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HOLY SH*T! Cosplay Nightmares!

Oh man. I’ve never had so many nightmares about one con before!

The one I had last night was that my mom drove us to our hotel and we were unloading our luggage from the car and I realized…I HAD NONE OF MY COSPLAYS. I didn’t even have pieces of them! So in my dream I asked my mom if she could take me back home so I could get them but she said no because she had already driven us there and didn’t want to drive anymore. So I call my dad asking if it’s okay to pick us up so we could get our cosplays. He agrees to take us but he can only take my brother. Ok sure why not, he can do it. So they’re in the car and it’s RAINING. During the summer? wtf. Ok so in my dream my dad was freaking WASTED. And passed out at the wheel. And that’s when my phone rang and I thank Young for waking me up. >.>

And in another dream, it was Day 0 (day before the actual con) and we were at the hotel. And I didn’t finish my cosplays so I figured I could finish it all in one day. O.o For some reason there was a conveniently placed JoAnn’s right in front of our hotel and I went there. And that’s when I woke up.

In another one I was at AX and I wasn’t wearing any of my cosplays. O.o Lets hope that doesn’t happen.

There’s more dreams I had, I just can’t remember them. None of them were good though, I’ll tell you that much.

AND NOW, I am really really really worried about finishing. Because I don’t want my dreams to come true and I don’t want to forget anything at home. I’d be totally crushed. TIME TO MAKE A LIST.


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Well, I’m bored so here’s a blog post. LOL

So..I heard report cards came out recently, and I think I have straight B’s. You know, to me I don’t really mind that. To me that’s like “F*ck yeah! I got B’s! 😀 ” but to other people that’s like “oh my god, you go to Whitney. you should be doing better than that!” Yeah well, f*ck you. I’m tired of one person saying that and then like, 5 people are backing them up. People that tell me that usually don’t even go to Whitney and don’t know what it’s like so I don’t think they should be talking.

OR when one person gets a C on one test and starts f*cking bawwwwwwwwww’ing about it, yet it doesn’t even affect their grades. And then their little groupies come along saying “oh it’s alright. you’ll do better next time” like they’re going to die or something. While you sit there with your measly little C+ smacked on your paper just glad you even passed the damn thing. Man, Whitney people sure are stupid. Sure I worry about my grades too but I’m not going to start crying over it. Or those stupid stuck up people. They’ll ask you a question and god damn you’ll try and answer the question. Yet when you ask them a question, it’s always the same answer “I don’t know.” Bullcrap.

Ahh man. To think I have 3 more years at this school. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s a good school. It’s just..some of the people there sure do know how to mess it up for everybody.

On another note, summer’s pretty boring so far. Listen to some Iosys, Work on some cosplay for Anime Expo, go to JoAnn every now and then to pick up some fabric. Every day since school ended. Nothing but work. :/ Needless to say, I’m excited for AX. I WANT TO GO NOOOOOW! It’s something to do. And I need to look for some Prince of Tennis Musical stuff.



AGAGAGAGGA GENKI. D: I wish I could find a guy like him.

Iyaaaaa~! Too bad guys like him don’t come around too often. :< He’s cute, likes anime, total otaku, plays in musicals, hosts his own radio show, likes badminton (:D me tooooo~!) , likes…figurines and collects them and is just a total cutie overall ❤ . I’d kill to meet him. So ronery. But if you think about it, guys like him do come around. They’re just weird…Usually.

LOL My mom would kill me anyways if she found me dating somebody. Hell, she thinks I’m with a guy when I tell her I’m hanging out with Mina. And everytime somebody jokes about me having a boyfriend, she totally freaks out and says “no no no no no she’s still young”. Man, some people have boyfriends in 6th grade. I don’t think my dad cares as much though. He hasn’t really said anything about dating. Haha. Ahh…I guess I don’t really have anything to worry about now, There’s nobody at Whitney worth dating anyways. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

tl;dr, life isn’t fair, grades aren’t everything, i love genki, and anime expo is in a week.

Nosukii out.

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Be careful what you wish for `cause you just might get it.

Alright kiddos. I finally got my haircut. It’s waaaaaaaaaaay short but it feels good. Ha. Anyways, cause Mina’s nagging me(LOL), here’s 2 pics:

Lol yeah, the picture on the right shows what I can do to it. I’m sure people already know whose blog this is but ehh. Kitty face is cute too. 😀

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Crystallize Silver.

WELL, Mina told me to blog so here I am.

It’s the last day of school and it sure did feel like it, but I’ll see everybody again next year so I’m not too bummed out. And plus, how could I be bummed out if Anime Expo is 2 weeks away! It’s crunch time or else, I’m screwed. I need to finish my cosplay and make sure I’ve got everything. Even though I’ve been going to AX for a while now, I’ve got con jitters.

What else, oh yeah. I thought I finished Mariokart, but unfortunately not. I still need to unlock 2 characters and 1 kart and 1 motorcycle. And I have no clue as to how. Must check some cheats! Or something. Lol, my post sounds so much more serious than Mina’s.

Anywho, I’m getting a haircut soon. Thursday to be exact. I’ll probably look really different since it’ll be a whole lot shorter…But it’s always good for a change, and I want to look good for AX. Even though nobody will really know what my hair looks like anyways, since I’ll be wearing wigs all weekend. But hey, Day 0, I’ll be normal looking.

As of now, I’m watching I Love the 70’s Volume 2, and listening to some music. I’ll go work on my cosplay soon. Annnd Mina left her jacket here. LOL It’s sitting on my dress-form. I should make a coordinate outfit for it. I’ve got time anyways, and I love clothes. Oh that’s right. I’m planning on fixing up my room during the summer. I’ll try something new for that too.

And to end it, here’s a video of something I like. Since Mina put one of something she likes.

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Interesting video

forgot to include this in last post. SPAM BLOG.

Sailor Moon on jerry springer. it make me happy.

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