakuranek0(Marisa), Rabid Potato(Eirin), Myon(Alice), didn’t catch the Lyrica and Lisu wasn’t Yuka. :/ We chatted for a bit. Honestly I wasn’t expecting everybody to be how old they were. Looking kinda young thar. But, I was still the youngest. Ha. Anyways..yeah..talked about touhou(obviously) and…other things. And the guy from the “Hen da ne” booth that sold all the doujins passed by. He told me he wanted to cosplay China too. And he told me he got turned on by yanderes. AND HE WAS THE ONLY FUCKING PERSON WHO KNEW WHAT MIRAI NIKKI WAS. But he didn’t see me in my Yuno. ;_;

And then I went home…and slept for 14 hours. Because I didn’t sleep at all during AX. Why? Working on cosplay and random visits to our hotel = no sleep.

And today I cleaned my room, because I left my room a complete mess before AX. Oh yeah, did I fail to mention? My laptop died inside our hotel room and I had no clue as to why. I hadn’t used it beforehand and I hadn’t downloaded anything cause I was working on cosplay. But now that I’m home, it’s fine. O.o And my cell phone died at the hotel too. The SD card I had in my phone apparently had a file system error and stopped working. :< I’ll just change the card, maybe that’s the problem. -shrugs-


A couple comments on the pictures!

– PRINCE OF TENNIS MUSICAL POSTERS! Um yeah they were pretty expensive but I just HAD to have them. I have the first musical poster, Musical Prince of Tennis. Remarkable 1st match Fudomine, More Than Limit St. Rudolph,& Dream Live 1st. I also have Sanada Genichirou & Shishidou Ryou album release posters. A Hyoutei poster and Fudomine.

– The Enki was the one you build yourself, the Gurren is still in it’s box because I’m working on it right now.

– The Akira & Shiki( Togainu no Chi) came seperately but I bought them both. Because had I only got the Akira( the one standing up) then the base would’ve been very empty looking.

– AKIHIKO(Persona 3)! YAYAYAYAYA! I’ve been wanting that figurine since December. ❤

– The Mirai Nikki manga I picked up in Little Tokyo. Along with the Junon and Potato magazines.

– The Prince of Tennis DVD! I bought it for the hell of it. Lol, the book next to it is a Prince of Tennis photobook and has pictures of all the schools including some other art pieces from Prince of Tennis.

– Nakagawa Shouko’s autograph! ❤ She wrote everybody’s name in katakana.

– Touhou doujins! All non-H for obvious reasons.

– EDIT! I totally and completely forgot about my phone straps! I don’t have a picture of them, but two of them have Atobe Keigo from Hyoutei, and the other one is Yanagi Renji from RikkaiDai. Prince of Tennis ❤

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