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Well, I’m bored so here’s a blog post. LOL

So..I heard report cards came out recently, and I think I have straight B’s. You know, to me I don’t really mind that. To me that’s like “F*ck yeah! I got B’s! 😀 ” but to other people that’s like “oh my god, you go to Whitney. you should be doing better than that!” Yeah well, f*ck you. I’m tired of one person saying that and then like, 5 people are backing them up. People that tell me that usually don’t even go to Whitney and don’t know what it’s like so I don’t think they should be talking.

OR when one person gets a C on one test and starts f*cking bawwwwwwwwww’ing about it, yet it doesn’t even affect their grades. And then their little groupies come along saying “oh it’s alright. you’ll do better next time” like they’re going to die or something. While you sit there with your measly little C+ smacked on your paper just glad you even passed the damn thing. Man, Whitney people sure are stupid. Sure I worry about my grades too but I’m not going to start crying over it. Or those stupid stuck up people. They’ll ask you a question and god damn you’ll try and answer the question. Yet when you ask them a question, it’s always the same answer “I don’t know.” Bullcrap.

Ahh man. To think I have 3 more years at this school. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a good school. It’s just..some of the people there sure do know how to mess it up for everybody.

On another note, summer’s pretty boring so far. Listen to some Iosys, Work on some cosplay for Anime Expo, go to JoAnn every now and then to pick up some fabric. Every day since school ended. Nothing but work. :/ Needless to say, I’m excited for AX. I WANT TO GO NOOOOOW! It’s something to do. And I need to look for some Prince of Tennis Musical stuff.



AGAGAGAGGA GENKI. D: I wish I could find a guy like him.

Iyaaaaa~! Too bad guys like him don’t come around too often. :< He’s cute, likes anime, total otaku, plays in musicals, hosts his own radio show, likes badminton (:D me tooooo~!) , likes…figurines and collects them and is just a total cutie overall ❤ . I’d kill to meet him. So ronery. But if you think about it, guys like him do come around. They’re just weird…Usually.

LOL My mom would kill me anyways if she found me dating somebody. Hell, she thinks I’m with a guy when I tell her I’m hanging out with Mina. And everytime somebody jokes about me having a boyfriend, she totally freaks out and says “no no no no no she’s still young”. Man, some people have boyfriends in 6th grade. I don’t think my dad cares as much though. He hasn’t really said anything about dating. Haha. Ahh…I guess I don’t really have anything to worry about now, There’s nobody at Whitney worth dating anyways. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

tl;dr, life isn’t fair, grades aren’t everything, i love genki, and anime expo is in a week.

Nosukii out.


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Be careful what you wish for `cause you just might get it. HOLY SH*T! Cosplay Nightmares!

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